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That's a very Westbrook36-esque reply.

Granted, I didn't scroll the thread for your replies, but I don't recall hearing from you after the embarrassments us negative-nellies have been worried about.

Oh I'm sorry. I'll be sure to report after every game.

I stick with what I said before. They could get bumped early in the tourney or they could win it all.

The difference between you and I? I'm enjoying the season.

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You have been here routinely through the season and then disappeared during the lowest of lows. I'm not quite sure how you enjoyed the back-to-back garbagefests to Wisconsin and Minnesota, but hey - whatever makes you happy.

They were bad losses. They got back on track yesterday which by the way was a fun game to watch. Stay miserable my friend.

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Yeah, that seems to be a bit of bull. No fan without vision problems could be completely satisfied or happy with how many of these games have played out.

Considering they've only lost five games I 'm quite happy how most ALL of the games have turned out. It's all about the W's.

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I'm not miserable, just disappointed.  Yesterday's game was fun, but close, hard-fought games are much more fun when you are the team battling adversity on the road or against Top 25 teams.  Scrapping to get by in your own house against a team with lesser talent coming off the back of a pathetic 2 game stretch, one of which should have been the most embarrassing loss of thier lives....just not as fun.


I liken miserable to how Mark Turgeon feels knowing he has Trimble, Carter and Stone together for one season yet he can't figure out a way to dominate much lesser talent regularly.

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Question BFS. What team in college ball is dominating this year. The landscape has changed.


No team is truly dominating college basketball, but that doesn't make the Terps less disappointing.  I'm of the belief that they have enough talent to be the team dominating.  I don't expect domination the way Kentucky wiped the floor with everyone.  I don't believe they are at that level.  But I believe they are talented enough that they should be able to not break a sweat against a team like Minnesota and they shouldn't have to come from behind against teams like Northwestern at the Xfinity Center. 


I just feel like a great coach would have a trio of Trimble/Carter/Stone playing at a level that would have 2 maybe, 3 losses right now and alot less nailbiters against average/below average talent.

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Off to a dazzling start.

Already a woeful offensive team, with Melo being in full regression, but when they play defense like this, and give up 2nd chances like Halloween candy, they have zero chance.

This team has no heart, and no chance to win anything.

This is over.

I'm watching golf.

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