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  1. The good news with the FB position is that, if you add one, unless you are trying to pick up a Kyle J in free agency, you'll find a good one for the minimum
  2. Speaking of talent we've just let walk out the door, interesting nugget on KOC. It's not just McVay who took note of his skills on that LAR staff. I bet KOC is a head coach before Scott Turner Rams won't let Kevin O’Connell leave for Chargers - ProFootballTalk (nbcsports.com)
  3. I guess Norv may have evolved his scheme over the years, which has passed to Scott but wasn't Tolbert technically a fullback? I agree with the poster that the answer may be an H Back who can be flexed to fullback, essentially someone who would be the #3 TE on the roster. At 6-0 245, I don't know if Carter is more than a pure fullback. The top rated fullback is supposedly Ben Mason from Michigan who seems to be quite the character. He is 6-3 254 and is apparently a total meathead, yet an Academic All Big Ten guy at the same time. He can also play both FB and TE and has similar size to someone l
  4. If there's any hope here, what we can point to is that Hurney built excellent depth in the Carolina front office during his time there in Beane, Cowden, Schoen, Stokes, among others.
  5. Why does everyone want Ertz? The dude is washed. I'd rather use that money to give Thomas an extension.
  6. I doubt Smith would want to come here. He's already gotten screwed once by the coach centric approach. I think he'd rather want to be the true head that the coach reports to
  7. It is weird that some of you guys who want to take low round flyers on QBs with a 5% chance of panning out don’t realize that it takes away from the possibility of finding the next Settle, Ioannidis and Curl with that pick, which has been fairly regular in recent years. Either take a QB in the top 10 or don’t take any this year
  8. Howie Roseman is no talent evaluator. He is a former accountant I think Kyle is great but I wonder if we overrate him a bit. Two of the best day 2 finds post Scot have been Ioannidis and Holcomb. Gruden gets credit for both guys
  9. He is the one cost effective option in free agency who can go win you games. What he’s done with minimal skill talent around him is outstanding. If you strike out on Stafford, Ryan or Watson, he should be the guy because I don’t want Jones, Trask, Newman, Buehele or any of these other names that will be a waste of a pick
  10. Very unlikely. You need four tackles on your roster. At worst, you give him the low level tender and have him take Sharpe’s spot
  11. Isaiah Wilson was a terrible pick. Alarming they didn’t pick up on his character issues before the draft
  12. I don't care for his durability. At his salary, he is a 2022 cut anyway. Might as well see if we can use him as an improvement at WLB. He is virtually the same size as someone such as Matt Milano. He's resisted moving to LB in the past but, if he does, he can sit on the bench behind Curl The one thing Apke has going for him is he is an excellent special teamer. They may keep him for that but $2M is a lot to play for that (assuming we pick up the RFA tender). On Bryce Love, you may as well bring him to TC to compete.
  13. Jabril Cox is probably a 3rd pound at worst, no?
  14. He was possibly PFF’s lowest graded defender on this team. He is probably exclusively a 3-4 ILB. You can find guys like Hudson who are good on ST AND promising as defenders
  15. I’d like Ross as well on a bargain deal. When healthy, he has produced like a WR2. Again, to not lose our own young guys, I’d rather go for the lower tier options at WR. Jones, Hilton, Green, Ross, etc
  16. TE2 is a massive priority because, outside Thomas, we had a bunch of guys who should not be in the league. If Thomas had gotten hurt, we would’ve been in serious trouble if we had to start Sprinkle or Baugh. Not having a legit second TE also hamstrings us with what we can do offensively because we can’t run 2 TE sets for passing plays. Logan is also a FA at the end of 2021 and I’d want to have someone in case he were to leave He needs to put on a bit of weight and try to make it as a Joker TE. He can’t separate against corners well
  17. The FA class has changed quite a bit, especially for tackles, after all the in-season extensions. Here is how I would grade our needs: High Priority: MLB WR2 WR3 TE2 Medium Priority: QB1 WLB K FS Lower Priority: RB2 LT LG CB (becomes high priority if you can't resign Darby) The high priority list kind of points you to where I think Day 1 / Day 2 / early Day 3 picks should generally be spent (although you have to pick up at least 1 proven vet WR in FA). I think I'm in the camp of gunning
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