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  1. Skin'emAlive

    Starting QB 2019???

    Colt: No Case: he can run the offense adequately. At least to the point that our rookies won’t get bad habits. He’s probably in that Tannehill tier...
  2. Skin'emAlive

    Starting QB 2019???

    I dunno if we are or ever were in a win-now mode. We were in a be-competitive and don’t lose it mode, surely. However with Alex Smith going down, that changes a few things. We have Case because there is no way you go into the season with McCoy as the starter, and nothing else behind him. Players learn bad habits behind bad players. Even if you dont think the outlook is good, having a quality signal caller is beneficial to any rookie rb/wr that will take the field next year. And we will most definitely have both,
  3. However, when he plays he is clearly the 1st or 2nd best defender on the field. He would be a good buy-low candidate for a team with a bunch of holes and an unwillingness to make draft moves until next offseason. The concussions issue would be the only worry for me.
  4. Skin'emAlive

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Would much rather have an edge rusher than another Preston, and I dont think Clellin is that guy. I think he falls a bit into the late teens/mid 20's of the first round. If Carolina doesnt pick him up, he falls a bit imo. If we feel DK is the guy, and he falls to 15, then he should be the pick. Otherwise, I would try to trade back a few spots and pick up AJ Brown, hopefully land another 3rd in the process, and go edge rusher in the 2nd.
  5. Absolutely! DL: Allen, Payne, Ion LB: Winovich, Burfict, Foster*, Kerrigan That is an amazing front 7.
  6. The fact that the skins were looking to trade for Collins last year, and fills a huge need in a division with 2 of the top running backs in the league means its not rally unknown to Jay. We were clearly in talks with the guy this offseason, among other guys. This report is bunk. They wouldnt let Jay release Swearinger in the middle of the season if he didnt still have some control of the team. Ive tempered my expectations for the "splash." But its the best decision all around. We dont have the pieces to move up, and even if we did, this is not the draft to move up. Next year is most definitely a year to trade up. At the very least there are 2 top flight QB's available in 2020. Just fill the holes with BPA ( WR/LB/OL) and sit for qb until the 3rd round. If Grier is there with or first 3rd, you draft him. If he's taken, you draft a guard, and take Jackson with the second 3rd round pick. We go into the season with a developmental guy, and see what hes got. That leaves us with 3 scenarios: A: Case balls out somehow and takes us to the promised land... (unlikely) B: Grier/Jackson shows serious potential as a starter next year in practice. C : We are terrible and Grier/Jackson dont show starting potential, leaving us with a high 1st round pick that we could package to move up for Tua/Fromme/Herbert. Its not a bad plan, but would require Jay having some slack on the leash this upcoming year to pull it off. If he is let go after this season, I would be pretty upset.
  7. Only because Luck was injured to the point of being about a month away from retirement. Otherwise that 1-year tank worked.
  8. An emergency plan for 2 3rd string guards and 2 3rd string tackles? Haha. There are teams that had had the same starting 5 all season. We were on 7th stringers at LG! No one has the kind of depth
  9. Betting on yourself isn’t always the best decision. ( see Nerlens Noel, and Dez Bryant). Sometimes it is ( Joe Flacco). Ha Ha is skirting a dangerous line in a physical sport with a high injury rate. ( going fs, s, or db in the 1st or 2nd would be treason. We have other far greater needs).
  10. Diggs is nice, but I would much rather have a wr that can do it all... including blocking, for the amount of money/resources it would take to acquire him. I don’t mind AJ, as I don’t think it would cost more than a mid round + player trade. If we are truly out gunned here, just draft a wr with the top pick. Then pick up 1-2 mid round qbs, take a chance that one sticks, and leave it at that. If it doesn’t, reload for a huge trade into the top 3 qb choices next draft. The absolute worst we could do is trade it all without having an obvious qb of the future on the roster.
  11. I wouldn’t be opposed at going after Berry, as I think he would benefit playing the backfield while Collins mans the box. But we have terrible injury history. It can’t be a huge deal.
  12. I’m pretty shocked he would choose a 1-year deal with a Chicago defense that lost Vic Fangio and his disciples over staying in DC.
  13. So Ive been reading the tea leaves the past few weeks and have been racking my brain at the apparent direction the FO is going. Heres what we know: 1. We were 6-2 with a quarterback who largely played far below his average, using a strategy that in spite of the new found offensive revolution, apparently still works extremely well: play great against the run + dont turn the ball over + get turnovers. We were ugly... yet we were 6-2 in spite of that. 2. We were STILL within 1 game of the playoffs with the entire offensive line, their backups, and the backups backups save for Roulier out with season ending injuries, 1 "healthy" receiver in the lineup, a 33 year old running back as the sole source of offense, AND with a starting quarterback that had played for 10 years and 16 different teams without ever having won a single game. 3. There are only 7 known targets the organization has made in Free Agency as we know it: Keenum, Antonio Brown, Bell, Mosley, Collins, Peterson, and Clinton-Dix. You would think we would look into some lineman to fill the gaps. Those targets are high profile. They havent targeted or signed a single gap filler/upside/injury discount player. 4. Adrian Peterson could have chosen Chicago with Matt Nagy, and chose to stay in DC after talking with the brass about its plans. 5. The team has turned down any consideration of trading a 1st for Rosen. 6. They traded for Case Keenum, a guy who clearly has thrived as a backup... but no one would ever take seriously as a starter. 7. We are still in talks with high-profile veteran receivers, like AJ Green, who if they had their choice would take one look at our quarterback situation and hang up on any phone call within seconds. I refuse to believe that they think giving Keenum a top flight wr would send us to the promised land. 8. The contracts we have lined up are void of big money within the 1st year. I know this board thinks our Front Office is inept, and certainly there are some head scratching moves, as there are with any franchise. But this is not the Washington Wizards we are talking about here. These guys clearly have a plan. The last 2 drafts have been almost perfect at rebuilding the defense from one of the worst to possibly one of the best. No one would make these kinds of moves without a clear and imminent plan in mind. These moves scream Our Time Is Now! These moves indicate that they have a QB in mind, and want quality talent around him immediately WITH a backup QB who can both show him the ropes and be relied on to start if he had to. I dont know what that plan is... but with NY bowing out of the Haskins market, I think things just got real.
  14. Bruce Arians takes the job... and immediately keeps, Winston around, trades DJax, and fields calls about Mike Evans? That makes no sense to me.