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The Miscellaneous Humor Thread---vids/gifs/pics/jokes---no articles, no "owned" stuff

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Recall decades ago, I was a kinda-waiter in a cafeteria.  I was refilling customer drinks.  And there was a boy.  Maybe 6-8?  With a bottle of ketchup, shaking it up and down as hard as he could.  


And I looked at him and I said "Careful.  If you shake that too much then when you open it, it sprays ketchup all over the place."  


Kid's eyes got big.  Sets the ketchup bottle on the table.  And then slides it over in front of his sister.  

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1 minute ago, Califan007 said:


Its' so mild, though, especially compared to a bunch of other videos on youtube.


YouTube is notorious for being inconsistent in the application of its rules and/or standards.

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