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  1. I punted I’m making the drive in. Decent amount of snow (and still snowing heavily) as of 8:00:
  2. From earlier this afternoon:
  3. Popeman38

    The alliance of American football

    I can't imagine CBS is paying them much to broadcast 1 game per week (after opening weekend, on CBS Sports Network). NFL Network isn't gonna pay much, either.
  4. Popeman38

    The alliance of American football

    Not a good look for a new league. Not sure what kind of business plan they had to have blown through the entire 1st season's operating expenses before week 2. Long term, looks like a big fat loser financially. Only San Antonio has good attendance numbers, and that is below 30k/game. Enjoy it while it lasts....
  5. Popeman38

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Are you new to Bud Light chugging, reality-TV watching America? It's all about optics, and Warren is bit actor. It sucks, it speaks VERY lowly of the American public, but it's true. As a nation, we are stupid as ****. Look who we nominated for the last election...
  6. https://www.apnews.com/352077d67c994b33953f1aa5494fc595 So, exactly 1 year later they walk out again...
  7. Last night was set up for an emotional win for the Ducks. Ceremony for their best defenseman who captained them to their only Cup, after a brutal beat down by Boston. The Ducks were going to be flying...
  8. And 5 points away from winning the division...
  9. Yes, but Zimm is still there for $18M. The team will opt out of his contract after this season (virtual certainty). That takes the team to $57M under the tax. Harper and Rendon (with no deferrals or other AAV manipulations) would count for ~$53M. The point is that with some accounting creativity you can drop under the tax threshold for a season and reset to 20%. You only pay 20% on the dollars over the tax, so even if you go crazy and go $80M over the tax, you owe $16M. We are talking about going up to $20M over, which means the Lerners would owe $4M. You telling me having Bryce signed here long term doesn't bring in $4M? And the MASN adjudication will happen eventually, resulting in an influx in excess of $100M up front, and likely an additional ~$60M annually. It's very doable.
  10. Shenanigans. Player|$$$|(Replacement) Zimm|$18M|(Soto) Dozier|$9|(Kieboom) Adams|$3M|(TBD) Hellickson|$1.3M|(Ross/Fedde) Total $31.3M <-- Pays for Rendon with ~$7M left over. Competitive Balance tax level goes up to $208M in 2020. Even if Bryce signs for 10y/$300M with $0 deferred and split evenly among all 10 years (almost a 0% chance), that bumps the Competitive Balance pay to $226,322,709. Of that, $20,322,709 is taxed at 20%, so the Nats would owe $4,064,542 in Competitive Balance tax (a little finagling with contract can get that down to almost $0). Next year, with a Rendon extension and the Competitive Balance tax going up, would be even less over the threshold.
  11. Cross fingers Harper re-signs, move Soto to 1st, Eaton-Robles-Harper.
  12. NHL needs to eliminate the “away game on the second half of a back to back against a team that’s been off for 96 hours” game.
  13. Would love to get the home cooking every other team gets. Christ, the Caps are THE most penalized team at home.
  14. Not sure what game these refs are watching. 3 hooks called on Caps (I personally don’t think any were legit hooks) and they ignore blatant trips and interference.