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  1. So many teams with injuries at LT. It boggles my mind that there isn't a bidding war going on for Trent. But here we sit, watching "Dumb & Dumber" foolishly trying to win a battle of wills.
  2. LightningBuggs

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I finally crossed into apathy this year. Week 1 - I took my wife to a winery and enjoyed a beautiful day, great wine, and a superb acoustic singer. A friend texted me that the Skins were up 17-0 and I replied simply, "Don't care." Week 2 - I spent the afternoon on the deck on another beautiful Sunday. Didn't once check a score. For reference, I became a Skins fan in '71 (loved Larry Brown), lived and died with this team through the 70s, 80s, and the 90s, and was a season ticket holder for 15 years in the 00's. Danny Boy and Brucey have managed to push me away. I check into this board now because of the need to see the trainwreck.
  3. Maybe it was mentioned here and I missed it, but just in case... The Pats placed Isaiah Wynn, their starting left tackle, on the IR.
  4. LightningBuggs

    How was the stadium crowd today?

    I hope he's miserable. He deserves to suffer for the atrocity of turning a once proud franchise into a laughingstock.
  5. LightningBuggs

    Redskins Culture is embedded in the mentality

    My immediate reaction to the AP situation on Sunday was that it was Jay's "Norv sending Eddie Murray out to kick a 49 yd GW kick vs the Giants that was WAY out of his range" moment. Meaning it was Jay telling the FO, "Please fire me. I'm done here."
  6. LightningBuggs

    RFK To Be Razed in 2021; (Favorite Memories?)

    My first game at RFK was in 1987 against the Giants. That was the year after the Giants had beaten the Skins 3 times in 86 on their march to the Super Bowl and they were THE team. Skins were down big early, something like 19-3, but on a rainy late afternoon, Jay Schroeder led the Skins to a comeback win. The big play was a td pass to Ricky Sanders along the left sideline where the Giant CB fell down. The stadium erupted and my ears rang for 3 days. Skins had finally beaten the hated G-men. Was a great experience. I got to go to both playoff games in '91 and they were great but nothing will ever top my first game there. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I also attended the 1993 3-0 loss to the Jets debacle. Was cold and miserable all day.
  7. Well done Bruce. Top notch. TOP NOTCH! Moron
  8. LightningBuggs

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    He really is loathsome. And I agree. Brucey is going to "win" this (in his own distorted mind) no matter what.
  9. So many great memories of Mike. He was a big part of that '75 season that was filled with so many close games. Guy was a great weapon out of the backfield in the passing game. And he was clutch too. Kilmer always looked his way on big 3rd downs. RIP Mr. Thomas. It was a pleasure watching you play.
  10. Taylor Lewan likely to be suspended for 4 games. Titans a trade partner too?
  11. LightningBuggs

    Would you pay to go to Training Camp

    It really is a freeing feeling isn't it? Last year was the first year I didn't attend any games and I never felt so relieved. It's amazing what you can get done when you don't tie up an entire Sunday going to FedDump.
  12. LightningBuggs

    Would you pay to go to Training Camp

    Better question is how much do they need to pay me to attend training camp?
  13. As others have written in this thread, Skins have lost with Trent, they can lose without him too. Either he plays on this contract that he signed or give him his wish and trade him.
  14. Correction. He said Kurt would be back.
  15. Bruce did a lot of deflecting there. And never once said “he’ll be here” or “we’ll get this worked out”. My feeling now is that this divide is not recoverable. Hope I’m wrong.