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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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I haven't eaten a steak since 2018 but even at the height of my red meat eating days, I could never hang with Andy.


Andy Reid Once Crushed a Giant 40 oz Steak In Only 19 Minutes



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4 minutes ago, Renegade7 said:

Anybody that paid atrocious amounts of money to watch the Nats choke in the DC the last three games in person.

I'm an O's fan, not a Nats fan (don't hate them, though).


But I gotta say, them going up 2-0 and losing all 3 games in DC is the most DC outcome possible so far.

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we all remember that good ole rock-n-roll song   "Hand-Jive" 





See the source image






its wholesome clean fun.... but ALL of us misheard it the first time we heard it... and thought we heard something a little different, but were a little awwww-shucks about what we THOUGHT we heard.      




How to Do the Hand Jive

Co-authored by wikiHow Staff | Video Team Tested  Updated: March 29, 2019

Learning the Basic Movements

1- Pat your thighs and clap your hands. The first movement in the hand jive is to bend slightly at the waist and pat your hands on your thighs twice. After patting your thighs, stand up and clap your hands twice.
Instead of patting your thighs, you can also try patting your knees. Choose the motion that is most comfortable for you.

2- Crisscross your hands. Standing up straight, cross your right hand over your left hand. After you have crossed your hands, immediately open them again in a quick motion. Both of your palms should be facing the ground. Your hands should not touch each other, but instead, glide past each other in the air. Complete this motion twice. Then cross your left hand over your right in the exact same way. Again, complete this motion twice.

3- Make your hands into fists. The next move is to make your hands into two vertical fists, as if you were grabbing a pole. Place your right fist over your left fist and knock them together twice. Then put your left fist over your right fist and knock them together twice.
This motion is sometimes called the hammer because you are hamming your fists together.

4- Give a thumbs-up sign. Following the hammer motion, give a thumbs-up sign with both of your hands. Then, beginning with your right hand, point your thumb backwards over your right shoulder twice. This should look almost like you're hitch-hiking. Then complete the same movement with your left arm.

5- Repeat all the steps. Once you have learned the basic movements, try practicing them in order. Continue to practice until you have memorized the routine and find the movements easy to perform. This should take 5 to 10 minutes depending on your age and dance background. The great thing about the hand jive is that it is a relatively easy dance to learn!


Use this video to help you learn and practice the dance:






Good clean wholesome fun!    ❤️



Then we heard a little more of the lyrics...and wondered if those naughty musicians were TRYING to making us blush feel foolish.    




well......  finally, there is an alternate "hand-jive".   



It is harder to learn....

......... and also harder to incorporate into a country-western-style giant group line-dance.    





,,,,,, but still......

.....................well worth the effort.   

AND, it better captures that furtive giggle when you FIRST heard the song.......







Ladies and Gentlemen........    the Hand Jive:









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