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  1. Harwich Hog

    ES Soccer Thread

    I'd be disappointed if that happened. Everton is the perfect place for him to be right now. I'd hate to see him do a Rodwell and then get starved of playing. He needs to stay where he is for now and get as many games as possible.
  2. Harwich Hog

    ES Soccer Thread

    It seems Manchester United in 2013 are following the Liverpool 1991 blueprint.
  3. Harwich Hog

    ES Soccer Thread

    I don't mind extortionate transfer fees. I see them as an effective way of distributing the wealth between the larger clubs with high revenues and the smaller clubs. They also encourage academies to develop prospects so that down the line the youth system pays for itself. In turn, it also produces better players and improves the end product on the field. My issue is with the wages. No football club ever went "under" by dishing out extortionate transfer fees - and if they did they deserved to go under for being stupid. But teams are putting their future at risk by paying their players "fair value" wages which are inflated by the one or two clubs at the top, to who money is no object. A team salary cap needs to come in sooner rather than later. Also - it should be against the rules for agents to be paid relative to the transfer fee. The agent's fee should come from the player's wages.
  4. Harwich Hog

    ES Soccer Thread

    Lukaku to Everton is great business. Would have loved to have seen Lukaku, Sturridge and Saurez triumvirate up top for Liverpool if i'm honest. Though I doubt Chelsea would have allowed him to move to a serious rival. Happy with Liverpool's business though. Aspas looks to be a solid, albiet not spectacular, recruitment at this stage. A decent contributor. Ilori is one for the future. May not to muscle-up over the next season or so to play centre half. Sakho can contribute right away and I expect him to spell Agger, Skrtel, Toure and Enrique, before establishing himself at centre-half in a season or two. Moses will give us a bit out on the wing that we wouldn't otherwise have with Henderson out there. Luis Alberto will provide good depth behind Gerrard, Lucas and Countinho. No longer any glaring holes in the lineup. Maybe an extra striker in January. In the mean time lets hope Sturridge and Suarez stay fit.
  5. Harwich Hog

    ES Soccer Thread

    Can't say I agree with what you say about Aquilani. And while it's not fair to blame our lack of goal production squarely at his feet (he actually had quite a few assists), our inability to replace Xabi Alonso's overall creativity (not necessarily assists but passing and link-up play) was the reason we went from free-scoring in 2008-9 to impotent in 2009-10. He showed a glimpse or two but that's not enough in this league. Glimpses are something you hope to see from rising youngsters, not players that you've invested £20million. Those kinds of purchases you expect more from. Perhaps the club saw this as the best way of recouping some money they might have written off? A simpler truth is that Roy just prefers Joe Cole in the pocket and Aquilani can't play anywhere else and decided to cash in.