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  1. If Odalipo can play SF I would take him even if we had the 1st overall selection, I think he is a complete beast and I love watching him, he will be a great player in the NBA. I also obviously like Otto Porter and would be excited to have him on board with us, I like his offensive game and of course the rebounds, which are very good considering he is about 19 years old. He could add some weight to his frame and beef up for the NBA but besides that he looks like a homerun pick. Shabazz and Noel is where things get interesting. Shabazz is a volume scorer with I think a bit of a selfish/ego
  2. This team is really improving, I have to say. Beal and especially Wall make a huge difference. Obviously.
  3. Nobody can blow a 4th quarter lead like the Wizards. I mean I am not even trying to be that guy, we just always do it.
  4. Beal and Wall are amazing. It's incredible how much Beal has improved over this season.
  5. Our rebounding is completely terrible, we blew a 15 point lead in like 2 minutes. Crawford always tries to play hero and ends up start chucking shots. Maybe that's why our tickets are 21 cents a piece on stubhub. This team will never be good.
  6. I just don't see it with Beal guys, 15 ppg on 44% shooting on 34 minutes per game seems a bit underachieving. Only 34% from 3 point mark. I will admit I am not really a college basketball guru, can someone explain the hype, I know his form is comparable to Ray Allen but it seems that is where it ends. He has good intangibles and defensive skills but I just don't see this whole "best shooter in the draft". I'm not hating or being that guy, legitimately curious.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe one of our starters we recently traded for was picked in the 2nd round. I would call that contributing.
  8. Might as well make a pick that has a 5% chance of being good that makes sense, instead of a 1% chance of being good in like 4 years (not to mention apparently he can't shoot which is exactly what we don't need). If we go into the mentality that we should throw away our late round picks then we should probably just mail it in as a franchise and get a loser tattoo on our metaphorical foreheads.
  9. Why? Euros never work out, ever. Waste of a pick, much better talent was left on the board.
  10. You know you are getting old when there are players in the NBA draft that are younger than you... I'm a geezer now...
  11. Wizards should take Thomas Robinson, I'm not sold on Beal 100%. MKG is good but not a real good fit, we should go BPA.
  12. My bad, in my defense sarcasm doesn't travel well through text. And I have definitely heard crazier more serious proposals on ES before.
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