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  1. Still kind of bitter this game is on a Friday night as opposed to Saturday. Makes it tough to get the field in any time to enjoy the pre game festivities.
  2. Draw came out for the WC semifinal round of qualifying. U.S. Got lucky and is paired with Trinidad (as opposed to panama or Honduras), and then two of either Guatemala, Antigua, Aruba, and one other Caribbean nation.
  3. to get off the U.S. Ineptitude for a minute.... As many have mentioned, concacaf as a whole is a joke. For the second game in a row, they try to give Mexico the game. BS red card given in the 25th minute putting panama down to 10 men. Amazingly, panama took the lead 1-0 in the second half. Not surprisingly, these ridiculous Mexican fans are throwing anything imaginable onto the field. It would make the loss tonight a little more tolerable if Mexico messes this up.
  4. Bedoya is coming off injury, and is still trying to regain form. Which is why he didn't play early in the tournament.
  5. I think this game was an outliner. Bradley is generally our most skilled player, and even he was missing passes, couldn't settle the ball, etc. I have no clue what it was, maybe it was the surface ( the field was sod laid on top of plywood, wtf???), but there is no excuse. The first thirty minutes of the game was a lot better, but it was like right when the first goal went in, we went into full panic mode. Inexcusable loss for klinnsmann.
  6. Ugly ugly ugly soccer from the Americans. No possession. All direct. We deserve to lose.
  7. Bradley's touch is garbage tonight.
  8. Absolute garbage. Dominate the first thirty, only to concede a weak goal and demoralize us. Bring in Yedlin for bedoya to give us a spark. Might need to change the formation up as well.
  9. Fox has horrible soccer coverage for US games. I really wish ESPN still had the rights and for the future world cups.
  10. Yedlin won't get the start. Jurgen loves to bring in as a sub. Bedoya will get the start there if he is still healthy. Would love to see mix get some play as well, but like you said, beckerman will probably play. Jamaica hasn't allowed a goal in their last three games. Definitely a tougher test than Cuba. Gonna be interesting how our average offense moves forward.
  11. Thank lord. I did not want to face el sal in the quarters again. Not because it would be a tough draw, but when we played them at m & t two years ago it was probably 80% el salvadorian in the stadium.
  12. Well, Jozy not in the starting lineup tonight. Replaced by wondo :puke:
  13. Let's not forget that Jozy is still battling back from that hamstring injury that he suffered in May. Both Jurgen and him have stated that he is not 100% at the moment. Obviously it could be said that if he isn't 100%, he shouldn't be on the field. But I think it is important to get Jozy these early, easy games now, with the hope that his form and fitness will improve by the time we reach the latter rounds. I think everyone can admit that Jozy has not lived up to the lofty expectations that were bestowed upon him during the last 8-9 years. However, when in form, I still don't think we have
  14. So 95% of the world looks and plays like ****? This just screams of the Euro soccer (I'm sorry, football) snobbery mentality. Obviously one sequence doesn't change the face of your team. But you asked me to elaborate on my stance. Therefore, to back up my claim, I provided an example. Why would I not use an example from the teams most recent game? I've never once claimed that this team is on, or even near, the level of the worlds elite teams. However, that doesn't mean they are **** either. Their improvements over the last four years have made their style of play more enjoyable and even w
  15. Pretty sure I put some thoughts into that above. I guess it all comes down to what you consider "playing like ****" to be. Is anything that is not Germany, Argentina, Netherlands, or really anything outside of the top 8 deemed to be playing like ****? Just because we are not one of the top squads in the world doesn't mean they are complete ****. As I mentioned, the team has made major strides under klinnsmann. They went from a bob Bradley high school style attack of booting it forward and hoping for the best, to a more possession based creative style. As seen in the most recent Germany game, t
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