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My point is both Colt & Casey(won the last World Bowl in NFLE) had High hopes & hype & both washed out in 2 -3 seasons.Thus retaining Kirk must be a priority I didn't mean to insinuate Colt & Kirk are the calibur of QB

I had some really good fish tacos last fall, so I think I should buy a Honda.

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Just a friendly suggestion. If this was your way of saying keep Cousins, it should really go under the Cousins thread.  If this was a RGIII is fragile (and I am reaching here for you), then there are certainly enough threads already started about that. Just not sure it's thread worthy on it's own.


Also, may want to provide a little more depth to your thought besides reminiscing for a QB that never had a single successful moment in the NFL Need to provide some more texture to your comment so your point is clear.  


Not trying to be an ass, just passing some friendly advice. I could be wrong but as written, this thread may last about as long as Colt's NFL career. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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