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  1. Thats a damn lie. There’s so many good ones out there. As long as you don’t choose a pelican or some lame animal, you’re golden. Blue Footed Boobies Thorny Devils Blobfish Maned Wolves Narwhals Coffinfish Lykoi Axolotl Suckermouth Catfish Nudibranch Whitemargin Stargazers Christmas Tree Worms Hairy-Chested Yeti Crabs If you think I wouldn’t rock a Washington Hairy-Chested Yeti Crab jersey, or a Washington Stargazer shirt... you’re dead wrong.
  2. National Harbor is easily the best spot for a new stadium, and hogan has been on record in favor of it. Agreed on keeping Washington as the name. Just don’t want any reference to typical DC themes ( monuments, capitols, senators, sentinels, etc) Either go with a name of a cool animal that hasn’t been picked yet, or some animal/thing that relates to the historic football franchise.
  3. It most certainly does not have to fit the capitol. We haven’t played there in decades, and there is little probability we ever move back there either. This is a DMV team. The name and colors should reference the history of the franchise.
  4. I dunno about those jerseys. They look a bit on the Tampa wavelength. But with a few tweaks, I could see it. I actually kind of dig the Warhawks idea. Yea... another bird. But I’m feeling the logo, and the name feels right. Ill add it to the short list of preferred choices: warthogs redwolves warhawks
  5. I can’t drink to this... Years back I spent an easy 200 for a pair of cave of chaos seats, staring Tim Hasselbeck who put up a goose egg in freezing rain. I was too full of fury to drink or even boo that team. We are far past that with the zards.
  6. I saw a coworker rocking an old bullets sweater today, and felt my blood pressure go up. I just want to watch my terrible basketball franchise with pride! Can we relegate the Wizards snd just start over yet?
  7. Warriors doesn’t work unless it’s an homage to Native warriors. Obviously that’s not gonna happen. There no good reason to go with warriors. Atleast redwolves and warthogs are original. And hogs has ties to the history of the franchise.
  8. Thats why I was thinking Warthogs. Washington warthogs has the alliteration, and can just call them Hogs like we do with the ‘skins.
  9. Warriors isn’t generic? Lol. Even if it werent one of the most generic sports team names world wide, you are now competing with Golden state and others. Throwing merch opportunities away. Go with something original. Warthogs, Hogs, Redwolves. There’s so much you can do there that hasn’t been done.
  10. Wilson ain’t going nowhere. He’s just leveraging against Schneider. And I’ve always liked him, but he’s had an awful past few years building that team. DK being his only real hit.
  11. Here’s the problem: Cleveland HEAVILY invested in the OL and TE positions. New Orleans have as well. We have not. You cant use another high pick on a skill position unless the other positions are roughly set. We had great production out of Mckissic and Gibson. There is no one behind a prayer off-season pickup in Logan Thomas, and our OL is playing above their mean. I’m not drafting a back on the first 2 days. No way.
  12. This is the first I’ve mostly agreed with you on this board. Stay put, keep the picks, and let the off-season come to you. I’m not all in on Wilson, as I don’t think his personality would work here. But I’m all for keeping our picks and following the scouting reports we’ve made.
  13. Metrics don’t mean much. If they did, Cousins would be top 10. Teams give up a first for a guy like Carr 4 games into the season when their starter goes down and they are contenders. No one is that desperate right now.
  14. No he most certainly is not. No one will give up a first let alone two.
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