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  1. Mark Moseley

    All Things North Korea Thread

    Kim Jong IL?, What about his brother, Mental Lee IL? Say hello to Paul Schaffer everyone
  2. Mark Moseley

    Random Thought Thread

    He's a Dead man, They'll shoot him & say he resisted or had a weapon. People with a badge & a gun feel they can do whatever they want
  3. hopefully burgunday jerseys & gold pants But Ill take white jerseys & burgundy pants NEVER wear White on White again, Although I'd like see All burgundy
  4. Mark Moseley

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    AHHH, Torso Girl from season1 Ep1 Walking Dead ,great, hopefully we'll see drunk Eli on MNF He'll look like that when Ryan Kerrigan sacks him
  5. Mark Moseley

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    How about a drunk walker Eli from the Walking Dead
  6. Mark Moseley

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    In the immortal words of Lynyrd Skynyrd ' GIMME BACK MY BULLETS'
  7. Mark Moseley

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    I've been using Justintv & Channelsurfing for the past two seasons
  8. Mark Moseley

    The Beer Thread

    Gimme a Samichlaus please; Samichlaus Bier “Samichlaus” beer is brewed once a year, in each case on December 6th, and stored and matured afterwards for over 10 months before it is bottled. "Samichlaus” beer can mature for many years in the bottle; older vintages obtain a complexity and receive their creamy warm aftertaste. This beer can be served with heavy meals and desserts, particularly with chocolate - or as digestive and meditations drink. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the strongest lager beer in the world with 14 % alcohol