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My friends discovered some of their old VHS tapes from when we were kids and we have been watching them. The other day, we watched Space Jam. Is it weird that during the scene that MJ gets returned to the real world at his baseball game and the spaceship lands on the field that my first thought was "Man...the grounds crew must be PISSED!"?
ROFL :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: This is the best thread ever!!!!!!!
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I tried it. It has a lot of bugs but the concept is really good. You can't expect to use it for business purposes but it's good especially if you're traveling outside of the country. I ran into a lot of problems as one day it would be able to receive calls but not make them, the next day it would be able to make calls but not receive them. I think some of it may have to do with the phone you are using but I had to eventually return mine.

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So, I have a long standing desire to have a Mastiff for a dog, but my wife satnds by her "no dog so big that I have to pick up after it's poops with 2 hands" rule. Silly wife... ;)

But in thinking about this yesterday, I was thinking about sumo wrestlers. I imagine they have to eat a ton to get to that weight. The human body being far from a carnot engine, those have to be some absolutely massive dumps. So, do sumo wrestlers need special toilets to both handle their weight and to handle the volume?

and with that thought, it's beck to breakfast... :silly:

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