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  1. AND the Braves lost. Whenever we have a chance to make up a game, we **** the bed...
  2. That works in a dry environment. On the east coast, when its 75 with 65% humidity at night the real feel is still 80+. Whole hose fans won't work. Friends NE of Sac have a whole house fan. AC on during the day at 78, whole house fan for 2 hours at like 10pm and the house drops to 68. But it's also a dry environment.
  3. Right. Down. The. Middle. Called ball 4.
  4. Popeman38

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    https://steube.house.gov/media/press-releases/democrats-reject-steube-amendment-require-individuals-purchasing-firearms-fail Story has links to both full bill and the proposed amendment.
  5. Yeah, but it will take 2 years. And after that, they will try to refile and appeal again. Angelos has zero intention of ever paying, and MASN will declare bankruptcy before he cuts that check...
  6. AND it has been confirmed the Orioles will appeal AGAIN and draw this out another 2 years...
  7. Why didn’t Strasburg pitch the 8th? Only 94 pitches...
  8. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27387504/arrieta-likely-season-ending-procedure Arrieta out for rest of season....
  9. The Mets are about to crash back to earth: 3 @Braves 3 @Royals 3 Indians 3 Braves 3 Cubs 3 @Philly 3 @Nats 3 Philly 4 Diamondbacks 3 Dodgers 3 @Rockies 3 @Reds 4 Marlins 3 Braves
  10. Oh, you can **** right off with that.
  11. Ump show all night. Different strike zones when the crowd was loud. DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT. Umps shouldn’t be influenced by the crowd...
  12. So Corbin gets squeezed, and Synderrgard gets at least 2 balls around th edge of the strike zone?
  13. Davey press conference on why he didn’t pull Doolittle, “He’s our closer.” That’s not the question, moron. He’s your closer, but he CLEARLY DIDN’T HAVE IT. Managers can pull closers and not demote them, idiot n