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  1. He's been padding his stats against prevent defenses for the first 2 games. Something like this was inevitable against a good defense.
  2. Thats cute, doesn't mean he's worth being what he's paid. How'd yah boi tonight? Bum ass can barely tackle a RB.
  3. Sacks aren't the only thing that determine whether an edge rusher is worth their pay. His sack numbers are easier to accrue playing against RTs. (Maybe one of the reasons Preston Smith is showing out well this year). Getting QB pressure regularly would make me think higher of him. Kerrigan is an all or nothing player. Either he makes a highlight play or you don't notice him. He's basically made one play worth a damn this season. Oh, and he's pretty unbearable against the Run... A lot of this could be Manusky not using him right...and everyone else this season... but that doesn't ab
  4. Kerrigan can't regularly beat opposing RTs.. I'm not sure what is "team friendly"about this contract when he is a pretty mediocre as a every down linemen. What he has done in the past is meaningless now. He's 31 and aging. If money can be applied elsewhere, do it...otherwise there is little logical reason to think he's gonna get better next year. Short of PEDs anyways. The best thing he cold for us is catch fire and get a couple multi sack games (Cause that's really the only way he shows up) as try to flip him for a mid-to late pick. Norman can be gone tomorrow if he plays as he ha
  5. I'm happy for Preston Smith. Looks great when a guy is allowed to play to his strengths instead of being completely dogmatic and predictable due to rigid personnel implementation.
  6. He's probably in the 45-75 range in terms of overall impact amongst DLmen. He's a very hot and cold guy. And he's only particularly noticeable like maybe 5 games a year. Unacceptable. On top of that it isn't like he's going at LT's all the time. His efficacy against the run hasn't been there in like a season and a half now too. Dude gets a pass by most skins fans...I can only imagine why.
  7. I wouldn't call Case "good," merely a little above average. He's missing key plays and throws here and there that kill drives and then has to fight through long down and distances. He's had his numbers inflated a bit since 4th quarters are full of prevent against us since we're down 3 scores. I don't think Haskins would necessarily win us any of the two games we've had so far, but I don't think he'd do significantly worse then Case. He's gotten real lucky with some INTs not being secured. I'm actually more worried about him going up against the Bear's defense then either of the eagles or cowbo
  8. Kerrigan should be dealt for a 4th-5th rounder (although I doubt anyone would give that to us for him). Dude plays like a vet min guy out there. He basically earns half his contract whenever we play the giants. Ionnaidis and Payne should be contributing more, in Payne's defense he actually applied pressure on more then one play though so he's got that over the rest. Sweat is a rookie but he's getting man handled out there. Don't think this scheme helps him out.
  9. End rushers should be a priority after O-line help. Kerrigan looks like molasses out there.
  10. Murphy's law: 1 billion. Redskins: 0 At least it isn't his ACL surgery knee. Hope he can make a speedy recovery and keep his spirits up.
  11. James Dolan is in a tier all alone when it comes to awful. Not that Snyder isn't a tire fire in his own right.
  12. Keenum's 1st half was impressive although he began to taper off in 2nd quarter. His numbers got a little inflated by that last garbage time drive. Overall decent, better then one could expect in his situation. Maybe a B- performance. The offensive line pass protection was surprisingly not awful. But a lot of that was absolved by their penalties. Lots of drive killers. Their run blocking was also pretty abominable. Overall maybe a C performance. Terry was as productive as one could have hoped for. Needed more consistency from everyone else however. Definitely looks like
  13. Kerrigan has like 4-5 really great games a year but is otherwise a non factor in the rest. He isn't worth his salary. That is the harsh truth. Restructure his salary or move on for him. He's too streaky in his "impact". Ioannidis was a relative no show today, maybe a tackle or two for him. Payne had a couple good plays but was largely ineffective too, but I'm less likely to get mad at 2nd year players. I don't think the defensive play calling did anyone any favors today, guys looked tired and in the wrong places in a lot important plays. Holcomb looked average, wouldn't want him t
  14. Davis actually has some promising potential...yet we cut him. Not sure what a guy like Quinn has done to remain on the roster. Outside of being one of Gruden's favs apparently.
  15. Assuming KD doesn't come here, I'd look ino trading everyone not named Wall or Beal for Derrick Favors. Gortat+1sts+Oubre might get it done. Favors is only 24 and probably the most underrated player regardless of position in the NBA. Unfortunately he isn't a FA until 2018 which is why trading for him is the only plausible way, but you would also have to hope Utah finishes in purgatory again, and I think they'll eventually be contending for the 8th seed this season so that dream might be foolish. Al Horford is another option but I am skeptical of maxing him out although he'd also be a near
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