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  1. How did the Blackhawks do the year after winning their first cup? The Bruins? Outside of the Pens, repeats are exceptionally rare. Losing to a team that finished 5 points behind you isn’t some horrific collapse. Losing 3 in a row to the 8 seed is. Blowing more 3-1 leads than any team in the league is.
  2. I was in Texas in AIT when this happened. It was HUGE news, and that was before the Internet was huge and everyone had Google in their pocket. Newspapers in the chow hall were passed around. People were pissed. if one innocent person is executed, the punishment is too severe. There is no going back.
  3. Are you ****ing kidding me? 3-1 to the Pens. 3-1 to the Rags. And worst? 3-1 to the Canadians in a 1-8 matchup. Just off the top of my head...
  4. Islanders swept the Pens. Blue Jackets swept the Lightning. Either Maple Leafs or Bruins will play the Jackets. Survivor of that series will be battle tested in the ECF. IF we win game 7, next series we get a rested Islanders team that plays suffocating defense and turns mistakes into goals. There is no easy path to either the ECF or the SCF...
  5. Horrendous. The pad never crossed the line. If he pushed the pad causing the puck to enter the net, the pad would have ****ing moved.
  6. If Orlov embellished, that was the a five act play...
  7. Ok refs, you call Orlov for embellishment but a Carolina player literally throwing arms out and falling like a sniper got him isn’t????
  8. Two complete fluke bounces end up in the net.
  9. Penalties are so one sided it ain’t a screen...
  10. And they call the slash on us.
  11. That was a blatant slash that led directly to a scoring chance. Arm has to go up. That HAS to be called. Slashed the stick right between the hands.
  12. I thought snowing the tender is supposed to be an unsportsmanlike penalty?
  13. Carolina crowd is stupid. Williams cleans his goalie out and they boo and start a “ref you suck” chant. Hags didn’t touch either Williams or Mrazek.