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  1. Henry’s injuries were not head injuries. He’s not Reed. He should be priority #1.
  2. Yea I can’t see Arizona giving up such a high pick to get out of his contract.
  3. Also, I want to go on record that I’m not interested in Hooper. I want a bigger TE that has the ability to block and catch. This has been an Achilles heel for this team since Cooley retired. Hunter Henry would be a beast here if he stays healthy. He’s my top choice. OJ Howard could see his potential fulfilled with a different offense ( arians doesn’t use tight ends). Njoku is another possible Jordan Reed.
  4. I think the rule of thumb with regards to FA: if you have your qb on a rookie deal, then it’s ok to be buyers. If he’s earned a long term deal, then you gotta be more frugal. I would be all in on signing Or trading for 3 high end free agents. WR/TE/DB. Option 1: Sign AJ Green to 3 year deal Trade Kerrigan + 4th for OJ Howard Sign Bradberry Option 2: Trade Dunbar + 4th for Stefon Diggs Sign Hunter Henry Sign Bradberry
  5. Skin'emAlive

    Thoughts on Greg Olsen potentially signing here? (M.E.T.)

    Problem is that Dissly was barely on the field the past two years with horrible career threatening injuries. Additionally, he rarely caught many passes. They just happened to be in the endzone, because Russell Wilson. Hollister is a jag.
  6. Skin'emAlive

    Thoughts on Greg Olsen potentially signing here? (M.E.T.)

    Seattle has no TE’s. Their starter has missed the past two seasons with severe injuries.
  7. I’d be more interested releasing Sprinkle, signing Olsen, then trading for OJ Howard or Njoku than signing Hooper.
  8. Skin'emAlive

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    After waiting and missing out on Treyvon Wesco last year, I fully expect us to target a guy like Bronson. This pleases me.
  9. Bobby has hamstring issues. That never goes away. He’s unreliable
  10. He could, but i think a multi-year contract is far more important to him right now. Im positive NE goes after Cooper. We would be real suitors for him.
  11. Boston, Bradburry, Olsen, Njoku, Henry? Ok. I could be very interested any of these guys. Butabsolutely not on Funchess. Harmon can already fill his roll. He's a waste of resources. Either go for AJ Green in FA, or pick up a wr who falls in the draft.
  12. Well i think you need to look at the Carolina offense in the course of 3 different phases. All with varying results: 1. The Steve Smith offense. Delholme rode this offense to a long career. Combined with a good run game, this offense was pretty successful, but the ego's of Smith and Newton could not coexist. 2. The Cam Netwon offense. Build around the threat of the Cam RPO. His accuracy has never been stellar ( similar to the current MVP). But, that is not as important when running is a threat. Cam had success with big bodied receivers, as they would bail out his errant passes. Benjamin, Funchess, and Olsen. This style of offense fails, when the RPO is no longer a threat; something that correlates to the precarious health of a running qb. 3. The speedy playmaker offense. In back to back years Carolina drafted smaller, faster, playmaking wr's in Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore, as well as Christian McCaffrey, under the presumption that the threat of more speed would open the offense more for Cam. But the hits have already done the damage, and without the RPO threat, his accuracy issues are exposed. Samuel/Moore/McCaffrey will look better under a different QB ( like Rivers) who can get the ball out quickly. Now, Scott Turner did not build those offenses. Norv did, starting in 2018. Clearly Norv wanted to get faster and more unpredictable. Haskins excelled with speedy wr's like McLaurin, KJ Hill, Parris Campbell. We need 1 more speedy or elite level route running wr to pair with Sims and McLaurin. As for the blocking... I think upgrading the TE position will fix that far more than a blocking wr would. We had arguably the worst TE makeup of any team after Reed and Davis went down. This can be addressed in FA.
  13. Im baffled why would you all want Funchess? We have been building our team around Haskins and his strengths. That means elite route running and speed. Its why guys like McLaurin and Sims have had such success with Dwayne, and why trying to pick up AJ Green would be amazing. Funchess is a big body possession wr that was at his best with Cam Newton throwing jump passes. Thats not our offense, or what Haskins excels at.
  14. Skin'emAlive

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I Absolutely make this trade. While I like what Adrian has brought to this franchise, I would not think twice in taking on David Johnson and a 2nd. 1. Cutting AP would save us 2.4 mil against the cap 2. DJ is a better receiving threat than AP, and would fit better into our scheme of two-way backs. 3. DJ would be coming in as the no.2/no.3 high end backup to Guice/Love, similar to the roll that AP had but with the addition of a 2nd round pick.
  15. I see New England going after Amari Cooper primarily. Green would be a cheaper option. But I think they go all in for Tom. This is a phenomenal draft for WRs. If we were in The #5-7 pick range, I would have jumped at Jeudy. If we had a 2nd round pick, I’d look at picking up a top flight wr there as well. But with the 1st going to Young, and no 2nd, I think the third has to go towards BPA ( hopefully Biadasz drops to us though). I see pairing AJ Green with McLaurin, Sims, and an upgrade at the TE position. It’s a healthy mix of young and established.