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  1. Mike Evans plus a pick... ooooo. Ok, now we talking.
  2. Look at this from the eyes of a franchise that believes they are an OL from Super Bowl contention. ( and from a franchise that is a disappointing season away from losing grace)
  3. Trent is worth a 1st and 3rd at minimum to me. He's arguably the best LT in the game right now, and can do any scheme. a 2nd and 5th is insulting.
  4. Also, the Vikings are shopping treadwell and have expressed concern that the wr depth is shallow after diggs and thielen. So they would make that depth even worse during a make or break year for Kirk and Zimmer? I dont buy it
  5. Why would Minnesota trade for Trent when they went heavy on OL this past draft? Also, What would Cleveland trade? They are already down to a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. Trent is worth more than a 1st. So what else would be on the table there?
  6. If he's a gem then that makes this plan even better. Trent has maybe 2 years of prime level play left in him. He hasnt been readily available for us for the past 3. In that time we have lost 3 quarterbacks to huge injuries, and the guy who replaced him (Ty) is no longer here. Dont take that risk. Move it along slowly, let him learn the nuances of the game, and then bring him in during the second half of the year. Both Haskins and the organization would be better for it. Right now our team is potentially stacked with 4 good running backs, a qb of the future, and a few other complimentary pieces. Play it smart, draft high for a mauler LT that can move the ball on the ground, a legitmate #1 WR, and find a two-way blocking TE who can catch in the 3rd. That can be accomplished within a year. We are about to be set everywhere.
  7. I see that you all are finally starting to come around... Its obvious that we arent a contender. Haskins isnt ready yet. Our line is in shambles. And we are paying tens of millions to a guy who more than likely wont play again. Luckily for us, we are actually in the drivers seat for the final chapter of a franchise defining rebuild. Its unfortunate that this means another year older for guys like Kerrigan, but thats just how it is. The goal of this season should be: 1. Get Sweat, Collins, Moreland up to speed and figure out were we are regarding the lb position 2. Avoid throwing Haskins out there to the wolves until later in the season. Theres no reason for it. 3. Wait until the end of August and get the maximum return on a top 3 LT in the game. ( imo that is a 1st and 3rd) 4. Wait until the second half of the year to start working in Guice and Love 5. Drive up the value of Doctson. We wont be able to trade him, but a compensation pick might be nice. 6. Lock down Sherf It is the right time to move on from Trent. He still has a ton of value, and we arent a contender. Its right for both parties to make the move. If we are terrible this year it sets us up for an incredible situation. The top end of the draft could include Herbert, Fromme, Tua, and Lawrence. If we are high, we could sell that pick and get a kings ransom. Coming out of the 2020 draft with Jerry Jeudy and Tristan Wirfs would cap the greatest 4-year draft plan in decades.
  8. Im going to disagree with this logic. We arent winning anything nor are we in contention. The plan was always for 2020. This year was about Alex showing our rookie the ropes, and passing it off in 2020. Things happened, but the plan stays the same. We rebuilt the DL from worst in the league to potentially one of the best, got younger almost everywhere, and now have a smart and driven rookie qb with the luxury of sitting and learning for a year. I would pull the same exact strategy that Indianapolis has pulled (TWICE) going into the offseason. Tank the year and make a power move after. The first time they tanked during Peyton's surgery and landed Luck. The second time resulted in perennial all pro- Quentin Nelson among others and look at Indy now... We could potentially tank most of this year while letting Haskins learn and eventually assume the starting spot in the second half, then flip that pick to a desperate franchise for a franchise altering haul. If you move Trent for a 1st and 3rd, you are going to be absolutely rich in assets for a decade with a young qb of the future already on the roster. That is the best case scenario here. ( even if it comes at the expense of a terrible 2019 season)
  9. The Patriots do not fleece everyone. They have just as many failed experiments as other franchises do. The difference is that they ruthlessly move players before they can demand too much, and get away with it because the have Tom Brady and Bill. It really does come down to that.
  10. Cousins was coming off two straight extremely expensive undeserved franchise tags following his rookie contract. He has made more for doing less than anyone not named Sam Bradford. He wanted the moon, got the moon, and i fully anticipate Mike Zimmer to be packing his bags after Keenum embarrasses Minnesota in week 8 under the lights. He wasnt under contract, but he was technically by way of franchise tag, and used the desperation of Washington and Minnesota to drive up his asking price to the level he wanted by stringing it all along. Not a bad move on his part. But the marriage will end badly. Trent is doing something similar, even if he hasnt publicly said anything. The problem here is that Gruden is not the GM and has no control over personnel decisions, our team is no longer desperate and can afford to lose, and we have all the leverage in the world. If anything, losing next year would ultimately help this team in the long run in the same way losing helped the Colts in the 2018 draft. The worst case scenario of being absolutely terrible next year would become a best case scenario of having one of the biggest trade assets in the past decade with a qb of the future already on the roster.
  11. Kirk Cousins provided the blueprint to negotiating your own raise using the leverage of desperation. The previous model ( the Joe Flacco and contract year phenomenon model) required the player to far surpass his average in the contract year, capitalize on the ultimate success, and force the franchise to speak with you even if ultimately undeserving.
  12. Antonio Brown quit on his team in the middle of a playoff bid because Juju surpassed him, let the fame get to his head, threw his teamates under the bus, and demanded a huge raise 2 years into a 5-year extension. Trent is nothing like this dude. He had a falling out over a medical issue. Show me a doctor who has correctly diagnosed an illness 100% of the time, and ill show you a liar. Its unfortunate that he wants out, but its probably for the best for both parties.
  13. Are we not less than a year removed from Dallas trading a first for Cooper? If a team thinks they are on the cusp, they will make moves. TW is healthy, under contract for 2 years, and still very effective. He is worth a 1st at the minimum. Imo, we could get more than a 1st if we were to wait until week 4. We have no incentive to rush a trade as his market and value will only increase as the season progresses. Its not ideal, as Trent has been very good here... but it is most definitely time to move him just as it was time to move cousins in 2017. This season is all about getting setup for 2020. Make a trade to Houston or another team that desperately needs an elite tackle during the season. We can then lock up Sherff, go into the 2020 draft with two 1sts, rebuild the tackle position, and start the 2020 season with an entirely revamped and young offensive core.
  14. The lack of empathy is the downfall of humanity. A man pours his soul into a post with personal stories of the daily affect this administration has caused and yet there are people that despite having multiple children under their care, laughs at their reality caused by a racist organization. These people can not relate to the stresses of the real world because they have never experienced it. They are foreign to it and anything outside of the spoonfed life they are given, built upon the sacrifices of our forefathers, immigrants, and the oppressed. Ignorance is not innocence.
  15. Personally I find your posts humorous. Please do go on.