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  1. I met a new woman last night.. I'm looking forward to this weekend
  2. I ate a yogurt using nothing but my tongue.. Next time I'll remember to bring a spoon.
  3. I dunno, I've ran myself out of a room before
  4. Well overall it no better than an above average ppv.. It's supposed to be the biggest event of the year, it didn't live up.. Was better than last years though.
  5. God that match sucked. it really shows you the limits of Cena and Edge to put on a decent match, after you see an absolute clinic on what wrestling should be from Shawn and Taker. I excluded big show because who really expects much out of him anyway
  6. If you're even remotely a star wars fan.. Darth Bane Path of Destruction, and Rule of Two are phenominal
  7. Right before she finally agrees to have sex with you
  8. I can see if she had mic skills and could do interviews and segments like the Rock, but she can't.. She has no talent whatsoever.
  9. Can someone tell me why Vicki Guerro is still on TV.. that ugly little oompa loompa isn't even a good actress, I know she isn't there for looks.
  10. Sure she'd appreciate it if you let her know when you're all the way long.
  11. I get to go to Idaho for business.. Idaho ****ING IDA"thestank"HO! and that blonde chick from Billy Madison is hot
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