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un****ing real!!

"Hi, my store is completely down and I cant run any credit at all."

"OK, I need to get in your office and check some things on your server"

"Sorry, I need to fill out some paperwork"

"But your customers wont be able to do anything but cash until then"


...conversation between me and a GM at a store I help support. What a bunch of ****ing idiots and its no wonder no GM or any management lasts...

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Boobs are good

Last night I was at a bar and a gorgeous big boobed blonde gal came in wearing a tight Tshirt and skimpy short shorts. After starring at her chest for a while I actually read what was printed on there and it said "Knockouts". So I striked up a long conversation with her and come to find out that she was a hair dresser and manager of a place called knockouts which I have never been to. Here's the website:


Its safe. So she tells me that when I come in there I will be greeted with free beer and for $25 she will give me a neck shoulder massage, two shampoos, a hot towel treatment, a haircut, and a beard trim. Lately I've been going to Supercuts and a really sweet 300 pound gal has been cutting my hair and doing a really good job of it. But she's got nothing on this girl and if she can cut hair as good as she was looking last night I found me a new hair stylist!

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sara varone is her name...

Thanks. I wanted to know who she was and ran into a website called chickapedia all about women. As a server man myself I know better then to check that out now. Too funny. What does she do outside of falling out of her dress?

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