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  1. I doubt there's any changes in the FO, coaching staff, or scouting department. I'd rather have a monkey making football decisions than Danny boy and Bruce Allen. Those two morons has no business being 100 miles within an organized sports team. I'm sure they'll hire "GM" Smith and draft Landon Collins at #5 and market him as the next Sean Taylor when he's more close to Laron Landry, a bust.
  2. Danny needs to stop hiring people like AJ Smith/Allen. He was fired in San Diego and since then not one team has offered him a GM position. Best move would be to get someone who is heavily involved in the FO from a winning team/culture. This FO needs new blood. Hiring Smith would be the same ole skins.
  3. AJ Smith's son is also a Redskins scout.
  4. I wanted Allen to sign Kenny Britt. He signed with Rams for 1yr $1.5M with $550,000 guaranteed. He would've given the size at the WR position that's been missing for so long.
  5. Where are all those defending Allen? Do you guys still think he should be given another 3-4 years to properly judge him? The President and GM doesn't even want to talk about football to address the clusterfu*k that's going on under HIS watch.
  6. As a fan of the team, I'm really really excited and ready to spend money on the team because they had a great harvest festival This isn't Parks & Rec so I don't give a give a turd about the damn harvest festival. I can't believe this clown is running this team.
  7. He won't be fired. As far as promoted, he was promoted to Team President. He doesn't need to be the GM as well, but Allen gave himself that title as well. The fans are screwed the most (Allen/Danny will get their money, players will get their money, fans will waste their money).
  8. Lol. Draft class looks pretty good? Breeland looks like a stud. Murphy has been decent, was a luxury pick. The 2 3rd rounders don't play/usually inactive, the 5th, 6th, and 7th rounders were cut. Those players should be your special teamers/depth. What about his FA signings? Jackson just happened to fall to us since he was cut fairly late into the FA. Wey was a great pickup. Luavao was his #1 option and signing and he's playing as expected (a lowly rated guard). All those LBs the signed are nowhere contributing. Tracy Porter has been hurt (not surprising because he was hurt when
  9. Relax guys, there are fans here that wants to give Allen 3-5 years to see if he truly sucks and the rest of us are just being impatient. You don't need to wait 3-5 years to know a terrible FO when their track record proves they don't belong in the NFL.
  10. Of course Allen isn't a real GM and I have no idea why some of the fans here thinks he is. I hate Danny and I don't think he'll ever get it right. So many years of being a laughingstock, you'd think he would figure it out, but he hasn't. So I have given up hope for this terrible owner.
  11. If we are saying this is his first year, then it's early to judge. However, he did forgo getting a safety in FA. His first OL selection was Luavo, who was a low rated guard. His top three draft picks don't contribute. Oh, he kept Haslett. On another note, I don't like that Gruden is the OC. As a rookie HC, you have so much on your plate, why add more to it. He should be focused on the team rather than spending so much time as OC.
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