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When did this happen?

Holy **** TJ, I'm out in bfe HUNGARY right now and I know that! :chair:
Holy crap man, you weren't kidding :laugh:

I have PFT tabbed and I it refreshes every few minutes. That coupled with texts from Redskins.com or wherever and I never miss a beat.

He HAS to be kidding

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I would like an answer to this:

This is killing me. Im usually pretty good at understanding business practices. This just seems stupid.

I am looking to buy an iPhone. 3G 8 gig Black iPhone.

They retail for $199.


Why the hell are all the iPhones on Ebay selling for $700+? These arent unlocked or jailbroken or any of that, they are just regular ones.

Every auction ending in the next 24 hours, and there are like 100, all have the phones selling for $300 or more. Why would anyone do that?

Is this just scammers bidding on their own ****?

Cause its $199 WITH a 2 year contract.

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