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  1. Good evening America....Lets brainstorm what we can be offended about tomorrow.
  2. I wonder what the liberals will tell us to be offended about tomorrow?
  3. Well I got that portion of it down when they are playing GTA.....its just when they are playing a different game. I join the party or offer the invite, they can join no problem but noone can hear me. I don't have the green circle next to my name in the party, it's grey. Nothing I can do either except restart my Xbox. Then it works fine. If I join the party BEFORE I launch GTA, it's no problem.
  4. Can someone explain why you can't join a party with your friends when your playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on Xbox One? It's extremely frustrating.
  5. Haven't fired up my wood stove since I bought my house. Pipes still in great shape. Slightly discolored at the top (black piping) before it goes through ceiling out the roof, but quality does not feel/look like it is compromised. My issue is where the pipe connects to the stove. It goes inside the stove and 3 screws around secure the pipe inside. What has me worried is it I shine a flashlight (inside the stove) up the pipe, I can see the light flaring out the sides. Should I high temp silicone this, fire cement, or am I just overly worried over nothing? Thank You.
  6. Fletcher pretty much explained the Shanny/Haslett interference basically saying he had to because Haslett was a clown show on the sidelines gamplanning and coaching week after week. **Not disagreeing with your post or anything, more or less agreeing and yes this franchise is a joke.
  7. Precisely......the voting base.
  8. Oh come on....this statement is so overplayed. It's the NFL, it's a sport based on realism. What are they suppose to drastically change every year? Ranked matches are near perfection. They improve on something different every year. Would you say the same for NBA2k, NHL, MLB the show?
  9. He is serious for a different reason than you think. Don't worry we aren't making fun of the almighty PS4. Sony passed on EA Access Vault for the Playstation network. So yes he is right, EA is saying screw you and only offering the Demo on XB1 EA Access. Whether because of that or not, the demo should be released to all. Shame on EA. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/07/30/sony-passed-on-ea-access-for-ps4-as-its-not-good-value
  10. Yeah they have.....the explanation is "We want our developers to focus 100% on the full game." EA Access or not on my XB1, they are in essence saying you have to pay $4.99 a month for a demo. A ****ing madden 15 demo does not fall under an EA access subscription that is just ludicrous.
  11. I'm just angry that EA is not releasing a Madden demo to all. That just pisses me off. I always look forward to the demo 2 weeks prior to release. Gets me fired up for football season in general, fantasy drafts in Madden and real life, ect. Lets you kinda get use to the new things in Madden, the flow of gameplay. They need to do what's right.
  12. When this happened to that Louisville kid, I went down for the count for a good 30 minutes. Started sweating profusely, then I get real nauseated, and boom I pass out. I am glad I did not see this last night. I hope Paul George is ok and has a speedy recovery. And I hope I don't see this image on facebook, or any other type of gallery.
  13. Kinda surprised about the Madden hate. Once you get past about 15-20 games of Online Ranked, it's amazing. I usually play around 65-85 games a year online for Madden. The BS of winning 45-0, running the same play over and over only happens in the first 10-15 games. After that it's very rare. I always play with the Redskins and probably damn near 75% of my games are decided in the 4th quarter. I've gotten blown out, did some blowouts. Playing the 49ers or Seattle was always just awesome as times final scores were 17-10, 10-16. Maddens online is superb unless you play 5 games and base yo
  14. You don't have to delete it. I really don't get offended over a messageboard like others.
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