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  1. LightningBuggs

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce has to be gaslighting Dan if he’s oblivious to the fans’ warranted disdain for BA.
  2. LightningBuggs

    Best/Worst Season in Redskins history?

    Hmmm. That's actually a really good question. 83 vs 91 When I think of the 83 team, I think of the insane turnover ratio. Wasn't it somewhere in the range of +40 something? I know it was an NFL record at the time. When I think of the 91 team, I think of how few times Rypien got sacked. Less than 10 I think. So both OL's were dominant. Riggins scoring td's at will in 83 has me leaning slightly towards that team being slightly more balanced than the 91 team. The 91 defense was very, very good with Mann and company but as stated above, the 83 team had a penchant for creating turnovers. I guess I give a very slight lean to the 83 team. But it's close. Worst team? Every team since Snyder took over.
  3. This organization somehow manages to reinforce my decision to emotionally divorce from it over and over and over again. It’s almost like they’re purposely trying to drive fans away. Is this “Major League”? Is Dan trying to drive attendance down so he can move the team? I’m joking.....I think.
  4. The next time the NFL schedules the Skins to play in Big D on Turkey Day they should just forfeit. 1-8 all-time
  5. LightningBuggs

    Starting QB 2019???

    Too early to tell. I think they'll draft one relatively early but the starter will either be Colt if he plays well the rest of the season or a free agent vet. I think Alex's career is probably over.
  6. LightningBuggs

    Most Memorable victory and worst loss for Washington

    No question on worst loss. 1979 at Dallas. In the last 4 minutes of the game, Skins went from division champs with homefield advantage throughout the playoffs to out of the playoffs by blowing a 13 point lead. I'm convinced that this loss played a big hand in the disaster that was the 1980 season. Theismann has even said that he thinks it's why Riggo sat out the '80 season. Best win? For me it's 1975. OT win over Cowboys at RFK. Kenny Houston with the big OT pick, Roger getting a PF call on the play, and Kilmer's clinching TD sneak. Those were the days.
  7. LightningBuggs

    Redskins Fans: Let’s Stop Being Pansies

    Speaking for myself, I wouldn't call it taking pleasure in the team's failures. Honestly and bluntly, I no longer care enough to. The comic relief I alluded to is more in response to the team and organization giving me so many opportunities for a chuckle due to their ineptness. A "laugh instead of cry" response. I knew you weren't judging just as I don't judge others for staying the course with this franchise. "To each his or her own" as I always say.
  8. LightningBuggs

    Redskins Fans: Let’s Stop Being Pansies

    Couldn't have said it better myself. I've checked out on watching this team anymore. If I have absolutely nothing else to do, I'll tune in on Sundays. But even then, I don't have a rooting interest. More often than not, it's comedy relief for me. I agree that this team has no identity. And I'll add that it has no plan going forward. Every year they're in "Win Now" mode. And that gets them mediocrity at best every single year. My attachment to this franchise is at least temporarily gone. Maybe one day it will come back when I see a real plan in place. But I'm resigned to the fact that it's probably gone forever. And I'm fine with that. I should add here that I've been a Redskins fan since 1971. So for me this is giving up on something that I've held tightly for a long time. In my family I'm known as "THE Redskin fan". But no longer.
  9. LightningBuggs

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I strongly agree with you here. And I'll even take it a step further with an example I was contemplating just this morning. Sadly, I'm a New York Knicks fan (because I idolized Walt Frazier growing up). The Knicks are owned by James Dolan who just so happens to share the throne with Danny Boy as the worst owner in the entire history of professional sports. So I've been living this nightmare times 2 the past couple of decades. But, the Knicks have a front office in place now that seemingly has a handle on things and has a plan in place. Thus far they're sticking to that plan. They've invested in scouting which resulted in a draft this past year that has been well received by national pundits. They're taking chances on young castoffs from other teams who were once lottery picks. Low cost, high upside players. They've firmly decided that they're not trading young assets or draft picks for a quick fix. Most importantly, they've publicly stated that this upcoming season will be a rebuilding season due to the fact that their star player, Porzingis, will miss most of the season rehabbing a torn acl and they're still trying to figure out which pieces they need to keep going forward and what needs to be added next offseason. The Knick fans are almost unanimously behind this effort and are willing to suffer a little while longer as long as management sticks to this plan. It could be that I get fooled again and Dolan sticks his nose where it doesn't belong and derails this plan, but today I have hope for the Knicks future. Which is more than I can say for the Skins. Long story short, I agree with your post and shared this story on the Knicks as proof that it can be done.
  10. LightningBuggs

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    The cynic in me wonders how much of this signing pertains to the inability of the ticket office to sell season tix this year.
  11. LightningBuggs

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    But, but, Schefty said that wasn't going to happen today. I knew right then it was a done deal.
  12. LightningBuggs

    Deadspin: Why Your Team Sucks- Washington Redskins

    He’s not wrong
  13. LightningBuggs

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I was surprised to find a FedEx package at my door last night. I got the same box you got with everything you described except the season tickets that I did not renew. I did get a weird note that stated the box's contents and in big bold letters said the only thing missing was season tickets. Followed by a "We Want You Back." The ticket office has become the creepy ex.
  14. LightningBuggs

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Just got yet another email from ticket office imploring me to renew. This one with the subject line "Joe Theismann wants you to renew your season tickets!" Body of email shows a scowling Joe T pointing a finger at "me" urging me to renew. I laughed out loud. It was creative. That's for certain. But I'm still not renewing even with Joe bullying me. LOL
  15. LightningBuggs

    The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    Remember that time.... The Redskins finished 10-6 three times in eleven years and failed to make the playoffs? '79,'85,'89 Finished 3rd in the NFC East those three seasons. I like to call those years "The Lost 10-6 Seasons" '79 has been covered ad nauseum in these types of threads. I still despise the Cards for lying down against the Bears that last Sunday. '85 and '89 were weird in that both seasons the Skins closed strong winning 6 of 7 and 5 of 6 respectively to close the year and it still wasn't enough for a playoff berth. Can you imagine the outrage on this board if the Skins went 10-6 and didn't make the playoffs? Good thing the internet wasn't around in the 80's.