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  1. Damn, I don't even know what to say after seeing that picture. I think it's pretty much brought this thread to a screeching halt.
  2. Oh, that one's not even right, man. I still laughed my ass off.
  3. You know...I'm totally doing the Updog thing tomorrow.
  4. Those damn whales had it comin', damn it!
  5. Where did you get the Farnsworth picture?
  6. The LOTR pictures are funny, don't get me wrong; but the Doug one just kinda had me saying "WTF?!"
  7. ...What the hell was up with the Doug/LOTR deal?
  8. Xhibit used to host this show called "Pimp My Ride" where they would fix people's dump old cars and make them look cool. One of the things Xhibit would say on the show is "Hey Dawg, I heard you liked ___________, so we put in some __________ so you can ___________ while you drive." If there was something you were particularly keen on, they would put it in your car.
  9. Philosophy doesn't dictate thought, but instead opens the mind of the individual to allow thought of their own.
  10. Cyanide and Happiness is the source of my... Happiness.
  11. Australiowned. Why are Kangaroos so damn funny?
  12. AT WAL-MART!!! (see the annoying song thread)
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