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  1. Basically my sentiments. I want to add though, that they are nailing the style and presentation of these old shows and Ms. Olson is showing some serious acting chops.
  2. The GOP doesn't perceive itself in need of a fix. The wackier they get, the stronger they get. It's not about "do we make sense." It's about "Well the dems have all the compassionate, fiscally responsible, ecological votes. We have to amass everyone else." And it works.
  3. This also actually shows what a dim-witted sissy Ben is. He's equating zip ties with flex cuffs. Ben- Of COURSE (virtually) everyone owns zip ties. Wannabe Rambocops own flex cuffs.
  4. I voted for Jett. Also- My sister is the Animal Planet exec in charge of production of Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl. (Shameless bragging here.)
  5. I'm already done until they fire Scott Brooks. Waste of time following this team. The stress of watching them fail isn't worth it. I feel sorry for the media guys on NBC Sports Washington. They have to suit up and be miserable through another 30 win season.
  6. I'm wondering if we shouldn't start Lopez at the 5. We need the defense and the paint presence. Also- Have you guys noticed how little time Westy and Beal spend on the floor together?
  7. I am WAY LATE to the game on this one but I just started Peaky Blinders. Good show.
  8. I would not expect to see DJT end up in prison. I don't think any former POTUS will ever be prosecuted for anything. Ever. I'm talking ZERO consequences.
  9. Tweet and eat. Tweet and eat. Ladies and gentlemen, your President of the United States.
  10. I prefer to look at it like this: I get a lot more Marvel in my life.
  11. I never thought I'd be rooting for Luke Paul IN MY LIFE. Do you guys know how badly I'd like to see Luke Paul get UNBELIEVABLY lucky and drop Money May unconscious?
  12. I have said this many times in regard to jihadists. After 9/11, conservative US citizens ramped up the patriotic "us against them" rhetoric in knee-jerk fashion. However, as years passed, they are now forming their own militias based on "religious" fervor. In recent years they have even begun to physically resemble jihadists with their costumes, bibles, and beards. They have gradually become jihadists, modifying religious text for their own purposes and using weaponry as their intimidation tactics. The terrorists did indeed win because they made terrorist cells in the USA.
  13. So... We now know that Rashad is NOT a story teller.
  14. Honestly, I never for even one day "recognized" Donald Trump as my president. In fact, he made it abundantly clear many times that he was not my president. He was the president of republicans. He worked only for their interests, he included only them in his references to "americans," and he proudly alienated any other political party from his term. The irony here being that now there quite literally is no republican party.
  15. I can't help but suspect that through the rock-solid foundation of republican projection, they're absolutely correct about the pedophilia/child trafficking issue. It's just that it's happening in their own circles. The big busts that I'm seeing are all happening in red states and the perps are red... necks.
  16. Just finished the new Prime series, "Wayne." Did not expect it to be as good as it was.
  17. ‘My faith is shaken’: The QAnon conspiracy theory faces a post-Trump identity crisis President Trump’s defeat and the week-long disappearance of its anonymous prophet have forced supporters of the baseless movement to rethink their beliefs: ‘Have we all been conned?’ More at link... https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2020/11/10/qanon-identity-crisis/
  18. I can't think of worse karma than changing the title of this thread to "Joe Biden beats Donald Trump" before Joe Biden has actually beaten Donald Trump. Have we learned NOTHING in the last 4 years?
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