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  1. Tank. Lose every single game, secure the #1 overall pick, and hope this guy declares. http://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4241479/tua-tagovailoa #tankfortua We'd be set for 15 years at QB. Well worth a lost season. Heck, I'd start tanking now...not as if we're gonna win a Super Bowl anytime soon.
  2. Lol I didn't like the move either but he had an injury and I'm not sure if he's on another team right now.
  3. Imagine how good this line could've been if we would've kept Anthony Lainier...?
  4. Area51

    Cut or Keep - RB Edition

    If we were to keep only 3 running backs, I'd honestly rather just cut Thompson. You know he's not going to be healthy for an entire season and doesn't bring that much value as a home run/receiving threat on 3rd down. I think Kelley and/or Brown can more than fill his role adequately, and do so while having a much better chance of staying healthy for all 16 games.
  5. **** those brokeback ******* lickers.
  6. The helmets look really nice. I cant wait to see the actual jerseys.
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