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  1. Just casually came across your name after... 15 years? Put a smile on my face to see this post. Now, all formalities aside; I can't see this game ending any other way than disappointment for you. Why? Remember that video of Chris Simm's throwing footballs into garbage cans 60 years downfield? Yeah, well he's at least good for 2 picks. I got James Thrash catching 2 picks as well, and I'll throw in an Alstott fumble on the 2 for good measure.
  2. Came back to say goodbye to a horrible teammate and a guy who threw his career away by being an absolute self-absorbed egomaniac. This could have been a lot worse. It's a culture cut and I like it. I want to see this QB room overhauled next season with Allen backing up whoever is coming in. Let protect the next guy a bit more too. HTTFT.
  3. Brother, he could be an injury away from career ender!
  4. It's an understatement to say I was really disappointed yesterday with how Fedex looked and felt. I was in 402, from that view the stadium was half full. The stadium was half full for a game between the Redskins and the Cowboys in week 2 on a perfectly sunny Sunday. You've got to be ****ing kidding me. Cowboys fans owned the atmosphere from what I gathered. I've been going to FedEx regularly for 14 years now, that was one of the most pathetic early season turnouts I've ever seen. I've never been a fan of bashing the FO, but they're literally losing a ton of cash by su
  5. The fact that we didn't draft a QB (or two) to sit behind Alex Smith and grow through crappy years like this absolutely sickens me. Quarterback is THE most IMPORTANT position in all of SPORTS. period. period. period. As ring-a-round as the Cousins era was, people still showed up to the games to see it. The Alex Smith stuff is a joke. They didn't even have to extend him that quickly, but they fulfilled the need to shut the fans up by "signing a QB long-term". I just hope everyone understands something around here; Smith is not a very good QB. You're literally going to
  6. I think the best bet you can make is on the Skins to win more than 5.5 games as some books have us at. That's easy money.
  7. People don't seem to understand that we don't need any new receivers, at least none that will probably make this roster and make an impact, #1 Doctson #2 Richardson #3 Crowder The FO has already stated their love for Robert Davis (consider him the new Ryan Grant), Harris will vie for snaps, and you have your veteran in Quick. Could they draft one later? Why not. But that players impact is irrelevant unless you assume someone is getting injured. If you are sitting here claiming you want to spend cap on more at this position; do you understand how A
  8. Maybe add in the fact that Snyder is able to achieve whatever agenda he'd like by tightening the neck tie, which he owns, that's hanging around Allen's neck.
  9. So putting a few pieces of potential logic together, Bruce and Co. might have pulled a genius move in the works. Acquire Alex Smith in a verbal agreement and "move on" from Cousins, deal can't be complete until March 14th, set the GM's ablaze at the Superbowl meetings. Have Denver and New York creaming their pants for Cousins and tease with the thought of tampering, only to have Washington Tag cousins on March 6th, 6 days before Free Agency and hold him hostage / prepare to play with him. If they can't trade him to off-set the Smith deal they'll potentially negate the trade. Poten
  10. You might be off slightly purely based on how they divide the years up. Think of Smith's leverage (long-term not short-term and guaranteed cash) and the Redskins wanted a starting QB for less than 24 million. The worst part of the deal is that Washington is on the hook for $71,000,000 throughout 2021. The only way this makes sense is that they would draft a QB this year and the rookie will start in 2020 or 2021 which coincides with the release of Smith and the coming of age of the rookie deal.
  11. PS4 is and has been the sauce boss
  12. Paloffs is now! Greatest thread of all time!
  13. Not to mention the BIG threats sitting behind us play Baltimore, Houston, 49ers, and the Saints. I feel really good about this.
  14. **** dallas! **** the cowboys! <-------this was written in caps! So **** the lower case fixer and go caps (the team)! And **** the cowboys again!
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