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  1. They are a THROWBACK to the Sammy Baugh era uniforms. That WAS the Redskins colors then. It would completely miss the point to use modern colors i.e. "gold" pants.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Wrong and completely missing the point!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HAIL!
  3. I think they are SLAMMIN'! Love'em! If anyone hates them... go see what the Steelers have to where this year! HAIL!
  4. @CliffBattles: I usually hate new uniform mock-ups, but I must admit I think these look pretty cool!
  5. I completely agree, and you hit what was going to be my point. DON'T GO OVERBOARD! As trivial of a change as it may be, in sports we have seen time and time again that changing the uniform can go far in creating a new mindset or "culture" in an organization. I am a traditionalist as well but some changes are good. For instance, I love the current logo on the helmet where the feathers hang straight down and I hate the old one where the feathers unnaturally curve around. This is the kind of small "tweaks" I am talking about. We have not had a franchise quarterback in forever, and finally it loo
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