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The Miscellaneous Humor Thread---vids/gifs/pics/jokes---no articles, no "owned" stuff

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My younger kids are going through this PJ Masks craze.  If asking to watch the show isn't bad enough, they have been listening been listening to the songs on Alexa over and over and over and...


This morning, my daughter said "Hey Alexa, play PJ Masks."


At least I am fairly sure that is what she meant to say.


Alexa responded, "I am sorry I can not play that due to the explicit language filter."


I wonder if that was a filter for the words going through my head as she requested PJ Masks sound track or if Alexa actually gets sick of playing the same crap all the time.

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1 hour ago, Califan007 said:


* Everybody be cool, this is a robbery.

* Any of you ****ing pricks move, and I’ll execute every mother ****ing last one of you.

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