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  1. Sorry, but this really is bull**** this time...he put that statement in quotes as if directly said by Gruden. Nope. Here's what was said: "You know there’s probably a lot of things that need to change, but I think just moving forward we’ve got to be on the same page as far as personnel, coaching, and all that stuff...But we have a good communication system, a good system in place right now.”
  2. Oh, cut the bull****, way anyone was starting to feel good about things lol...
  3. Califan007

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Anyone else remembering how Dan and Bruce found out about AP coming in for a visit through the media instead of from Doug Williams? lol...
  4. Califan007

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    That's kinda how I'm viewing it, too...would rather keep Jay and jettison Bruce if those were my options, cuz I think Jay could be a successful head coach with a proper and talented GM and FO in place. I don't see Bruce getting any better lol...
  5. Califan007

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I have all but eliminated facebook from my life, and only check in on twitter to see if any Skins news has hit--that's where I saw the whole Jay-is-frustrated story and thought they may be preparing for life without him in the near future. I don't even come here nearly as much as in the past...only social media platforms I use regularly are photo apps like instagram and Twenty20 (photo contests and sales app). I interact with others thru my photos lol...
  6. Califan007

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Was it the same under Scot?... Remembering Jay's seemingly frustrated comment about the first two 1st round picks during his time here as coach: "One's played two downs and one's a guard," as if he didn't want either player. Just wondering if he was consulted ahead of time about signing someone like Culliver or Ricky Jean Francois or if those moves were made without Gruden's input. Full disclosure: awhile back I had wondered on some thread whether or not it would be better for GM/FO to make the majority of personnel moves without too much concern from the coaching staff...I said that we had seen Marty get rid of productive guys from the Norv team that made the playoffs and bring in his own mediocre players instead, as well as him pass on Santana Moss in the draft (who Snyder and others wanted) and take Gardner instead, then see productive players under Marty get bounced when Spurrier got signed and replaced with his 'cheap and available" players, along with saying bye to Stephen Davis and hello to Trung Candidate because Trung fit the Ol' Ball Coach's scheme better, only to see Spurrier's guys dumped a year or two later when Gibbs came back...etc, etc. I said if the coach isn't entrenched, it may be better for that coach to not have much say so on who gets signed/drafted, and that way if the coach ends up fired much sooner than later the GM can hire a new coach whose scheme better fits the personnel they've spent time drafting and developing instead of starting over again and again. That's a long-winded way of saying this isn't bothering me as much as it is bothering you guys lol...only thing that bothers me is the guy making those decisions is in no way qualified enough for me to feel comfortable with--along with it could speak to Bruce's job security being much stronger than anyone wants to believe. What brought this out? lol...
  7. You got that right lol...this could end up going a billion different ways.
  8. I never get upset over low-priced vets being signed to come in for OTAs/minicamps/training you some up-close opportunities to see if a player with previous starting experience might have anything to offer or are salvageable, and can be cut and replaced with relative ease if you're not seeing it.
  9. If you could change your poll vote right now, would you? guess is "no" but was curious anyway lol...
  10. Why would a healthy Dunbar only be a stop-gap?
  11. Califan007

    The Cult of Case

    Yep...but I do think there is a way Case beats out Colt lol...I don't think Jay is as wedded to Colt as conventional wisdom seems to indicate, and I remember a lot of gushing praise over Case during the Broncos training camp last year, so he could be someone who shines before the season starts.
  12. Califan007

    The Cult of Case

    Sheehan was saying on his podcast that he has it on good authority that Jay Gruden was a proponent for bringing in Keenum and really likes him.
  13. More Kool-Aid for those who are thirsty lol...should automatically start at 6:58:
  14. Califan007

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    I don't have a problem with him wearing 21...I'm thankful that we didn't just say "meh" right off the bat and end up having a string of mediocre players wearing 21 over the past 12 years, though. I like that we haven't seen 21 out there at all. The next time we see a "21" run onto the field it should not be because "Eh, Sean Taylor is overrated because he was killed, so let someone else wear it"... I also don't have a problem with unofficially "retiring" Taylor's number due to his being murdered...that's real life that negates any football-related arguments for or against having someone else wear Sean's jersey number. I'm fine either way. To me, #7 will always be Theismann, no matter who else wears it. #44 will always be Riggins, #81 will always be Monk, #28 will always be Green, #17 will always be Williams...#21 will always be Sean Taylor. I have no other emotional connection to those numbers other than those specific, individual players. So let him wear it, don't let him wear it...doesn't really matter to me either way. But if they are gonna let someone wear it, I'm glad it's someone who cried at being given a game-worn jersey autographed by Taylor. If it takes him a half an hour to compose himself after receiving it, then I think we can start to understand why some fans don't see it as "just a number."
  15. This is what it means--and takes--to be a Redskins fan one is allowed to talk about the Skins in such a disrespectful, insulting way--except us, dammit. **** you and your odds lol...