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  1. Wow we lucked out there. Offense has to stop playing so lethargic. Defense can't keep bailing us out like this.
  2. I'm still debating on whether to slide Henry Ruggs to WR2 and bench marvin jones, just so i can put Gibson in the flex. Can't hack the Gibson!
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how Antonio Gibson does. I wanted to start him in my flex in fantasy, but didn't know what to expect from him, and am opting for Henry Ruggs instead.
  4. Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean movies getting his face uncomfortably close to the camera before saying "Agreed." Edit: video form https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAdLE-QqcBY&ab_channel=raniyako
  5. I don't follow Rappaport but I figured that was the case. I don't know if he was just making a Rappaport joke or what, but I questioned it regardless, and got no response.
  6. Someone on the WFT subreddit stated Ian Rappaport deleted a tweet last night that we had traded a 2nd rd pick for Kamara. Anyone know if this was true? Assuming it was bogus, since ya know, it's Rappaport and the fact he deleted it. Probably jumped the gun and quickly found out his source was messing with him.
  7. I'm gonna make a wild guess and say Fournette will end up in a place like Seattle. Can't see a reason why we would sign him.
  8. It seems like fingers are being pointed every which way. I can't imagine Dan gets out of this unscathed, no? I wonder how involved he really has been with this stuff.
  9. Remember when people wondered how Bruce Allen kept his job for so long, saying "He must have something on Dan." Weird how things come full circle.
  10. Assuming Snyder IS forced out, would Bezos even be allowed to buy the team? Considering he owns the news media that is going to be breaking the story, wouldn't he be blocked on grounds of conflict of interest? Or is that not a thing in the NFL?
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