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  1. Ilya Kovulchuk has been a ghost. Like a hole on the ice. Nonexistent. Worthless. And Rierdon has no answer for the neutral zone trap. Keeps telling them to do the same thing over and over. I’m still confused by the officiating. I was assured back in to early days of the young guns that penalties evened out and once you win a cup you get the benefit of the doubt more. Since we won the cup, we have been penalized more than any team in the league, and the playoffs just ramp up the calls.
  2. Orlov looking back towards center ice as the best player in the Rags streaks toward his net. The defense literally takes turns not playing defense. Carlson. Orlov. Gudas. Kempney. Jensen. Siegenthaler has been the best defensive defenseman we have BY FAR. Sign Dillon and try to trade Jensen and Kempney. Bring up the youngsters. At least you can explain young brain farts....
  3. I mean, when are the ****ing refs going to “even” it out? It’s like 12 penalties against, 3 penalties for in last 2 games.
  4. I mean, Kuzy HAS to make that simple play. That’s beer league ****.
  5. John Carlson guarding no one, screening his tender, and allowing the hottest Rags player to stand 2 feet in front of the net without even THINKING of covering him. Teams know the Caps are soft as **** in front of the net. Dillon and Gudas are the only “rough” defenders we have, but Gudas has been HORRIBLE since the AS break. Like skating past guys and leaving them to pound home rebounds bad. We suck at defending home plate.
  6. Blindside pick the head hit not called. After the Flyers had 5 straight PP.
  7. So Wilson gets an instigator for his 1st period fight. Literally the EXACT situation reversed, no instigator. It’s laughable at this point. 5 straight PPs for Philly, in a division road game, agains t the division leader. UN. REAL.
  8. Absolute trash officiating. Kuzy gets clipped high and no call. Hathaway gets called for ticky tack high stick. Interference is allowed to in the neutral zone all night. Ovie gets boarded, no call. Philly has 5 PP, including 4 consecutive.
  9. I want someone to talk about “the spot” when talking about Ovie:
  10. That wasn’t his guy. He kept himself between his man and the goal, either Micky or Carlson had to body Gallagher there. Dillon started the play physically in the corner and he kept his man away from the crease.
  11. He’s a rental, and San Jose is retaining 50% of his salary. If they want to resign him, they have to move people - like Jensen and Djoos. LOVE the idea of having Siegenthaler, Gudas, and Dillon on each pair. Big, physical, responsible. Paired with Carlson, Kempney, and Orlov. None of this matters if the team keeps taking the first period off each night.
  12. This season has been fun so far. Really tough to play against (except the Blue Jackets, apparently). Samsonov isn’t making Holtby expendable, as sad as that is to say. Haven’t been here as much As normal since I started a new job and can’t access the site from work (blacklisted ). In the process of moving to Maryland, so driving 90 minutes each way right now.
  13. Elias Petterson dives at contact from Panik to draw a 5 on 3. Then after scoring, flops twice in 5 seconds trying to draw another 5 on 3. Ridiculous that he doesn’t get nailed with an unsportsmanlike penalty. Someone who can skate so well and protect the puck like he can doesn’t go down like that 3 times on minor contact.
  14. One of those nights. Carry play for the better part of the game, hit 4 pipes, and 2 PPGs and a complete breakdown on defense doom ya. Down 4 starters, on the road, and with 2 rookies playing.
  15. https://www.mlb.com/nationals/video/a-washington-nationals-rewind?t=t120-default-vtp
  16. Kurt Suzuki was born in America. He is a natural born citizen.
  17. I don't understand why what Zimm said is seen as "asskissing"? He was very careful with what he said, not giving Trump credit for making America safe or for making America great, but for keeping America safe and keeping America great. Using those words indicates that Trump doesn't get credit for making it so. When someone like Zimm, who is extremely careful with the public image he portrays, is chosen to give remarks by the team, I'd assume he would be as milquetoast as possible.
  18. In South Bend for VT-ND game, rocking Nats championship gear. Getting Let’s Go Nats and Way to go Nats comments all night. Brothers is the place...
  19. Didn’t see a second of the game. VT-ND trip, costing me the championship parade. Looks like Sunday will be a fun atmosphere. Keep it rolling.
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