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  1. update; daughter hasn't received her test results yet, but said today that she has a cough, sore throat, headache, and cannot taste or smell anything ...doesn't know if she has a fever (no thermometer) but doesn't feel like she does, and she isn't having any problems breathing. This sucks... On the positive side, my niece and cousin both had COVID months ago, with my niece describing the same symptoms...both were ok. My daughter is younger than they are so hopefully that's a good sign.
  2. No, it's easy to see why some playcalling was questionable at best, regardless of the outcome. I mean, if there was a play where the QB immediately turns around and tosses the ball with two hands back over his head, I doubt anyone would be calling it a good play just because one of our guys caught it lol...long forming gadget plays on 2nd and short probably is not a good idea for a rebuilding team with a ton of young players, for example. Plays that result in three WRs ending their routes all bunched within 3 yards of each other might not be a play you wanna keep in the playbook. I would guess
  3. That upper right quadrant is for rookie busts, I take it?...asking for the WP.
  4. Do you guys attend a seminar or something?...like, "How To Respond To Factual Criticism Of The Right"?...Because the exact same things keep being said by Trump supporters, and it rarely deals with the actual criticism of the man.
  5. This must be at that same golf course...I love the Scottish lol...(NSFW)
  6. My daughter and her new spouse have to self-quarantine for 2 weeks after coming in contact with someone who later tested positive. They found out Wednesday evening so we didn't get together for Thanksgiving. They are getting tested today so keeping my fingers crossed and praying every test they take comes back negative.
  7. Just a reminder lol... https://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=30379530
  8. I think Kerrigan's done that 2 times early in his career as well...
  9. i'm assuming you've been told this already but this that's not true lol...he had 5 TDs before Smith became starter, not one.
  10. After never overcoming a deficit at any point in 2018 to even tie the game, Alex Smith has overcome a deficit in all of his three starts this season.
  11. If you thought the typos were bad lol...holy ****. Takealookatthisunreadablegarbage § I ampostingrightnow ¶ ¶
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