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  1. This. You are right on both points I think. I was furious about the sham of a coaching "search". They did things the danny boy way, instead of getting the MOST QUALIFIED person, they went with the best buddy. Now Gruden may or may not be a good HC, that remains to be seen. But the whole deal was a farce, why did they even bother with other interviews, everyone knew the fix was in once gruden was announced as a "candidate". As for your 2nd point, dead on as well imo. This team has ALWAYS thought they were just a FA signing or trade away from winning right away... Mcnabb, haynesworthless, djax/hatcher, etc. It totally sucks and I really hate my team and the idiots running it into the ground. If we as internet commandos can see the obvious, how is it so hard for the morons in charge to see what's wrong here??
  2. Laughable signing, and paying terrible dividends. They did draft 2 OL this offseason, but apparently they suck so bad or the team doesn't trust them to NOT suck worse than chester/luavao so they won't see the field.. that's pretty damning right there. so of the 8 picks our esteemed "GM" made, here are the results: Murphy - ineffective (unnecessary pick as well) Long - never sees the light of day Moses - only on the field because of injury Breeland _actually hit on one here Grant - buried on bench Seastrunk - gone Bolser - gone Hocker - gone out of 8 draft picks we have 1, (ONE!!) guy contributing/competing and playing at a high level... the rest not so much. THIS is why we suck so bad. Look at other teams, I guess 31 other teams are capable of playing rookies/having them contribute.. but not our deadskins, oh no.. we are soooo ****ed as fans of this team.
  3. yeah.. and that thing sunk with all hands on deck. Bruce's house is looking pretty ****ty thus far, and there is nothing on the horizon that indicates that is going to change anytime soon.
  4. Maybe using solar to replace other forms of energy isn't YOUR goal in the immediate future, but I guarantee if YOUR president and many others could get away with it they'd ban coal and nukes right now. Remember obama's "energy prices will necessarily skyrocket" speech? I get what you're saying, but what I was saying is that the cost is way too much for that stuff right now with the tech as it stands, and I don't want to pay for their failures. We have a cheap, plentiful resource that we should be able to use, which will save us money and keep it in OUR pockets vs lining someone elses. Remember Solyndra? 535 million flushed. That's what I mean by chasing bad money with good. and at the time of this article, 2011, they had guaranteed an additional $400 million in loans for two more solar plants.. God knows how much has been squandered on that endeavor alone.
  5. That link is talking about obama promising to kill coal by making it too expensive to operate.. basically tax them out of business. If coal is gone, and nukes are too evil to use/build, what does that leave exactly??? It leaves "green" energy. solar, wind and ng.
  6. That is exactly what obama was and is saying: Solar and wind are nowhere near effective enough to meet this country's growing power needs, and unless we see a multi-fold increase in their capabilities in our lifetimes, they will continue to be a non factor in the grand scale. The costs associated are way too high right now, and throwing good money after bad does not make sense to me. And to be clear, I'm not saying repubs aren't tied to big oil/coal, that is absolutely the case. But for you guys to sit there and say that this climate change nonsense mostly stemming from the left is out of everyone's concern for the earth and not their own well being, you're deluding yourselves and trying to delude others. You can't sit there and decry the millions/billions going to big oil and coal, and deny that they are not huge sums going the other way to "green" power and energy. All that money has to end up in someone's pocket, does it not? So yes it is "libs" (in a loose sense) lining their own pockets using their own delivery method, same as the r's. Have you actually done any research on solar energy? It's overcast here in Raleigh, NC today which means it's cooler out. Even though my solar production is less when it's overcast, I'm easily producing more power than I'm using with the panels on top of my house. Yes, I lived in CA for awhile in a house with solar, I'm well aware of how much a decent solar system can create, and for the days when nobody was home and everything was off, we would make more power than we used. Some days were the other way around. I would not base all my energy needs on that solar being available when I want/need it, because I'd be up **** creek with no power some days. As far as space goes, there are miles and miles of shopping centers that would be a good place to start. It's not always about 100% replacing all other forms of electic production right away, but if you increase clean electricity, less of the dirty electricity would need to be produced. Do you think energy created from coal doesn't take money of the pocket of people through health issues from air pollution for instance? Too many variables to be able to conclusively say that coal fired plants are the sole reasons that people have air related health problems. Could it cause health issues? if you have enough exposure to dirty air, yes. But there are tons of air pollutants out there, and they all have a hand I'm sure.
  7. That's exactly what I'm saying. You said in your op that "republican denial of scientific evidence stems from monetary ties to the energy industry" do you not see the D ties to the "green" industry and the hundreds of millions and billions flowing in that direction? Do you honestly mean to sit there and say the epa does everything they do out of the goodness of their hearts and for nothing else? Any government agencies first order of business is protect the agency, whether it's for funding or power, that is rule #1. The epa has seen it's reach extend exponentially and you don't think that this climate change nonsense is not a way to further their agenda and power? What happened to global warming? Hole in the ozone layer? Acid rain? It's funny how those fearmongering tactics are no longer en vogue, now it's "climate change" Weather warmer than normal? climate change. Weather colder than normal? climate change. It really is a brilliant strategy, anything can be twisted to fit the narrative.
  8. It's funny how the op demonizes R's and says it's big money that is keeping us burning that big bad coal and other pollutants, but is oblivious to the blatant money and power grab by the other side. The epa has it's fingers in everything, and has tremendous power, blocking plants/projects by it's "enemies" while at the same time having the power to grant their "friends" anything under the sun. Coal is too dirty and scary. Nukes are too evil. Where the hell are we supposed to get our electricity from? Unicorn farts and fairy piss? Wind is expensive and not very viable, plus it's an eyesore and costs a fortune to get the turbines up and running. Solar has the same problem as wind, if it's not sunny then you lose a good portion of your power generation ability, plus it takes up acres and acres of space, plus is expensive as well. Some are making millions/billions off this ****, but it sure as hell ain't Mr. and Mrs American.. no we're funding it like everything else in this country, it ALL gets dumped on the middle class. I'm not about paying more for power and gas just to satisfy some libs ideals of lining their pockets and their cronies pockets, while emptying mine.
  9. not everyone's rates were "skyrocketing" they sure as **** are now though. but that's a nice justification though. well rates were going up anyway, them going up $1000-2000 per year MORE doesn't matter!
  10. The amount of brainwashing that regime has done on the population is insane... I've been watching a lot of documentaries on NK, and the people seem to actually believe the nonsense they're fed. Although I suppose that's because they have no way of knowing otherwise, but still.
  11. I started to do that, got past the 3rd round and quit, it offers ridiculous trades for every pick, its worse than some of the fantasy drafts I've seen people dream up here!
  12. Next monday night is the closest to a playoff game the skins have sniffed in years.. I expect Fedex to be a madhouse, with an electric atmosphere. We all know the skins are capable of beating the vagiants, time to see if they can get it done.
  13. If I had to guess I'd say 99% of the es userbase. Which is the way I feel as well.. You people *****, moan, whine and complain about EVERYTHING.
  14. That's what I'm looking for, Reebok doesn't even have football gear listed on their site, they gotta have TONS of stuff to get rid of... I'd like to know what and where, so I can BUY!!