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  1. To those who think that writing to the Redskins is a "waste of time" because "they don't care what I think" or "they prefer the less-than-ideal status quo"? One never know until one tries, and it doesn't hurt -- not me, anyway. I certainly think it's better than your preferred approach to this issue: impotent kvetching online. And to those (e.g. superozman) who enjoy the current, slapdash uniform combo and surmise that I'm being "out-voted" by fans of the status quo who are writing letters of support to the team's ownership? Not bloody likely. You have to understand human nature. In short, people rarely take the time to comment on things that please them or strike them as inoffensive. No, people are typically driven to comment on stuff that irritates or enrages them. P.S. "Has the Imperial Magistrate reached a verdict?" Thanks for recognizing my Quintesson profile pic, Taco Bell. :-D Every so often, I think of changing it. However, whenever I take a good long gander at it, I'm reminded of what I most liked about screenwriter Flint Dille's admittedly imperfect script treatment for the 1986 version of Transformers: The Movie: the dark and gritty tone of the writing.
  2. Regarding contacting Bruce Allen about the uniforms, I sent him an actual type-written letter on this subject a year or two back. The response? I short, hand-written note thanking me for my "interest" in the team's uniforms and history, and urging me to continue to "Hail to the Redskins." While I appreciated Bruce taking the time to write the note to me, I would've preferred if he had spearheaded an effort to actually address this issue. I don't want anything drastic. Like Mr. Sinister said in post 7163, I'd be cool if they just took the gold pants and put two thick stripes on the sides, a la the burgundy pants' stripes. (Of course, the burgundy pants should be reinstated for road games.) Also, as Taco Bell observed in post 7178, the socks that are used with the gold pants are an overly-striped mess and should be ditched. Their replacement? The socks that are used with our white pants. See, Bruce? Nothing too crazy. So how about it? P.S. I think I may have to go over Bruce's head, and address my next letter on this matter to Dan Snyder.
  3. For the color-wheel pedants out there, according to Wikipedia, the color that most closely resembles our pants is... yellow. (Gasp!) Please -- oh, please -- tell me this isn't so! Please point me in the correct direction, the direction that says our pants are the same color as Notre Dame's football helmets. (Or that Michigan's helmets aren't really blue and... yellow.) Please! P.S. Even if our current uniforms are, say, maroon and yellow (gasp!), I still dig 'em.
  4. I wish the NFL commish would allow teams to sport more than one helmet per year, so we could trot out the 70th anny helmets in conjunction with the 80th anny jerseys, pants (which are more khaki than gold) and socks. I've long wanted to see those uniform elements combined for a kind of "composite" throwback. However, even then, these unis would only be for special occasions (like how the Chargers rarely use their powder-blue jerseys). I really wish the team would bring back the darker, Gibbs Era pants for road games. Having said that, I could learn to love the team wearing canary yellow (or gold, as some call it) pants all the time, even on the road, if they tweaked their unis' striping a bit. Nothing radical, mind you. As examples, I think that Southern Cal and Iowa State (who both wear cardinal red/white jerseys and canary yellow pants -- er, gold pants -- kinda like us) look fabulous in their uniforms. To be specific, I'd make the following changes: just one gold stripe on the helmets, losing the two white stripes; one stripe on the left and right edges of the shoulders on the jerseys (gold shoulder stripes at home and burgundy shoulder stripes on the road), losing the jersey-sleeve stripes, with solid-color/no-trim numerals (all-gold numerals at home and all-burgundy numerals on the road) and matching-color nameplates (all-gold text at home and all-burgundy text on the road); two thick burgundy stripes on the gold pants, losing the middle white stripe (i.e. "thick" pant stripes like those used by Southern Cal, Iowa State, the Colts and the Jets); and just two gold stripes on the burgundy portion of the socks, losing the five gold-and-white stripes. This approach would de-emphasize the use of white on our uniforms, which isn't an official team color, after all. Also, I think those thicker burgundy stripes on the pants and fewer stripes on the socks would go a long way toward making the road uniforms more palatable, as I never find myself kvetching about the road unis of Southern Cal and Iowa State the way that I do the Redskins' road unis of the last few years.
  5. While recently perusing an old thread regarding images of Redskins logos, I found mention of a vintage football helmet site called HelmetHut. Once there, I discovered an interesting factoid -- which is quoted below -- that offers an answer to the old "Burgundy, or not Burgundy?" question. So there you have it. No, we don't wear "burgundy" or "plumb" as part of our base color-scheme anymore. Yes, we do wear (depending on the year or era in question) some species of cardinal. Which is so obvious when you look at something like, say, this shirt with the throwback Chief Red Cloud logo versus this shirt featuring RG3 -- both of which I happen to own, and the differences in color are plain to the naked eye.
  6. Initially, I was not high on the idea of Redhawks as an alternate name for the team, largely because it made me think of Miami of Ohio’s weak-sauce decision to jettison their formerly great logo for one of a red-feathered bird-of-prey. However, after doing some quick research and realizing that there was a Chief Red Hawk who was at the Battle of Little Big Horn, I now think that it could work, assuming that the existing team uniforms and logos remain unchanged. (It would be like the Chicago Blackhawks, who are named in honor of Chief Black Hawk of the Midwest's Sauk Indian Tribe.) Moreover, there’s a current-day Chief Walt "Red Hawk" Brown who is living in Virginia and supports the Redskins keeping their nickname. It might be politically savvy for the team to approach Brown and his Tribe about the use of the Redhawks nickname and try to form some kind of partnership. Then again, all of this might only buy the team a limited amount of time, as the name-change crowd tries to figure out a way to discredit the modern-day Chief Red Hawk as a “bad guy” and someone “unworthy of having a team named in his honor.” (Perhaps he once failed to pay some parking tickets! Gasp!) At which point, like Miami of Ohio, we’d be stuck with a red bird logo. Yay. On the other hand, the upside of Warriors as an alternate name is that it gives the team all kinds of options from a graphical-design standpoint. From today’s modern-warfare landscape to the ancient Greco-Roman world (the latter of which would work great with our burgundy-and-gold color scheme), all manner of martial themes could be considered in conjunction with the Warriors nickname -- including the idea of keeping our current uniforms and logos intact.
  7. In general, I'm someone who supports the team defending, both legally and PR-wise, it's long-standing nickname and trademarks. Especially because the people pushing this controversy are lefty "ambulance-chasers" who are also pushing a bogus history of the word "redskin." (I'm looking at you Suzan Shown Harjo, Harry Reid, UnWise Mike and Bob Costas.) I hate the idea of giving in to people like this, people who are responsible for making this country a worse (e.g. more stifling and PC) place to live. However, I've gotten to the point where this whole stupid issue has become incredibly tedious to me. I go to pro football on Sunday to escape the ideological sparring that tends to define the other days of the week. And now I gotta deal with it on Sunday too?! The other day, a colleague of mine saw my Redskins polo shirt and asked me about what he'd seen earlier on ESPN regarding the trademark issue and what I thought of the whole controversy. I told him it was a trumped-up issue and that the team would likely prevail at the appellate-court level, blah-blah-blah. I even told him about the history of the word, as per that linguist from the Smithsonian. And after all that, you know what his response was? He looked at my blankly and said, "But don't you think their nickname is like having a team called, uh, the Nashville N-words?" I wanted to shake him and exclaim, "No, you dolt! It isn't! Haven't you heard anything I just told you?!" And my colleague isn't somebody who just fell off the turnip truck; he's a pretty sharp guy... and yet he fails to get it too. So I'm tired of fighting this stupid battle. According to what I've read in the press, the Redskins have a Plan-B nickname ready to go, should their legal appeals fail: the Warriors. That makes for nice alliteration (e.g. the Washington Warriors), sounds pretty cool, and allows the team to keep its uniforms -- including the helmet logo -- intact. And if the Perpetually-Outraged Politically-Correct Brigade continues to complain, then switch out the logo for a modern-warfare-style, G.I. Joe-inspired logo (i.e. the image of the soldier in the upper-left corner, under the Marvel logo, on this old G.I. Joe comic book) and call it a day... letting the aforementioned Brigade ring the Atrocity Alarm once more and go sliding down their firehouse pole to another fake controversy. P.S. Whenever the Redskins' nickname controversy has reared its ugly head over the years, I have noticed that it's fashionable to trot out the Cleveland Indians' goofy-looking Chief Wahoo logo and exclaim, "Now this is truly bigoted!" I'm sorry, but I'm not buying it. Yes, there's a long history of goofy, minstrel-style imagery in the U.S. relating to blacks that is intended to insult and demean. But American Indians? Isn't the dominant stereotype of them that of the Noble Savage? (And as stereotypes go, it's not a particularly bad one: stoic, fierce, not suffering fools kindly. What's bad about that?) Now, if the Cleveland Indians' logo featured Chief Wahoo looking drunk, with a bottle of firewater in one of his hands, then I could understand how some are butt-hurt about it. But as it currently stands? Yeah, I simply don't get the outrage -- some of which I consider to be trumped-up, like the outrage against, say, the Redskins.
  8. Harry Reid, my home-state's senior Senator, is wasting the U.S. Senate's time by penning a b**ch-letter to the NFL about the Redskins' nickname? Color me shocked. Shocked, I tell you. However, as someone who has followed Reid's time in the Senate, I think I'd prefer for him to focus on silly non-issues like this instead of really important stuff, where he seems more adept at royally screwing up such matters. Harry, every time I think of you, I can't help but think of the following film clip featuring the late, great Bob Hope...
  9. I have to give Gizmo 3squire and HtownRocks111 credit for coming up with (or pointing us in the direction of others who came up with) uniform redesigns that allow for the team to wear gold pants that actually look good with the white jerseys as part of our road uniform combo. It seems as if Bruce Allen is determined to make us wear gold pants as much as possible, even though our current road uni combo doesn't look nearly as nice as our current home uni combo. But this idea can be accomplished, as the above efforts demonstrate. (Or, for real world examples of said concept, look at the Southern Cal and Iowa State football programs.) So kudos on the good work, gents.
  10. If we were to go in a new direction with our uniforms, this idea by httrMP is the most interesting one I've encountered. For one thing, it has the upside of not requiring a separate pair of pants to go with a white/road jersey, as this shade of bronze-ish "gold" would work perfectly with white jerseys. (Hell, those tan pants from last season's 1930s throwbacks would work fine with white jerseys, too. And we'd have the distinction of being the only team in the NFL to sport tan pants, even though tan pants used to be the industry standard back in the early part of the 20th century, after Notre Dame had popularized them. But I realize that most Redskin fans don't dig them because they're not really any kind of shade of "gold.") One of the things I've always liked about this jersey is the use of the burgundy stripe that runs vertically at the edges of the shoulders. If we were to decide to sport gold pants all the time, we'd need something like this to add more burgundy to what is, after all, a mostly white jersey. I think that's what seems so off to me about when we sport the 1970s road uniform combo: the pants are so gold and the jerseys are so white; it's just a weird juxtaposition, in my opinion. If there was more burgundy on the jersey, as in the above image, I think that would do the trick. However, if our official road uni combo were to feature burgundy pants -- whether of the dark "red wine" or lighter "cranberry" variety -- you wouldn't get any complaints from me. As of this moment, though, I think I favor a kind of limited, middle-ground approach to altering our uniforms. This approach would feature us sporting the road unis we wore prior to Bruce Allen joining the Redskins' front office (read: the burgundy pants and white jerseys of the Gibbs I & II Eras), and the home unis would look virtually identical to those of the past few years (read: the '70s-inspired gold pants with the current burgundy jerseys). However, I would swap out the five-striped socks for the socks that are worn with the white pants, which feature a thick band of burgundy and a thin stripe of gold at the tops. Yes, this doesn't harmonize the overall number-of-stripes discrepancy on the home unis. But at least it kicks to the curb those annoyingly-distracting, overly-striped socks. And this minimalist approach doesn't require the team to petition the commish for permission to do an official uniform change. I know I'm in the minority on this, but I've liked the Bengals' helmets ever since I saw them in Super Bowl XXIII. Their prior helmets were terribly blah. An orange helmet with the word "BENGALS" on either side? Well, whoopty-freakin'-doo. Moreover, I really liked their entire uniform combo back in the 1980s. But now? Their current unis, from the shoulders on down, are overly-complicated with way too many "design flourishes" for my taste.
  11. I see that you've conducted a scientific poll to arrive at this conclusion, correct, "bro"? BTW, if they were so popular, then why were they out of circulation for approximately 30 years, until Bruce Allen dusted them off? "lol." The word "gold," like many words describing colors, is misapplied frequently, especially in sports. Some of it has to do with the fact that "yellow" has a negative connotation (i.e. cowardly) to it. Heck, my alma mater, USC, says that its colors are Cardinal & Gold. However, its colors are, depending upon the decade examined, dark red/maroon & yellow. Not only that, but the shade of "cardinal" that they sport is quite different from that of, say, their conference rival, Stanford. Moreover, from the late 1960s onward, the Redskins uniforms have looked quite a bit like USC's during the same time frame, so much so that when I was attending USC and watching an NFL Films documentary on Sonny Jurgenson, one of my dormitory roommates said to me something like, "What's this, old game footage of USC back when John McKay was the coach?" At first, I didn't know what he was referring to... but when I thought about it, I realized, "Wow, the two uniforms do have similarities, don't they?" As far as "gold" is concerned, I think it's inarguable that Notre Dame's helmets are gold, for instance. Heck, if memory serves, they use actual gold leaf on them. Now, compare that look to almost every other team in college and pro sports that claims to use gold, and tell me there's not a difference. "Oh, but that's metallic gold!" "Oh, but Photoshop says that Redskin 'gold' is gold!" Yeah, yeah, yeah. "Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes?" Frankly, this particular part of the uniform controversy is utterly academic to me. I love our current unis. I could care less that they're closer to maroon & yellow than burgundy & gold. (Truthfully, I don't think we've ever actually worn gold -- or, if you will, Notre Dame gold. Look at the gold on our 80th Anny throwbacks. It's closer to... bronze, if anything. Not that I care. It's a nice look too.) "A rose by any other name," and all that. My real concern is that the "Photoshop gold" pants (does that description of them make you happier?) are being worn all the time, when they really only look best with our dark/home jerseys. We need to bring back the dark pants for use with the white/road jerseys. And if that means the throwbacks (70th and 80th anny, etc.) gotta go to make that change work within the league's stupidly restrictive uniform rules, then that's fine by me.
  12. I was watching the UCLA/Washington Huskies game on ESPN last night, and I noticed that UCLA was wearing some atypical, alternate unis that featured gold facemasks. And I mean GOLD, not canary yellow masquerading as gold. It would be interesting to see something like that applied to our 70th Anny, spear-feather helmets, as I think it would serve as a nice compliment to the darker burgundy of those helmets. And those helmets, as previously stated, would serve as a nice compliment to the rest of the 80th Anny, 1930s-inspired unis we wore a couple weeks back versus San Diego. The only change I'd make would be to the pants, adding a single burgundy stripe down the pant legs, à la the single black stripe on the Raiders' pants. Then a white jersey could be added to that uni combo for a road game, and it would look great. A road game? Yeah, one road game. I'm still not sold on this suggested uni combo as our default uniform, just as a once-in-awhile thing. However, we gotta do something about our current look, particularly our current road look. I've tried giving the white jersey/"gold" pants combo a chance, but it just isn't working. As I was watching our game last week versus Minnesota, even when we were up by 13, I'm thinking, "Man, this uni combo is hideous." Now, there are ways of fixing it. Last Saturday, when I watched USC smash Cal, I saw a Trojans team, on the road, that made a similar uni combo (white jerseys with maroon-esque numbers and canary yellow pants with maroon-esque leg stripes) look fabulous. We could do the same thing -- but we'd have to pretty much eliminate white from our uniforms, meaning no white stripes or white numbers. I think that would look pretty sharp (I've always loved USC's unis, even when I rooted for the rival Huskies as a kid), but does the rest of the Redskins' fanbase agree? Somehow, I doubt it. I say bring back the burgundy pants for road games (with the white jerseys), and only use the "gold" pants for home games (with the burgundy jerseys). For those, like me, who love the burgundy pants and want to see them return, I implore you to write a letter (yes, an actual letter with a stamp and everything) to Dan Snyder requesting that he overrule Bruce Allen's decision to make the "gold" pants the default pants for the overall uniform combo. We can complain about this issue on here forever; but until the fans let ownership know directly how they feel, nothing will change.
  13. Here's an idea. Take the 70th Anny/1960s-inspired/spear-feather helmets, whose shade of burgundy should closely match the burgundy of the 80th Anny/1930s-inspired jerseys, and team them up. So the throwback helmets from about 10 years ago with the throwback jerseys, pants and socks from this year. Again, just a suggestion.
  14. I didn't dislike our look versus San Diego the way that most seemingly did. It was borne of the NFL's stupid decision to not allow teams to sport throwback helmets anymore. Yeah, the colors were off, but they were also off when we wore similarly inspired throwbacks during the 1994 season. I thought the stripes being ditched made for a sleeker looking helmet, and I've long dug the 1930s throwback jerseys because of the use of the old-school Indian-head logo on the sleeves. As I prefer the current team colors, I'd love to see the team devise a tweaked uniform combination with those colors in mind. Said uniform combo would feature jerseys with the current helmet logo on the jersey sleeves (with a gold dreamcatcher for the home jersey sleeves and a burgundy dreamcatcher for the road jersey sleeves), moving the numbers to the shoulders. I'd also like to see the burgundy pants with the gold/white striping return for the road unis, and altered gold pants with burgundy/white striping (as opposed the current burgundy/white/burgundy striping) for the home unis.
  15. Daniel Greenfield, who wrote a previously mentioned article on the execrable Ray Halbritter, penned another piece about the nickname controversy. The following is an excerpt that I found to be salient. This final excerpt includes a fascinatingly complex bit of English sports history that I had never encountered before.