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I recently changed insurance from a PPO to an HMO to save about $80 a month, because i rarely use healthcare. 2 weeks after i did this, i sprained my rotator cuff AND threw out my back bad enough that i had to go to the Emergency room.

Long story short, if i ever meet someone named Kaiser or Permanente, I am going to kill them in cold blood. The Kaiser medical center is literally across the street from my office, walking distance, and this whole process is STILL the biggest pain in the ass i can remember being involved in. Worse than the time i had my identity stolen, worse than the time that dumb ***** hit my car and then drove off.

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I wonder how crowded my house is going to be the week of the Chargers/Redskins game with friends from ES and DC.

make sure there is room for me sweets.;)

i am ready to go home already and it's only 4 minutes after 9am.

CAPS should win tomorrow night because i am going, look for the big red fist, it got me on TV last game....

bahamas 3.6-3.9 i cannot wait.


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