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  1. Niners trade triggered RG3 trade flashbacks for me.
  2. No surprise. He was never leaving. And he'll still own the team when my days on this Earth are over.
  3. Completely agree. His YPC last year was 8.6 which is RB territory. His receptions were almost entirely within 10 yards of the LOS. Hard pass on him.
  4. If Mariota is released, by all means the WFT should take a flyer on him. I'm not a huge fan of the guy, but I'd take him in a heartbeat over Cam at the cost of no compensation to the Raiders.
  5. Definitely not. Many keep forgetting that this team went 7-9 and made the playoffs only because it played in a historically bad division. And even then it backed into the playoffs when Pedersen tanked for a draft pick. There are many holes on this team. Slow and steady as she goes is the way to go.
  6. Dodged a bullet on the Stafford deal. Really didn't want him. I'm still in the minority who think that he shares the blame in the Lions woes. The smart move is one that's used at any and every auction. Sit tight, let the initial frenzy die down. Someone will fall through the cracks and you'll get a deal. If that doesn't happen, do what good franchises do, find and develop your own QB. No need to force anything here. This team is not a QB away. There are many holes to fill. Selling the farm for that one position only sets you back and hurts the rest of the roster.
  7. I'll play. And respond directly to the thread title, "Joe T would be a Hall of Famer if".... ...in the final 5 minutes of the final game in 1979, the Redskin defense makes one stop, or Harmon doesn't fumble, or Riggins picks up 1 yard, or etc. If the Skins win that game, they're not only division champs, they have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. That could have resulted in a first round home game with the Rams who went on to the Super Bowl after upsetting Dallas in Dallas and beating Tampa in an ugly fg contest in championship game. Skins off
  8. ^^^ This ^^^ A million times this. This team has many holes. You mortgage that many picks (and cap space) for one QB and he has no team around him.
  9. Agree. Due to being stuck with Stafford on my fantasy team in recent years (and yes I do mean "stuck" with him due to injuries to better qbs), I've watched a lot of him on RedZone and left most every game frustrated. Yes, I know fantasy isn't winning and losing games, but I consistently saw a guy who was inaccurate more often than not and when it mattered most, he wasn't closing like big-time qbs do. I realize that some have painted him as a victim of a bad organization not giving him a running game but imo he's a big reason for their playoff futility. I'm a hard pass on him, especially at
  10. As my old card-playing buddy likes to say, "Poker just went up!" He's gonna get paid.
  11. Then it would be Dallas at 6-9-1. WFT only has one way in. A W
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