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  1. Haven't lived in the DC area since the last superbowl. **** 'em.
  2. Pfft, the only people that will even acknowledge the past wins are the Redskins fans. It will be a new team to the rest of the USA.
  3. Be a real shame if someone dove helmet first into the giant's web's knees. Sorry not sorry. **** the Giants.
  4. Really drives home how much of a waste of time Doctson was for the fanbase.
  5. Tiny Thompson up the middle. Makes sense.
  6. Need a gif of that fan rubbing his face in frustration. It could be our theme for the year.
  7. The pessimist in me says he can milk his Dad's legacy for a long time. I don't see Snyder getting rid of him anytime soon. ... his dad couldn't win ****, either.
  8. Can we throw in the towel for the defense?
  9. Too bad. I was looking forward to watching IRG3 look like crap in the Cleveland game
  10. When that day comes, I'll be happy to see the Washington Football Team in the cellar where it belongs. It won't be my team anymore. Sadly, I'd bet on it coming sooner rather than later. That'll probably be the end of football as far as I'm concerned.
  11. You didn't take the hint. He's got them wearing the colors when his daddy was the coach, and he's not changing them any day soon.
  12. I believe the Skins are now, "officially," eliminated from paloff contention.
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