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  1. I think parts of the team ranking 12th, 10th, 9th, 7th, 6th, 6th, and 3rd qualifies them for a better description than "not horrible" lol...
  2. I definitely feel different. And imo, none of those coaches you mentioned would have done anything close to as well if they had the same owner, the same GM, the same front office set-up, the same QBs, the same roster and the same amount of injuries as Gruden had over his time with the Skins and especially the last two seasons. I'm not sure how Gruden would have done if put in those other coaches' exact situations. But if Pederson were with the Redskins, no way in hell does he bring the Skins a Super Bowl in his 2nd year simply because he's Pederson. I'm not even convinced McVay would have squeezed out more than 9 wins the last 2 seasons if he were on the Skins in 2017 and 2018.
  3. Reserve judg...??!! You kids and your crazy ideas.
  4. Specific rankings for ST under what's-his-ass (can't remember and don't feel like scrolling lol): FG% rankings Titans 2013 – 20th 2014 – 10th 2015 – 9th Bucs 2016 – 32nd 2017 – 28th 2018 – 29th Kickoff returns Titans 2013 – 7th 2014 – 16th 2015 – 28th Bucs 2016 – 32nd 2017 – 17th 2018 – 26th Punt Net Average Titans 2013 – 17th 2014 – 6th 2015 – 12th Bucs 2016 – 3rd 2017 – 26th 2018 – 24th Punt returns Titans 2013 – 24th 2014 – 26th 2015 – 17th Bucs 2016 – 12th 2017 – 6th 2018 – 26th
  5. It's not true that every kicker digressed where he has coached, though. With the Titans, they signed Ryan Succop as the placekicker in 2014. He previously kicked for the Chiefs for 5 years. His two years under Kaczor: 2014 - 86.4% 2015 - 87.5% His five years with the Chiefs: 2013 - 78.6% 2012 - 82.4% 2011 - 80.0% 2010 - 76.9% 2009 - 86.2%
  6. By the way, this part from the Deadspin article: "The Times’ tale hinted that use of the Nazi Party’s favorite chant was among the reasons Snyder fired chief operating officer Brian Lafemina last month." "Hinted"....meaning, the article from the Times included an insanely subtle speculation that the "we hail" campaign might have also played a role in how Snyder viewed Lafemina's performance here. I read the Times article. "Hinted" was way too strong a word to use. And neither the Deadspin article or the Times write-up mention Snyder being Jewish. I would imagine that could possibly play a role in how he perceived things.
  7. We never gave up a lead with Smiff, either, which I'm gonna guess happened more than a few times on the Vikings due to Cousins' turnovers.
  8. At what point did I say that the only reason for a Skins fan to praise the Cowboys was to deflect from their self-loathing? Did I touch a button there? lol...
  9. Yikes...I'll only quote the negative stuff because it's fun to do that lol.... 2018 grades: Kirk Cousins' first Vikings season busted when it mattered most Already an established quarterback with an early playoff exit, Cousins entered the 2018 season saying everybody needed to play well and he, in order to be mentioned among greats, needed to overcome whatever deficiencies weighed them down. With Cousins, the Vikings collectively failed in his first season while ranking 19th in scoring and 26th in both third downs and the red zone. Grades are based on a 1-to-5 scale, with ‘5’ marking excellence, ‘4’ for above-average, ‘3’ for average, ‘2’ for below-average and ‘1’ for failure to perform. Kirk Cousins (3.0) — [...]But Cousins’ play under pressure, a reason why the Vikings sat at 5-3-1 entering the Week 10 bye, fell off upon returning from the bye to play in Chicago. He was the NFL’s third-rated passer under pressure (91.5 rating) in Weeks 1-9. His rating under pressured dropped to 22nd (69.5) in Weeks 11-17, when the Vikings had four games against three top scoring defenses in Chicago, New England and Seattle and Mike Zimmer fired coordinator John DeFilippo. [...]Turnovers were Cousins’ undoing. Only two quarterbacks in Josh Rosen (19 turnovers) and Ben Roethlisberger (18) had more turnovers than Cousins’ 17. He lost a career-high and NFL-leading seven fumbles, including two to start the Week 3 loss to Buffalo. Some interceptions were a product of miscommunication, like Stefon Diggs’ stopped route against New Orleans and Kyle Rudolph watching the ball sail overhead in Chicago. Some were simply boneheaded plays, like Eddie Jackson’s pick six in Chicago when Diggs was open in the flat but Cousins threw to a covered Laquon Treadwell. The timing compounded the turnovers. Cousins led the NFL with eight turnovers in the fourth quarter and overtime, tied with Denver’s Case Keenum and Detroit’s Matthew Stafford, according to Pro Football Reference. Three of five defensive touchdowns attributed to Cousins came in the second half of key losses against the Saints, Bears and Seahawks. An inability to overcome deficits (0-7-1 when tied or trailing at halftime) was a critical problem. Cousins was the NFL’s only quarterback to start every game this season and not have at least one game-winning drive.
  10. Good coaches will definitely come to the Redskins...prior good coaches have recommended other good coaches to come here, and praised Snyder as an owner in the process. But the key is finding a good, young coach to hire, which I think is outside of Allen and Snyder's wheelhouse. I personally think Gruden is a good coach. I don't think he's being given a coaching situation or environment which fosters growth and improvement. And the plethora of injuries these past two seasons hasn't helped him one iota. Think about this: the Cowboys have gone 12-4, 13-3, 9-7 and 10-6 in four of the last 5 seasons. The one season where they had anything close to the injuries the Skins have had for the last 2 years, they went 4-12.
  11. This isn't really about choosing to be a Skins fan,'s about what type of fan you are choosing to be. And all of the types on the list are definitely choices. So, what type of boyfriend are you gonna choose to be to this atrocious-and-only-getting-uglier girl you can't help but be in love with anyway? lol....
  12. If the Eagles had lost to the Redskins at the end of the season she would have been trying to buy uranium off Craigslist lol...
  13. They were Redskins' FGs and punts that were blocked. I should have put that in there lol... My assumption was that teams didn't compile a list of coaches that would be blocked if another team wanted to interview them, but that they did the blocking once another team inquired about a coach.
  14. Califan007

    24/7 Wall Street: Redskins one of most hated companies

    I think it had something to do with his socks.