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  1. Deal but remember I took Mir in our last Gauntlet, you make it sound as if you had an unfair shake. :cool:
  2. Often times late at night I fart and think to myself, damn I wish someone else was here to enjoy this moment of flatulencesence art.
  3. Even though its a few weeks away. CHACHIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT YOU SUCKA. UFC 98 Rashad vs Machida - I got Machida Hughes vs Serra - I wanna take Serra because I think Hughes is spent but I dunno Sherk vs Edgar - I got Sherk Okami vs Miller - I'm taking Miller in the upset
  4. As long as Forrest can avoid getting caught when he kicks, it's the only thing that cost him against Rashad.
  5. I'm pretty sure you can use the MIB anywhere and on any show.
  6. I cant look at Edge without thinking, so thats what Triple H would look like if he was anorexic.
  7. Here's the problem with doing a "stretcher" injury during a ppv, it has now lost momentum. That and it didn't look that vicious to begin with. Who wrote this up, it's terrible.
  8. My only take on this is if the guy wants to do it, more power to him however, lets not do this again. And could you imagine being the opponent.
  9. Watching the post fight pressers, Chuck's defnitely hanging it up, he's doing the whole "go home and wait thing" but he knows it's time. At 39 years old, there comes a time when the body can't do it anymore.
  10. In the 13 plus years I've been watching MMA, I have never seen something so pitiful. I NEVER want to Lietes anywhere near an MMA fight.
  11. Dunno bout that decision, I had it 29-28 geico caveman
  12. Chucks chin is glass now, that wasnt that hard of a shot from Rua. I'd like to see Rua vs Franklin in the future after the wandy fight.
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