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  1. As my old card-playing buddy likes to say, "Poker just went up!" He's gonna get paid.
  2. Then it would be Dallas at 6-9-1. WFT only has one way in. A W
  3. One thing is almost certain now. Haskins will not be here in ‘21.
  4. Was at the 1990 game at Indy with college friends. One of those “one last hurrah before starting our careers” things. Drove my parents conversion van from Va to Indy. Plan was to stay nearby at one guy’s parents’ house but an ice storm hit Indy during the game so I drove back, very slowly, right after the game. Heck of a round trip. As for the game itself, the Rypien pick was a dagger. I also seem to recall Lohmiller hitting a long FG that hit the crossbar, bounced up, and dropped just behind crossbar. Still a fun trip we still talk about. One minor quibb
  5. Never met Danny but you are correct that he is the genesis of my username. Loved watching him and Frank Grant play on those late 70s Skins teams.
  6. You're right. I stand corrected. In the Steeler game, George was driven into the turf and knocked out of the game.
  7. I saw the 2000 game in person. My then wife (now ex-wife) was a huge Steelers fan and wanted to see the last game at Three Rivers in person. Was a miserable day all around for me. Weather was atrocious. 33 degrees and alternating cold rain and sleet. I recall my wife saying at halftime we could go inside to dry off and I sternly told her "I'm drying off once today." But I said I would stay with her as long as she wanted as it was the last game there. As for the game, we had great seats down low behind the Redskin sideline and I was saddened by what I saw from the demeanor and
  8. So the Westbrook pic above pummeling Stephen Davis. I have a funny story about that. Shortly after this happened, I was out with friends at the Shark Club in Centreville, VA. (Kudos to anyone on here who remembers that place.) One of my friends was a member so we were in the exclusive downstairs part one Saturday night. I went to the bar to get a drink and Michael was sitting there alone. I told my friends about it and one of my female friends said she wanted to meet him so I walked back over with her. I introduced her to him and they exchanged pleasantries. She then blurts
  9. I'm only one person but I've been a Redskin fan since '71 and I can confirm your speculation in my case. Haven't watched one down live this year. Simply no interest. Was flipping channels last evening and stumbled on that WFT Rewind broadcast of Sunday's game. I tried to watch but after 3 plays I said to myself, "This just isn't my team anymore." Sad realization but it is a fact.
  10. Someone mentioned James Thrash in another thread yesterday and it reminded me of a funny encounter I had with him years ago when he was still with Skins organization. One Saturday I had gone to Sears at Dulles Town Center mall to purchase a weed eater. As I was exiting the store with the box over my shoulder, James was entering and held the door for me. As I walked by him, he smiled and said "Congratulations!" like I was taking a newborn baby home. I laughed and said "Thanks James!"
  11. Became a fan because of this guy. Loved his hard running style.
  12. You've never seen the Skins win a game in person? 0-10? Wow, I feel for you. That's really bad luck. I guess I'm lucky to have been able to attend some games at RFK back in the late 80s and early 90s. Only saw a handful of losses. Most games I attended there were Redskins wins. As for the dump known as FedEx Field, that's a different story altogether.
  13. Not diminishing what happened as it was awful for those women who were affected by the horrific treatment they received, but this will blow over quickly for Dan. Once training camp is in full swing, the discussion will pivot to will there/won't there be a season. And then if there is a season, this will be in Dan's rearview mirror. Not saying it's right, but that's the way these things typically pan out.
  14. ^^^ This ^^^ Just joined this thread to say the same. I'll look past the homerism as that's human nature and he was being paid to do it. But as a PBP guy, he was just really bad at his job. The #1 job of a sports radio PBP person is to paint a picture for the listener. In the DC area, there are 2 guys who are great at this, John Walton (Caps) and Charlie Slowes (Nats). Hockey is a fast-paced sport and so I admire John a bit more as he makes listening to the game easy. And even though I'm not a Nats fan by any stretch, I'll still listen to Charlie on a summer night driving aro
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