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  1. why are people so fake? why talk a big game when you can't back ish up?? am i too nice of a person?
  2. i HATE dall-ASS, dall-ASS i HATE!
  3. I hate dallas, dallas i hate!! Duck fallas!! **** dallas.
  4. i miss big mike! i am so ready for draft day, 17 days away. <3 ddp.
  5. why did i drink so much last night??? i hate duke, unc and vcu.... i am ready to go back to bed.
  6. make sure there is room for me sweets. i am ready to go home already and it's only 4 minutes after 9am. CAPS should win tomorrow night because i am going, look for the big red fist, it got me on TV last game.... bahamas 3.6-3.9 i cannot wait. dirty.
  7. having a pretty bad friday to start off with, but just saying $^@% Dallas!!! makes me feel better. HTTR!
  8. we will be back around to see you this year
  9. haha...I <3 you also...that day was good times...hope to see you soon!
  10. that's me in the portis jersey!!! do you have anymore pictures of us?
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