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2020 Game Day Thread


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2 minutes ago, Florgon79 said:

Has anyone harped on how mediocre Evan Engram is and how it's complete bull**** he made the pro-bowl? The hype is beyond ridiculous.

Yeah I said that earlier, shows how much of a joke the pro bowl is. He’s the reason the Cowboys are in this game 

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Once it was called Giants there was never going to be a view that showed a full recovery. LOL  So glad cowpukes are out for sure no matter what we do. 


Will love to see Skip tomorrow whining about this play!!  

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2 minutes ago, Redd said:

Joe Buck and Aikman sound salty Cowboys won't make playoffs because they feel McCarthy should've challenged.....you hate to see it.😆

Joe Suck was praying with his comments that the beagles would do the cowballs a favor because of Hurts playing the WFT.

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