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  1. ban the warriors play thing? Ah... ok. Disregard.
  2. Say what you want about Bill, but his team was 7-9 last year with a lot of injuries and covid hold outs. He’s built a ball control team with multiple two-way TEs. They won’t be a push over.
  3. Fitz was realistically the best choice for us at this time. Gives us options going forward without relying on a miracle, and a mildly attractive market for any free agents still available. I’m happy with this move. If we are able to bring in Henry, we have a real shot at building a viable offense while we work on finding a qb of the future
  4. I just don’t believe in spending big money on receivers, unless they are transcendent. A pro bowl caliber TE is so much more valuable. They make everyone better. That’s why I’m all in on Hunter.
  5. The draft has been incredibly strong at the wr position the last few years. I’m fine going to the well again. QB is the most important decision, and then MLB.
  6. This idea that we need a top tier wr out of FA is misguided. It’d be nice. But we have no qb. I’d focus on Hunter Henry, and then after him juju/golladay/fuller. If we don’t land any of them, save the money and go bargain shopping again.
  7. Perhaps @stevemcqueen1... but we got great production from a 3rd round rookie converted from wr and a 4th string Detroit castaway. I don’t think a first or trading up will secure a ball carrier that will impact the game drastically.
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