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  1. Tanev clearly plays the body after losing his helmet, then chases the puck to point forcing a pass, then skates toward bench DIRECTLY AT THE PUCK and doesn’t get called for the unsportsmanlike penalty.
  2. And another dive ends our 2nd PP. Ridiculous
  3. What a dive by Rodriguez. Felt contact, put head in hands and literally dove.
  4. Buffalo gonna end up with a +7 in the PP from the first 2 games.
  5. Don’t worry, they always seem to even out. Things Caps fans have heard for 35 years.
  6. No slingshot. Check No Todd Rierden system. Check Forecheck. Check Always moving forward. Check Quick zone exits. Check All the reasons most people wanted Laviolette. Also, it’s been a minute. Hope y’all are good...
  7. Ilya Kovulchuk has been a ghost. Like a hole on the ice. Nonexistent. Worthless. And Rierdon has no answer for the neutral zone trap. Keeps telling them to do the same thing over and over. I’m still confused by the officiating. I was assured back in to early days of the young guns that penalties evened out and once you win a cup you get the benefit of the doubt more. Since we won the cup, we have been penalized more than any team in the league, and the playoffs just ramp up the calls.
  8. Orlov looking back towards center ice as the best player in the Rags streaks toward his net. The defense literally takes turns not playing defense. Carlson. Orlov. Gudas. Kempney. Jensen. Siegenthaler has been the best defensive defenseman we have BY FAR. Sign Dillon and try to trade Jensen and Kempney. Bring up the youngsters. At least you can explain young brain farts....
  9. I expect the spend the entirety of OT on the PP.
  10. I mean, these bounces are just BONKERS ridiculous
  11. I mean, when are the ****ing refs going to “even” it out? It’s like 12 penalties against, 3 penalties for in last 2 games.
  12. I mean, Kuzy HAS to make that simple play. That’s beer league ****.
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