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US Soccer thread.


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First, OUR boy Coutinho.

Second, You can compare Bedoya to Coutinho. While I get the point you are trying to make, Bedoya does not have the touch, skill, vision or dribbling abilities that Coutinho has. Bedoya makes bad passes and his first touch is questionable...I reject your comparison.

Third, agree to said agree about Mix


No chance he's as good as Coutinho.  I know this.  But he's our best 10 and it's not even close. 


It's hard to lead a counter attack when you're playing box to box on the wing. 


Jurgen got this one wrong. 

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Complete failure.

Guzan gets a F minus. Both goals are on him.

The field is a total joke. If this was a us soccer decision, then they too are part of the loss. If it was concacaf, then screw it. Just PLAY the gold Cup in a third world country if you're going to have a third world pitch.

Did Dempsey play today?

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to get off the U.S. Ineptitude for a minute....

As many have mentioned, concacaf as a whole is a joke. For the second game in a row, they try to give Mexico the game. BS red card given in the 25th minute putting panama down to 10 men. Amazingly, panama took the lead 1-0 in the second half. Not surprisingly, these ridiculous Mexican fans are throwing anything imaginable onto the field.

It would make the loss tonight a little more tolerable if Mexico messes this up.

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Both times it was American refs who made the calls

I hope panama walks off the field.

If there was any doubt before, it's now obvious that concacaf is the biggest joke in the world.

Now I hope panama breaks legs. Starting with the ref

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Where the hell was stadium security?  It's one thing to see the Mexican fans act like a drunken shameless mob in Mexico but this game was in the Georgia Dome.  The Mexican fans continued to rain down garbage and at one point pelted the Panama bench with so much trash that the players had to leave the bench area and delay the game.  If this had been a surprise occurrence I could maybe (not really) understand security being incompetent but everyone knows how they behave.  The corner that tied them in their last game was launched by a player surrounded in garbage!  Those lunatics may have no shame, but as the host country we should demand better.  


The Hispanic announcers calling the game predicted the refs would pull some crazy stunt and spent a good 2 minutes screaming about how horrible that first penalty call was.  They also wondered openly several times why there was no security in the stadium as the fans rained down garbage. 


Mexican national team fans stand out as particularly awful in a sport which features stiff competition to earn such a distinction. 

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The way Mexican fans have been allowed to act on US soil isn't putting you guys in a favourable light for future WC bids.

Player safety has been a glaring concern the last two games.


Awarding the wc to qatar and it's insufferable heat shows player safety isn't no. 1 concern. We just need some huge corporate sponsors to team up. Lol

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