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  1. There are a handful of guys who are built different. Even fewer who have elite vision, drive, and bbiq to go along with it. Lebron, CP3, Kidd all found ways to be dominant as they aged. Johns game is not predicated on athleticism, but rather running an effective pnr With a viable big man, savy cutters, and perimeter threats.
  2. I want to see us win the division and get to the playoffs just so there has a possibility of a story-book ending for Alex Smith. I’ve never liked his game, but I’ve always respected the man. Alex would have the entire world behind him come playoff time. It’s the greatest sports story of all time.
  3. We kept Bryant because we literally can’t afford not to. He’s a skilled big man that doesn’t play defense, but can space the floor a little, and is young. Better off coming off the bench imo.
  4. Indy is a shining example of how you can build a team and use a vet until a viable rookie falls to you without tanking. I’m rooting hard for them to succeed. They are extremely young across the board on defense, and are building up the offense behind a terrific line. There is nothing saying we can’t do the same.
  5. I feel like no one realizes how Bryant, Mo, and Ian made running a pnr impossible. Lopez can and will effectively set screens. He may be goofy off the court, but dude plays with anger on the court. I’m most excited about his signing out of everyone.
  6. Robin Lopez and Davis Bertans are going to have Career years with John. We may not play much defense, but this offense is going to light it up.
  7. Here’s the thing. I’ve never been delusional enough to believe this franchise has ever had a shot at a championship. Like Portland fans, we know the ceiling. But just like them, there is value in rooting for your own. Rooting for the underdog. Cheering on the Stevenson’s as they have no shot against the lebrons of the league. You ship John out, you lose the soul of the team. Shep needs to fix this
  8. Nah. In 30 years of being a diehard of this franchise, they’ve had 2 stars. Gil’s career ended with the knee injury. John has been the best on this team since, and it’s not close. Marcin owes $70 mil to John, and the everybody eats crap was dumb. I’m not the type to follow a player. I thoroughly dislike Ted and Chris Miller. They removed Phil and Buck for Drew Gooden. Declined to sign a single 5 man in like 6 straight years. Kept Scott brooks. Honestly the list is endless. If John is traded, I’ll just be done.
  9. If Wall is traded, I am going to seriously consider bailing. To watch trade rumors be the exit of both Oubre and wall. It’s too much.
  10. I am almost certain we win vs Cincinnati and Dallas. We are not as bad as our record, imo. Alex is not going the entire season without a win. Jax won’t win another game this season. So I think we have to be realistic about our options between #3-6. We have a high 2nd, and possibly two high 3rds. Imo, we go Sewell and then perhaps look at Trask later.
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