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  1. With TIVO and DVR, it has to be on the minds of those that use commericals for advertisement, is anyone watching our commercials? I think 1 of 2 things are going to happen. They are going to start advertising within the TV shows themselves or they are going to put a lot of effort into their commericals, to the point that are posted on You Tube.
  2. Why are churches going with this trend of "witty" remarks on their boards out side of the church for people driving by to see? It's like they are trying to sell something now, some of them are cute and harmless but some of them I find kind of offensive.
  3. my favorite one liner. "This is like the wind" how so? "cause it blows!"
  4. you should tell all his friends that he's your "BUNNY" he'd love you for that
  5. The stadium is a zoo, I don't think i'm ever going to go back in there during the off season again.
  6. how come the bible is full of crazy stories like talking snakes and what not but if you talk about ufo's, aliens, or ghost people look at you like you're out of your mind?
  7. Why is the temperature now told as what it actually is and what it actually feels like? Current temperature now is 42 degree but it feels like 34. WTF? Call me crazy but I think the temperature is what it feels like, don't tell me it's 55 degrees but when I go outside it's going to feel like its 47.
  8. the white on white look like college too. I think solid any color looks like college. First impression I like the all burgandy better than white on white.
  9. What?!?! Now uniforms lose games? Good grief, think before posting :doh:
  10. I guess this means the burgundy pants are pretty much finished? Since we have been wearing white on white and are going with the burgandy tops for the 2nd half of the season. I wonder if there is any chance of burgandy on burgandy for the first time?
  11. lets just send the uniforms and have the players stay home, the score will probably be about the same.
  12. When your fans start talking about karma and uniforms, you know your team sucks.
  13. speaking of uniforms, its a good thing Brandon Lloyd is wearing a Redskin uniform and T.O is wearing a Cowboy one. We really dodged a bullet by going with the good character guy.
  14. This game is going to be so ugly, its not going to matter what we are wearing.
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