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  1. We're lucky Leftwich won't be the quarterback. Hey, mathematically we can still finish 14-2 :fingersx:
  2. What if Shanahan, Cowher, Holmgren, Gruden, Fassel, Gibbs, Carroll.... they all say "NO thanks" to Snyder? :paranoid: Who else is out there? P.S. I'm taking about after this season, I hope Zorn doesn't get fired until the offseason.
  3. I have already seen what The Stadium looks like after a Redskins loss..... I'm kinda scared to see what it will look like when Colt Brennan gets cut. :paranoid:
  4. We should try the burgundy on burgundy unis Saturday. Let's see if they really are bad luck.
  5. That right there makes up for all the bad happening to you, IMO. It would have made my day.
  6. "We just figured out Blue's Clues, we just figured out Blue's Clues, we just figured out Blue's Clues, because we're really smart!" Dammit it's stuck in my head! aaargh!
  7. Today was a bit warm here, so I took my daughter to the park She had so much fun.
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