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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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Probably would be better if they did it in the US where people would recognize a US football and football players.  Wherever they are in Europe (Russia?), they probably don't understand other than they don't want to get run over.

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17 hours ago, China said:

That Godzilla commercial is annoying because every time I open this page it auto plays.  I hate auto play videos.


Anyway, this is what happens when you put wet scrap metal into a foundry furnace (link goes to an auto play video :806:😞


Foundry worker puts wet scrap metal in furnace



I was working at a steel mill in beautiful Seguin, TX in the 90's. A worker drove a front end loader into the pile of slag* with water in his bucket. The explosion shook the trailer I was working in 1/2 mile from the melt shop. When we went outside hot slag was raining down on us & the surrounding area. Cars in the parking lot had little puffs of smoke rising from them and the fields around the trailers had little fires starting wherever the slag landed. We ran inside to grab the fire extinguishers to put out the grass fires. It was summertime in Seguin (hot as ****, dry as ****, brown as crap). We refused to re-enter the trailers until they were inspected to ensure they weren't on fire (they weren't). 


*slag - stony waste matter separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore. It's basically the foamy crap that forms on the top the ladle during the melting of metal. They allow the foam (slag) to flow out over the ladle to the ground. In this case, it's probably a 2 story fall to the ground where the metal wheeled front end loader works. 

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