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  1. Week 7: Atlantic Shores vs. Norfolk Christian

  2. Week 5: Atlantic Shores at Virginia Episcopal School

  3. Week 3: ASCS vs Massanutten Military Academy

  4. I was under the impression that it was only actual posters who couldn't do that, but pics were OK. I'll talk to a mod about it. Thanks for the heads up though.
  5. Not bad, kid, but the wings are wrong. Darth Vader never flew a TIE Fighter (the hexagonal straight wings). He flew his own Custom TIE, with bent wings: A normal TIE Fighter pilot would look like this: But because you're in a wheelchair, you get a 7 out of 10 for creativity. I know, I'm a buzzkill.
  6. Just got a call moving me from OLBs to TEs. Switching gears in 3...2...1...

  7. Just finished up spring ball. I'm liking my group of LBs. Just need to get more aggressive.

  8. Just another reason I can't stand LeBron. I didn't see the game, was there a foul called on that play?
  9. ---------- Post added May-18th-2013 at 05:39 PM ---------- And along that same line:
  10. I don't know why, but I tend to find stuff in reverse to be entertaining. Eating food normally isn't one, but this is hilarious
  11. http://www.lolbrary.com/content/712/they-didnt-teach-you-this-25712.jpg Edited for the word.
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