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Nnamdi Asomugha! Now Is The Time!


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The funniest part of the whole OP was this : "Tanard Jackson (1 yr rest)"


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Back to the topic though, Asomugha was **** in Philadelphia. ****. Literally. I would watch their games and focus on him. He misses more tackles than Rocky McIntosh with a stigmatism and he's soft as charmin.

**** no.

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We aren't getting Hall and Asomugha on one year minimum deals....but if we did by some miracle, it would significantly improve our secondary. If you are going to get on the OP's case, it should be for WAY undervaluing those two players. They may have warts, but they aren't veteran minimum players --- not by a long shot

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You can bet that there's one person who REALLY would like to see this happen......... Aldrick Robinson!! A-Rob would look like Jerry Rice on a daily basis in practice. Aldrick probably has one of those digital picture frames in his house running on repeat with the highlight of him abusing Nnamdi.

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