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  1. WAY more impressive than anything Gretzky ever did, and I don’t say that lightly. Goalies in most of Gretzky's career were stand up goalies, and at the end the butterfly was new. Ovie would score over 100 G each season against stand up goalies.
  2. Sorry, Abdulcater has to eat knuckles after the hit on Holtby. No way that wasn’t intentional. Anyone who skates knows how easy it is to avoid him with a simple weight shift.
  3. https://www.nhl.com/news/maple-leafs-zach-hyman-suspended-two-games/c-302768250?tid=277549076 So a late, high, predatory hit is deemed to be suspendable for some players, but not when Tom Wilson is involved????
  4. Popeman38

    119th Army — Navy Game Thread (2018)

  5. Who does the work that the pregnant worker was hired to do? Are you removing an office worker and allowing the pregnant worker to do their job? You can't just "create" a position for a worker, and have the rest of the workforce absorb her work. You are effectively telling a company they have to create 2 new jobs to accommodate a pregnancy... EDIT: Normally, a bad back causes a worker to miss work and they go in STD/LTD and the employer is relieved of the obligation to pay the salary of the disabled worker. They can hire a temporary replacement to complete the work that was normally done by the worker. None of that exists for pregnancy (with exceptions for certain conditions).
  6. No discipline for Reaves. Tom Wilson makes that hit, and it is THE talk of hockey for a week... That said, the officials are the ones who should be suspended for that hit. If they make a couple calls early in the game (like where Reaves levels Wilson after the whistle and laughs and talks all the way to the bench), Vegas tones it down. Instead, the officials allowed Reaves to "finish" checks well after the puck was gone all night, and had to overreact when he really crossed the line. Sit him in the box for a couple minors in the 1st and it never happens...
  7. So Dowd is called for tripping when no stick, skate, or legs made contact with Bellmore at all. Two guys skate to the wall and both fall down. Tripping on the visitor. Amazing officiating, after letting Reaves run around all period and hit people late.
  8. If Wilson hits like Reaves just did, he would have received 2 for roughing, 2 for unsportsmanlike conduct, and a 10 minute misconduct.
  9. Popeman38

    2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    For laughs: On Twitter, 3 hours ago, from national baseball writer Bob Nightengale: "The #Phillies are making it clear to marquee free-agent starter Patrick Corbin that they won't be out-bid, and teams still in the hunt for Corbin's services realize it, too."
  10. Popeman38

    2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Ok, so Scherzer-Strasburg-Corbin-Ross-Roark.
  11. Popeman38

    2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Carter Kieboom is wearing #8 and working at 2B. Single digit numbers don’t usually get assigned to guys you are sending down...
  12. Seney admitted it wasn’t a headshot. People also weighing in on this have ALL failed to mention the fact that Seney turned into Wilson’s path. If Seney doesn’t pivot right before contact Wilson simply glides past him to the puck.