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  1. I haven’t tried it yet. I did try the ant and roach spray but I hear this wasp spray is the real deal.
  2. Major Harris

    NPR: How Federal Disaster Money Favors The Rich

    Well the formula pretty clearly states it’s about affluency.
  3. Major Harris

    NPR: How Federal Disaster Money Favors The Rich

    Tell that to the folks down in Elk View WV. Still waiting for relief from the 2016 floods. Two schools were lost and they are still waiting for FEMA. Yeah those people are worthless.
  4. Major Harris

    Tax Bill

    What I’m saying is that if you take my return and use the same numbers for Jim in NOVA it’s gonna be the same. I get what you’re saying I just think it’s a stretch to look at that and say “taker state.” The SALT limitations will affect people in taker states in areas with high property values. And in all all of this, to be clear, I am not defending Trump or his tax plan. Just relaying personal experience. I was actually hit the hardest on last years return. It was the first time we’ve ever had to pay. We almost broke even this year so hopefully we can keep it there.
  5. Major Harris

    Tax Bill

    Sorry I read your answer as a “no” to my question.
  6. Major Harris

    Tax Bill

    Does any of this have anything to do with individual tax returns?
  7. Major Harris

    Tax Bill

    I could be wrong but I don’t think that has anything to do with it buddy. Some truth in here. I work a 2nd job. Yes and yes.
  8. Major Harris

    Tax Bill

    I made more money but paid less in taxes than last year.
  9. I was making a joke because I only read thread titles. But you are right Larry.
  10. Well duh he was killed how can he stand trial?
  11. I wouldn’t wish our Mitch on anyone.
  12. Well, the WV Republicans, instead of learning from last year, has doubled down and pretty much trying to dismantle public education in WV. Another strike at this point appears imminent. Here is is a brief synopsis After everything that went down last year, we were hopeful that our state had turned a corner and might actually get serious about investing in public education. Instead, Mitch Carmichael declared war on public education. He started by removing the Senate Education Committee chairman, and replacing him with Patricia Rucker. I was willing to wait and see how she would do, and my fears of a Devos wannabe were realized. Let’s rehash the reasons for the work stoppage last year: Fix PEIA...not even close to happening. Charter school & voucher legislation that will siphon resources and students away from public schools. Smaller class sizes. Attempts to weaken our union. So what do Rucker and Carmichael propose? Increase class size Legalize vouchers and charters Payroll legislation to protect us from our unions. Required loss of pay during work stoppage (not sure where this is headed. Days were made up we didn’t just get a freebie) And to help ensure we won’t have community support, they will ban athletic contests during a work stoppage instead of leaving it up to the county. Also in the bill is a provision to raise levy rates without putting it to vote. Not one WV teacher was consulted on this bill. Out of state charter school lobbyists were very much involved in crafting this bill. It made it out of Education Committee in less than 5 hours after legislators received it Friday. Pleas to be given time to review the bill and take it to constituents over the weekend were ignored. Several members removed their name from the bill in protest. Carmichael, knowing he didn’t have the votes in the Finance Committee, was able to bypass that and take it to the floor to vote today. There is currently no fiscal note attached to this bill. They have no clue the cost. This is very disheartening and is leading to a road none of us want to travel. They packaged this bill altogether, along with some good stuff like temporary money to PEIA and a pay raise. The goal is to divide us and also to turn public sentiment against us. Please don’t fall for it.
  13. Major Harris

    Random Thought Thread

    we sent it to them on facebook and twitter, let's see if they pick it up.
  14. Major Harris

    Random Thought Thread Check out this run from a kid on my middle school team!
  15. Major Harris

    Unpopular Opinions Thread (Non-Political)

    Not sure if serious but he meant a vagina is a vagina.