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  1. Ok, sooooo.... Are major QAnon figures and influencers saying that any QAnon followers who believe that Trump will become president again on March 4th are looking dumb for believing it? Since a decent number of QAnon believers were indeed believing he will, I'm trying to figure out how they are interpreting that lol...
  2. The last act was a letdown for me for that exact reason. But I really enjoyed the build up to the last act. Plus, the types of characters in the movie weren't the types that you really root for or hate fully, so there's less at stake emotionally as things keep going on.
  3. Right now my least favorite is "GoTo", as in clients texting me that they want to have a GoToMeeting with me online lol... My favorite word for the last 30 years is "dad"...I have a daughter. Enough said.
  4. Someone had said "Hitler" would have the most but twitter would perma-ban him in like a day and a half lol...
  5. Saw this on twitter and thought I'd ask it here. I'm breaking it into two parts: 1) Which famous dead person would have the best twitter account if they were alive now? 2) Which famous dead person would have the most followers on twitter if they were alive now?
  6. There is nothing at all wrong with gender reveal parties. It's not throwing a party that's causing injuries and--in this case at least--death. I remember every nanosecond of when my ex-wife and I found out she was pregnant...we called everyone on the phone to tell them except my dad, who we took out to dinner to tell him. I remember everyone's reactions at the news. To this day it still makes me smile. When we found out we were having a girl, I don't even remember when I found out...no part of finding out sticks out in my mind. Her obstetrician told us, I'm pretty sure
  7. In all of my relationships, there was never a set time preference. It all depended on what mood we were in, what our sessions consisted of, time of day, location, etc, etc. It also started long before we were nekkid lol...the build-up to the foreplay was always enjoyable, so once we reached the main course we were damn hungry. Uh, so to speak.
  8. D'oh! Guess the jig is up and I have to go look for work now. Really thought that reparations thing would come through. Dag nabbit.
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