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Danny Smith's first punt with the Steelers: Blocked... Hah!


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So glad that guy is gone, look at how this reads from the cnnsi recap of Steelers/Giants:


3. PITTSBURGH'S SPECIAL TEAMS NEED SOME WORK: The Steelers brought longtime
Washington Redskins special teams coach Danny Smith in during the offseason hoping the
passionate Smith could stoke some life into a largely blase unit. It's going to take some work.

New York blocked a punt after Pittsburgh's first possession when

Damontre Moore came in untouched to smother the punt off the foot of Drew Butler Things didn't get much better from there.

Punt returner David Gilreath inexplicably caught a punt inside the Pittsburgh 5 early in the
second half. A block in the back penalty put the ball at the
Pittsburgh 2 for the first snap of rookie quarterback
Landry Jones career. Jones botched a handoff and New York fell on it for a safety.
Gilreath later let a punt smack off his facemask. The Giants recovered the muff but were unable to score.

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I think Don Banks was one of the national guys who said Smith would bring something great to Pittsburgh. Looks like he's brought his style already. If you're on twitter, let the following folks know.






Last year it felt like they constantly defended Smith as a very good coach. It never made sense to me.

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But will it take 9 years for the Steelers to realize what they have before they fire his, uh, tail end?  I doubt it. 


If Smith hadn't left on his own, I think he'd still be with the Redskins.  The PR machine that is Danny Smith is absolutely amazing.


And when I see ARE doing sideline interviews during pre-season for the Redskins, it makes me ill to think that the Redskins kept him returning punts for YEARS, as if there were no better options available.


Oh, well, at least Smith has hooked up with his stellar kicker, Suisham.  A lot of good that "lining up" thing he did when we needed him to nail a chip-shot 30 yarder against New Orleans ... or even better when we needed him to put a kick of similar yardage through the goal posts when we played Seattle in the playoffs (second time, I believe).


Nonetheless, Pittsburgh's misfortunes at special teams are just beginning.  Hilarious article!

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Reed Doughty or Mike Sellers must have missed another assignment as the personal punt protector. All the amazing coaching in the world can't make your punt team kick the ball successfully, or make your kickoff returners run north-south, or make your punt returners let the ball go for a touchback.

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When I watched the rerun of the Giants/Steelers game on NFLN recently and saw Danny Smith's goofy face, his gnashing teeth "murdering" (to quote Mr. Sinister :lol: ) that wad of chewing gum, and then I saw that terrible performance by the Steelers' special teams, I knew that Bang would be heartily chuckling to himself over this turn of events. :D

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