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What Exactly Was The Plan Against Denver?


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I really hope we lose the majority of the games left so this incompetent coaching staff just gets axed. We will never win anything with Shanny at helm. That run we had last year seems more and more like fools gold, put this franchise behind another year. RG III is also extensively overrated. Blah. We could have actually made ground this week if offensive playcalling/QB play wasn't retarded. 

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What do teams do when up two scores in the second half?  They run the ball.  What had the Redskins been doing all day?  Running the ball.  Now what do you think Denver did?  They stacked the box and made damn sure that we stopped running the ball.  They forced RG3 to beat them with his arm.  


It worked.  RG3 couldn't do a damn thing when forced to pass and Denver blew the game up.  It got so bad that they had a holding call on 1st down that would have pinned the redskins deep in their own territory and they declined it.  They had absolutely no doubt that RG3 and the passing game would fail to do anything other than turn it over or punt.  


I know people want to just run it but the Redskins have a zone blocking lighter weight OLine.  They can't steamroll opposing teams when they stack the box.  What the Redskins had to do was throw it and make them pay.  We couldn't do that and instead suffered an epic meltdown.  

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