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  1. I would assume that usually the person has already given up some prime info before charges are dropped. Then again, it didn't say that the other charges were dropped, only that he didn't plead guilty to them. So, yeah, what you said could be the case here.
  2. Only 6 of 33 charges?...I know the prosecutor's office probably added some charges for the sole purpose of using them as a negotiating tactic, but holy stinkin' kumquats, that's a lot of charges to be overlooked...I'm gonna go ahead for now and assume you drop 27 charges as part of a plea deal because the info Greenberg is giving up is well worth it.
  3. The thing that keeps me from seeing it in the same way: this whole shebang was started under Trump and Barr. Barr even avoided attending functions with Gaetz, they seized his phone, he was being extorted by someone who said they could make the investigation go away, he tried to get a blanket pardon from Trump, Trump hasn't met with Gaetz like he's meeting with everyone else, and the report that many GOP Congress members actually hate the guy. He's not made of Teflon like others before him.
  4. Did you mean "more" satisfying? lol...Because I can think of a LOT of things that would be less satisfying than seeing that toehead destroyed.
  5. Wasn't sure if this was posted...supposed to be released today. Over 100 Republicans, including former officials, threaten to split from the G.O.P. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/11/us/politics/republicans-third-party-trump.html More than 100 Republicans, including some former elected officials, are preparing to release a letter this week threatening to form a third party if the Republican Party does not make certain changes, according to an organizer of the effort. The statement is expected to take aim at former President Donald J. Trump
  6. I'm not sure how her speaking the obvious truth about Trump and the GOP saves her job for her. Or it could be that the insurrection attempt on Jan 6th made some republicans jump off the train. Hell, even Lindsey Graham jumped off it right afterwards--and then later ran like a mf'er to jump back on again lol.
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