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    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    @stevemcqueen1 What is your take on AJ Dillon? As part of bringing a great rushing attack back to DC, this team needs a great FB again and we had a bunch in the last 20 years from Centers to Sellers to D. Young. Burton is a JAG and, because the FB position has been so devalued, getting a stud there should not be expensive from draft capital POV. You see the Ravens have Ricard and the 9ers have Juczczyk, who are both studs obtained on the cheap Dillon looks like an athletic stud for the position that weighs in around 250 and will run a 4.5. Per the scouting reports, he can run, catch and pass block. I just have no idea if he can run block Because we are also worried about Guice’s and Love’s health, he can always shift to tailback if needed given his skillset and athleticism
  2. He would be great for a guy like Cole
  3. method man

    We’re sitting pretty here guys.

    The Montez Sweat was a great trade. If the rumors of the fake heart condition were not out there, he would have been a top 15 pick. Teams generally are not able to trade a 2nd in the current year and a 2nd in the following year for a top 15 pick
  4. method man

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    Ignore the off the field stuff. On the field, it is clear Montae does not have the instincts for the game. You have to bring in a vet like Tre Boston to at least compete for the position but if Montae still looks like **** in training camp, you cut him and keep Apke is Apke is your best special teamer
  5. I think it is entirely possible Kyle gets promoted again to GM in May if we have a great FA period and draft I think it is clear now that we were able to get guys like DJ and Brown for peanuts because of their cancerous ways in the locker room. The fact that ZB only got a 1 year deal from us despite coming off a Pro Bowl year suggests that Team has been ok at picking up street FAs under Santos with all the guards in 2018, Hentges (good prospect but still unproven) and Orchard and others. However, there hasn’t been that home run yet of picking up a guy off waivers / street FA and having him become a major contributor like Waller with the Raiders
  6. Bruce bogged it down too by forcing the team to sign ****ty but bargain FAs
  7. method man

    The Runnigback Thread..Must bring back Adrian Peterson

    I don't see AP going anywhere. He is totally Ron's type of guy. Ron will need leaders in the locker room to set a tone, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Leadership on that side of the ball is a question given Haskins is unproven there and the best player Scherff is a quiet guy
  8. It's a game of musical chairs. He probably recognized that if he didn't take this gig, he'd find himself a QB coach or in college football next season
  9. I think both Olsen and Delanie Walker will be released by their teams. Both guys are super old - Olsen is 34 and Walker is 35. However, it may be worth it to take a low risk bet on one of these guys for at least a backup role. Both of them are well rounded guys who can do it all
  10. Eric Ebron truly is the Zach Brown of offense UNC alum - check Flameout w first team - check Pro Bowl w 2nd team in 1st yr - check Underachieving After - check Elite Athlete for Position - check One Dimensional - check Attitude Problem - check May be worth signing to an incentive laden 1 yr deal but I would probably avoid
  11. This is a good idea. He should be cheap for another two seasons. Would give us $3m+ im savings on a backup to use elsewhere
  12. The thing is these Carolina position coaches he is bringing in all have track records of success. This isn’t like Shanahan bringing in a bum like Bob Slowik
  13. I don’t get why Holcomb started over him. Hopefully, the new staff realizes SDH is a starter next year
  14. method man

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Man I miss Marcus Washington. Most underrated defender this team has had this century. Was so consistent and did his job well...also one of the few FAs to make a Pro Bowl after signing with this team. Cornelius Griffin and Shawn Springs were very underrated too
  15. method man

    Ye Auld 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    Yep. Boston has perennially been one of the most underrated FSs in FA the past few years. A lot of us were begging for this team to sign him.
  16. method man

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Makes you like him even more that he has had to scratch and claw his way to prove himself in this league unlike a lot of these guys who were someone's brother or son
  17. Hooper has to be the number one target in FA. This team needs him badly. Other priority FAs for me are Byron Jones (I am seeing chitchat on Bradberry but he wants to be paid like an elite player, which he is not. If you are going to pay someone elite money, pay the elite player) & Tre Boston (has played for Rivera twice and is good bang for the buck). Also if this team can't bring Trent back, I'd go after Kelvin Beachum. Hes a league average LT that should come at a solid rate I really wish Fitzpatrick was a free agent. He is extremely smart, an awesome teammate and mentor (Jameis has said this) & can singlehandedly get you a few wins if pressed into spot duty Unfortunately, he is with the Dolphins next year as well
  18. When you look around the league, Ron may be the head coach that accomplished the most as a player. 1st team All American, Super Bowl winner, 3 year starter for a mighty Bears D. That goes a long way with players. I think that also must have gone a long way with Del Rio because although they never played together, they were contemporaries as players
  19. method man

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    With Rivera in fold, you should see Tre Boston become a top FA target as FS. Has played for Ron twice and should be cheap if this team offers a multiyear deal (he has been screwed two straight offseasons)
  20. Two things. First, realistically, I can't see him be willing to step down from interim HC to becoming a pure OL coach with no input on playcalling. Second, if he can hit coaching free agency, I'm pretty sure he'd want to go to the Bengals to work with his son (it was reported that he was thinking about this last summer)
  21. method man

    The Official 2020 Draft Positioning Thread: We're #2!

    On your first point, I am indeed saying that I'd consider trading Young if I were to get a haul of assets that allowed me to get those two. An example is the Dolphins. If you get their first, the Steelers first (which they own) and their second, you may have the draft capital needed to make this scenario happen. On the second, again, the guy has not been able to focus on just getting after the QB down after down because he has never gotten to play in a D that calls for 4-3 100% of the time. Furthermore, he has not been used to his best potential by Haslett, Barry or Manusky. Under Rivera, would he become a Von Miller type terror? No. However, you can probably count on double digit sacks, which is top echelon for a 4-3 DE / 3-4 OLB. Also, Kerrigan's value is at a low right now. You aren't going to get much for him if you trade him now. Maybe a 4th
  22. I want Callahan out. I appreciate the job he did as interim coach but please no more of him significantly influencing how the offensive gameplan. Let KOC do his job I'd rather keep Rauscher or let Rivera bring his own OL coach in like Matsko
  23. method man

    The Official 2020 Draft Positioning Thread: We're #2!

    If you can flip Young for Okudah and Simmons somehow (ex using the high 1st you get for Okudah and then swapping the rest of the package you get to move back to take Simmons), that is definitely worth considering. Both Okudah and Simmons, barring injuries, will be perennial Pro Bowlers / All Pros at the next level and I'd rather have 2 of these guys at premium positions than at 1, especially when you already have a perennial Pro Bowler in Kerrigan you'd have to kick to the curb to make it work with Young. To those of you who say Kerrigan is not a difference maker, keep in mind he has played out of position his whole career (he was a hand in the ground DE in college) and has played for garbage DC after garbage DC. If you go into next season with Kerrigan - Allen/Payne/Ioannidis - Sweat Foster - Holcomb - Anderson Okudah - Simmons - Collins - Dunbar you truly have elite talent across two levels and are at least average at the other level (LB) With all the cap room you have, if you are able to add Hooper & DJ Humphries (or bring back Trent) and resign Scherff, you have a team with the talent to make a legitimate deep playoff run with the right coaching. I also have strong belief that Kyle, if retained and not messed with too much by Rivera, can continue to build great depth in the draft to pad the team in case of injuries
  24. method man

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    They were teammates on the Bears
  25. method man

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I have always like Rivera and was hoping this team would get him instead of Shanny years ago as HC. Very smart defensive mind who knows the 3-4, 4-3 and 4-6 very well. Players respect him because he was a SB winner as a player and, although not a players’ coach, players love him (see Cam’s anguish when he was fired) Folks point to Rivera’s record as HC but understand he had some of the worst personnel folks in the league (Gettleman and Hurney), old school idiots who believed in spending their money on 3 average backs vs receivers. I’d be excited to see him coach this team with KOC as OC and I believe, with his network and the respect he draws around the league, he can bring in a good DC under him