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  1. I think it’s clear that article was not written to show Rivers in a good light. I commend him for standing up and showing why he’s here.
  2. Some people will not ever be satisfied. No one I know is talking ill of Rivera. If anything, they are saying the same thing I am: his statement is what you would hope to hear from a leader of men. None of my friends are skins fans. I think Snyder couldn’t have picked a better man to right the ship. And although you should never ask a guy to come out and say anything, that’s what leaders do. Can we put the pitch forks down already. Sheesh.
  3. All that talk about how Bruce has got to have something in his back pocket is blaring now. With how all of Dc media seems complicit, I still wonder how Ernie Grunfield lasted 17... Im not shocked by the trade of info, as I thought that was the unspoken word throughout all media. But it’s looking like the details are about to be spilt. Like some others here, I know I’ve defended some stuff years back that now is getting corroborated. Sigh.
  4. Fair... as some others pointed out, my timeline isn’t fully accurate. But it’s very much true that a lot of this benefits someone trying to buy the team. And we know he has been interested. It looks suspect to me.
  5. It’s beyond far fetched imo. We have photos and lists tying people directly to the guy and yet no one has been burned. It’s just people frothing at the mouth to burn it all down. I could see your scenario, as that is probably a pretty common scenario in Every billion dollar corporations inner circle. What exactly happened after Kraft got caught getting a tug? How bout Jerry getting oral in an elevator? I just don’t see how this is different if that is that case.
  6. @kleese I would agree he’s been a bad/unsuccessful owner. But I disagreed with a lot of the vitriol he’s taken over the years. If he were to sell to another local owner who’s been a fan of the franchise, then ok. Great. But to be strong armed into selling to the richest man in the world, who is only trying to accumulate more wealth. I don’t agree with that.
  7. I was probably the FIRST guy on this board that pushed for redwolves, have been here for 2 decades, and don’t feel like dealing with this. Step aside.
  8. I sincerely hope that the connection with Epstein is not true, and that this information is thoroughly vetted. Because even now, almost a year later, there is hardly any direct evidence of anyone listed in that black book that has resulted in consequences. How would somehow the only guy completely complicit be Dan. I just can’t see it.
  9. Define criminal... because I think being the richest man in the world, yet immune to paying taxes seems the opposite of genuine. I don’t want this to get political, and largely that’s what frustrates me most about all this: the skins were my outlet away from the world.
  10. I feel like I’m in the minority about Snyder. He most certainly hasn’t been successful. But there were some serious pitfalls that were out of his control. The team was primed for success, and the Sean Taylor was murdered. We came close again, and then Haloti Ngata. Spent probably a decade of resources collectively on those two guys and the team build around them. Did he make a mistake with Allen? Absolutely! But I believe he kept him around because he had ties in government that could get the team back in DC. That didn’t pan out. Largely he’s been out of the spotlight since he attemp
  11. It blows me away that so few can connect the dots here and see this for what it is: a strong armed coup by the richest man in the world. And somehow that man, possibly the worst abuser of corporate greed in the world - convinced you all the he would somehow make a great owner here... Facts: a. Amazon pulls all redskins merch, helping force the name change B. bezos owns Washington post, which has led a campaign against the franchise for years. They tried a polling route before, which turned out in the skins favor. So another method was sought. Now they load up a h
  12. Its been a month or so since I distanced myself from social media, which includes ES, as I found very little enjoyment in constantly reading and learning about tragic events. Had some things going on at home and work. Things got heavy. Shut it down. I probably wont post much anymore, (almost certainly this SN that i created decades ago as a teen will have to change) and do not agree with the name change, as it is being enforced by people that look the other way while supporting China, but felt the need to destroy native representation in sports without first collectively asking tribal leaders
  13. 40% of this country never believed this guy. There was a mass disinformation campaign that turned possible voters apathetic, thousands of votes that disappeared, and tens of thousands that did not vote at all. If its a fair election, he loses in a landslide. He is trying to force this country into martial law so he can cancel the election, and then continue spreading sycophants and true believers throughout the courts and police unions.
  14. Appreciated. I am not black. Just another white american that went to school to get what seemed to be a well paying job, went into debt to get that education, and then had to go into further debt being exploited by wealthy firms working for free - eventually working in another country because the 1% destroyed the system out of greed and made it almost impossible to afford to live and work in my previous field in any major american city without sacrificing a comfortable way of life. Along the way I witnessed true poverty and oppression, and the warning signs are all searing hot right now. Out
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