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  1. WTF that sucks This has to be a work, please tell me it is
  2. I could be wrong but in this decades era of wrestling there is no way I can see the main event of a ppv without a stipulation Very interesting about the SC rumors. If he was going to come back I found this where he says if he does one more match he would go against Punk http://theenigmaticgenerationofwrestling.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/stone-cold-vs-cm-punk-or-john-cena-vs-the-rock-the-better-wm28-main-event/ You could be onto something there, at least I'm hoping
  3. Have some random questions about the team right now that I believe belong here instead of there own threads... Question 1 - We kept 8 Wide Receivers on the active roster this season. Entering week 3 these players have yet to record a catch: Austin, Paul, Hankerson, Banks. Only 4 receivers have a catch on the season. I didn't expect Banks to get any catches but am I the only one wondering why the hell we kept all those guys if this is how we are going to use them? Any news on Austin, Paul, or Hankerson or idea if when we are going to use them? Question 2 - Has there ever been any talk about u
  4. Did you just say that you think Austins headed back into the ring? I don't think that will ever happen again He's got bad neck and knees, think his times done But you didn't answer, what would the stipulation be on that SS tag match?
  5. KD that would be an amazing match, incredible lineup with every bigtime star in the same match But it would mean that the current buildup to the conspiracy is meaningless What sort of stake would you put on that match to make it more interesting? I'm hoping that Orton Henry is just beginning I can't remember the last time RO was squashed to lose the title like he just was Personally I think it's a mistake to put them in the HIAC match just two weeks after that encounter They need to give MH a chance to run with the title, and squashing RO in another match would cheapen any chance of a r
  6. Didn't know that But if you replace HHH with the Rock in my scenario and it still makes sense Nash fighting with CM Punk Miz & Truth fighting with Air Boom Del Rio fighting with Cena Mystery opponent fighting with The Rock The only thing I don't like about this is Air Boom, not a fan at all of the team but since they are including Miz & Truth they need the tag champs in the match They will probably drop the straps from Air Boom prior to SS since they aren't worthy of such a spot and give it to another team but to whom? Either way I think that's the likely story here The other t
  7. We saw in the main event match JL interfere with the match stopping the referee from counting the pin on CM Punk, then throwing the refree in when CM had the cover, then getting on the phone and less then 5 minutes later Nash showing up and beating both men up It's obvious that JL is in on this after Monday's show but what if JL is just the on air personality of the guy who's behind this JL said himself he doesn't want to be the COO and what if he's telling the truth? The first to get fired is behind this angle I'm thinking the mastermind behind the conspiracy is going to turn out to be Vi
  8. **** the Cow****es **** them 12 ways from Sunday God musta been taking a **** when he created that horrible pile of horse ****
  9. First for a real title. I think that's significant
  10. Really messed up that TNA's champion gets another DUI the same week that they announce Jeff Hardy is back in the company Another thing I don't understand is why TNA has so many guys under contract This week during the Divas GM announcement the ring was filled with women who don't ever get TV time and no push and have no purpose of being there What is wrong with today's wrestling? Why don't they take a page out of the territory days and shed the rosters to about 40 total? Saves the company money, gives a chance for more guys/gals to start up in ROH or another promotion Same goes with the W
  11. What an awesome week of wrestling! That was the best Raw ending in years. Impacts reunion with RVD and Jerry Lynn was great and Stings new character is a long time coming. Highlight of the show was seeing Hogan have those vitamins shoved down his throat...classic
  12. It's Sammartino. Women its Moolah who supposidely wore it for like 40 years. And the first black world champion in my eyes was Ron Simmons for WCW in the early 1990's, Jim Ross booked that and it needed to be done in the big two. JYD won the world title strap as well as Butch Reed in Watts old territory but the WWE was slow to embrace a black champion compared to the other guys. This is a trick question imo. How many times has there been swerve endings with one guy announced the champion then reversed? I have a match from the old St Louis territory which shows Bruiser Brody, one of my all
  13. This is correct, have the handheld. Can't see much other then Foley stuck in the ropes for a while but the promo he shot after the incident is priceless.
  14. Just saw a commercial today advertising this Monday show since some tickets still remain. Stone Cold will be returning to Monday Night Raw this week
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