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  1. All the good work wasted because Davey decides to have Rosenthal come in with no one hot behind him. Then puts Joe Ross in.
  2. Can’t squander man on 3rd nobody out. CANNOT.
  3. Popeman38

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    So, why are you wasting your time and energy on the smallness of our minds here on ES? Whay aren't you dropping Volbombs and stealing Woj's thunder? You have an opinion and think mighty highly of the. But they are just opinions. You know what they say about opinions? ^----Should be read dripping in sarcasm.
  4. Just go ahead and give him the Cy Young Award now, and admit a mistake was made last year and he should be the only player to win it 4 years in a row.
  5. Vrana and Djoos are the primary RFAs that have to be resigned. Burakovsky should be tendered and should realize that getting a small raise from the Caps is a win. I don't think there will be a rash of teams wanting to sign him to an offer sheet...
  6. In 22 games in LA, Hags had 1 G & 4 A. In 20 games with the Caps, he had 3 G & 8 A. That extrapolates to 12 G & 32 A overt a full season, while being on the 1st PK pairing. That is a solid 3rd line winger. Brett Connolly is going to get PAID in a few weeks. 22 G & 24 A for a 3rd liner is tremendous, and until last season was a pipe dream for him. 15 & 8 and 15 & 12 in his first 2 seasons in DC. Hags is a 0.44 points/game player over his career. Connolly is a 0.36 points/game player. Yes, Connolly is 3 years younger and has a higher upside on offense. But he is going to be looking for $4M/year over a 4 or 5 year contract.
  7. Signing Hagelin for his age 30-34 seasons for $2.75M is NOT a bad contract. He is a fantastic PKer, drives possession, elevates the transition game, and can play on the 2nd line in a pinch and solidify the wing on the 3rd line. First of all, Beags got PAID by Vancouver so there was zero chance he takes a 35% discount to stay with the Caps. Second, Hags will be playing on the 3rd line most likely.
  8. Hagelin’s acquisition coincided with the Caps driving possession again in transition, becoming the best team in the NHL until Kempney went down. If Kempney doesn’t get hurt, the Caps would have been a juggernaut entering the playoffs. Unfortunately, he did get hurt and then Oshie got hurt. Offloading the black hole that was Niskanen (possession wise) will help, but Hagelin was a god send in transition.
  9. Less than HS spends 0.6% of their income on alcohol. HS graduate spends 0.9% (0.94) of their income on alcohol. College graduate spends 0.9% (0.93) of their income on alcohol. Graduate school spends 0.9% (0.85) of their income on alcohol. So, they spend more dollars, but as a proportion of their income it actually goes down after you earn a HS diploma.
  10. I also wonder if that means Siegenthaler spends next season in Hershey? Carlson-Kempney Jensen-Orlov Gudas-Djoos (assuming he is retained as an RFA)
  11. Holy crap, Philly is retaining 30% of the Gudas cap hit, so he only counts $2.345M against the cap. Saves the Caps $3.405M in cap space, and Gudas is a UFA next year. The 2 big signings from BMac's first offseason in charge both gone. And people criticized the money and years he gave them!
  12. There was little chance they could top the in ice celebration, and ZERO chance they can match the party. In fact, I predict articles will be written about how much better last seasons celebrations were.