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  1. Can someone tell me the question that was asked? Finlay says someone asked DH about the "reports that he might not be ready for NFL action"...was that how it was asked? I can't quite make it out other than something at the end like "How do you process that" or something.
  2. The videos were tamer than Whitner's comments.
  3. By the way, slightly surprised nobody has claimed Whitner was probably paid by Bruce and Dan to smear Gruden lol....because "I wouldn't put anything past them."
  4. Applebees?...No, Olive Garden, not Applebees lol... Applebees sounds like a nickname for a cricket player in England. (thumbsup for Chili's fajitas--tho prefer Chuy's)
  5. But the breadsticks, mf'er...the breadsticks!
  6. An ex-Skins player (who never accomplished anything while here) criticizes an ex-Skins coach (who also never accomplished anything while here). I'm trying to figure out if there's any real motivation to take either one's side in this lol... But on the surface it is a bit damning.
  7. Califan007

    Washington Redskins vs Miami Dolphins - The Greatest Game
  8. Olive Garden it is, then!
  9. In case you didn't see it yet lol...
  10. Nickname suggestions: TD McLaurin Terry McBurnin' TD McBurnin' Burnin' McTD Terry "TD" McLaurin the burner Olive Garden Scary Burn McTerraulinnnin
  11. I think there's one question and answer missing lol...
  12. "Obviously, I like Haskins coming in earlier and leaving later, but does that lend credence to the 'rumors' that wasn't the case until now? That's not something Bill had to make mention of but did." "I think you’re reaching here." "Is it looking like Haskins didn't care much for his chances under Gruden? " "Definitely smells that the point that makes you wonder if Bill was the one leaking that info in the first place." "I’ll tell ya what... Callahan is seemingly pretty ****ing smart. Major step or not, by telling all of us that he basically silences a lot of the talk of “Dwayne must be terrible if he’s not playing” for at least a few weeks." "Sounds like he’s patting himself between the pack pockets. Cringe-worthy." "Savvy vet coach move for sure. That’s the first thing I thought." "So is Colt hurt or is Callahan pretty much turning the page on him as a QB? Case is hurt I take it?" "just wondering how Haskins went from a rookie that isn't ready to the official #2 QB in such a quick time" The reactions above...whether or not that counts as "much", are they from watching the presser or from reading the tweets?
  13. Did you guys listen to Callahan's presser or watch the video, or are you grabbing your perceptions only from abbreviated tweets?
  14. Can someone transcribe what was said?...The interview sounds like it was given over the speaker box at a Burger King drive-thru lol...