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  1. Keep checking Walgreens at about 10 till each hour. They drop appts right before the top of the hour.
  2. Got dose 1 of Pfizer at M&T Bank stadium on March 17 (Luck o’ the Irish), appt for April 12 to get the 2nd (same place). Zero side affects, unless you consider drinking a ton of water a side affect).
  3. Kreider set a blatant pick to take out 2 Caps....including the D that was responsible for the backside. Should be an automatic call. You can’t skate into a players back and create a scoring chance for your team.
  4. Daniel Sprong. All he does is score. Panik should hit the suite when Eller/Wilson is back.
  5. And then he scored. 4B8E11A3-3DB4-4487-9D84-A08F60E90442.webp
  6. And then Bang Bang the game is tied. Soft shorty as Carlson refuses to stay between net and defender.
  7. So the Caps can’t touch the Pens, but it’s open season on Caps. 4 PP to 1, while ignoring a BLATANT hook on what would have be a mini-break away.
  8. So what memo did NBC get before this game? Jack Hughes is the next big thing. Pump him up as much as possible. And boy have they.
  9. Another bad goal. Sprong and Sgarbosa need to be in the lineup next game. Panik and Sheary need to sit. Also, Carlson is BAD.
  10. Elbowing? Shoulder to chest is elbowing?
  11. Rangers are our kryptonite since Quinn took over. Pack it in on defense and cycle on offense. Like the Devils of the 90s.
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