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  1. Rocky52Mc

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I can't help but not think that's textbook PI. Receiver didn't slip, he was off balance coming out of a cut and the DB forces him to the ground to prevent him from getting to the ball.
  2. Rocky52Mc

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Beautiful illegal play
  3. But can he play tackle??? /s
  4. no. no. no. please no.
  5. Rocky52Mc

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The fact that we didn't draft a QB (or two) to sit behind Alex Smith and grow through crappy years like this absolutely sickens me. Quarterback is THE most IMPORTANT position in all of SPORTS. period. period. period. As ring-a-round as the Cousins era was, people still showed up to the games to see it. The Alex Smith stuff is a joke. They didn't even have to extend him that quickly, but they fulfilled the need to shut the fans up by "signing a QB long-term". I just hope everyone understands something around here; Smith is not a very good QB. You're literally going to have Brunell 2.0. There is zero future potential to do anything with this guy, so we're literally waiting out the years until manifest destiny. Between Smith and McCoy we have $23,775,000 locked up in that position in 2019. Given their cap position and how much they've **** the bed, their best option to draft someone around the Kyle Lauletta area of the draft and have his contact generally renewable by the time Smith expires. This negates a really strong momentum push teams usually have when they're spending little to nothing on a QB until he needs an extension: Seattle (reconstructing now), Dallas currently, Texans currently, Rams currently, Chicago currently, Baltimore (next season), Eagles currently, Kansas City currently. Kind of funny how all of these teams are in the playoffs. The truth is, in the NFL, you need to takes a stab at a young QB consistently until you HIT. This game is dictated and ran by the guys in the pocket; the Redskins are literally in this position, not because between 2 QB's we have 2 good legs, but because we have no real plan, no real future, no real progress to be made, no future investments, and no excitement being produced by the most important position in sports. I can literally deal with Bruce Allen coming back again, but I'm unsure how I'm going to handle watching this offense try to get first downs in the most pathetic of ways.
  6. Rocky52Mc

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    It's your last rodeo when you're claimed off waivers by a team sporting a ton of your friends. If you can't make it work here, you can't make it work anywhere.
  7. Smith tosses 4 TD's today. Reed 2. Kapri 2. Redskins win 31 - 17 and reclaim FedEx South.
  8. Rocky52Mc

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I think the best bet you can make is on the Skins to win more than 5.5 games as some books have us at. That's easy money.
  9. No. Scherff is amazing on the right. You want to break your car to fix your scooter? They pull him frequently enough to do what they want to do running left, this is a bad idea.
  10. Man, you're making quite an assumption based off of a photo without understanding anything about the situation. It boggles my mind why people will go to great lengths to protect their fears from turning into uncomfortable realities.
  11. Been to many other countries, never once did I need my passport to not be in my control (whether that's on my person or locked away).
  12. I'm not a fan of the signing at all. Praying the guy stays healthy, praying he can play at (the worst) a mediocre level.
  13. Draft picks would be tough to dock. Fines and firings seem more like it.
  14. We're on the front page of every news site. The only one not showing us is for obvious reasons. Make no mistake, this is an absolute PR nightmare. I feel for the ladies and I'm glad they've had an opportunity to speak up and get their story in the light. One has to think this stretches deeper than just our franchise, just this sport, and just our cheerleaders; and that's the unfortunate news. Assuming more journalists will dig deeper into this issue. Somehow I can't see a bunch of young women getting paid next to nothing having a problem speaking up against what went on around here. I'm not quite sure who yet, but people will pay for this.