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  1. If you google south park and redskins. Go to images and you see the shot they were planning to use with Griffin. Which is now Cousins Jerry getting a bj was also great.
  2. Lol yeah I caught that as well. South Park those giys are funny. They've already hit on the Ray Rice thing as well.
  3. So am I reading and hearing this right? Not only would we have to change our name, but we would have to change our logo as well. First of all I don't want to change anything, but if we had to change our name. I could live with something like Warrior's, but if we have to change the logo. Well that would kill me. It just wouldn't feel like the same team to me. Man I hate how this country is turning into a bunch of ****'s. Your not allowed to say or do anything anymore.
  4. I love the people that just gave up after reading the news today. Problem is your not Dan and this changes nothing as of right now. There going to appeal this decision and it could take up to 5 years for a ruling. This isn't the first time this has happened and the REDSKINS won the last appeal. I for one don't mind a new name like Warriors, Redhawks and so on as long as the logo and uniforms stay the same. With that being said I'm going to support the REDSKINS, because that's what I grew up knowing them as. I for one didn't even consider REDSKINS a bad word or slur when I was young and do
  5. Lol yeah i know what is Snyder going to do now. Wait thats right sell the ticket to someone else. Ha
  6. I for one hate the idea of anything other than the name Washington Redskins. With that being said I don't think Snyder is going to have a choice other than change the name. I for one would be okay with the Washington Warriors. As long as we can keep the uniforms the same. Either way I think the name is going to be changed.
  7. This is going to be another long long year.
  8. Is anyone else using ADT and have just a colored screen right now.
  9. Ive come to the conclusion that Zorn is a dumb ass. He doesn't go for it on 4th down with are starters in the game from the 2 yd line. I guess he thinks a field goal from extra point territory is better.:doh: On top of that he runs the ball a hell of a lot more with the starting team than what was needed. We need to work on our passing game and we all know that. Well I guess Zorn doesn't get that he thinks our running game needs more work. Zorn in my opinion is a jackass, preseason is practice and he doesn't act like it.
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