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  1. To be fair, they probably wanted to call an interesting game.
  2. Super tired. Fell asleep on couch. Woke up to tied 3-3 and stayed up for this wow!
  3. Yeah, that trade will def need to be accounted for and recouped. Can’t get the positioning back but maybe can get a 2nd for Trent/Kerrigan or someone else for value.
  4. Back before the season began, I predicted that the Skins would likely have another 7-9 type of season full of mediocrity. They’d tease us with competent play, mostly coming from the defense, with the offense holding us back from any form of competitiveness. The FO would fire Jay, get a new coach for Haskins, and trick themselves into thinking they’re a few players away from being playoff bound. My, how wrong I was. This team is an absolute dumpster fire. And oddly enough, I’m happy for it. Not because I want them to lose, but because it is the only way for the FO and ownership to realize the truth: that we were never that close to begin with. That our talent, compared to most of the league, is bottom 10 and below. Yes, ownership is the problem. And if you want to ignore the rest of what I’ll say below based on that, I get it. Smart money says we’ll never succeed under Snyder. But the only way you get out from horrible management is raw talent. And for the first time in a long time, the Redskins look like they’ll be out of NFL purgatory and finally get some top level talent. This team, at best, is a 4-12 unit. Definitely good enough for a top 5 pick. Realistically, 3-13 and below is on the table, with the Jets and Dolphins being two teams that I can see the Skins being slight favorites against. That’s exactly what this franchise has needed for years. A good dose of suck that nets a high pick for acquiring talent. If Haskins can show enough on tape that you think you can build around him, even better - now you can dangle that top pick to a QB needy team and pull off an RGIII/Wentz type of trade. And if the rookie is so bad you think we need to pull an Arizona & Kyler Murray, well this is as good a QB class as any to do it in. If the FO ever gets its head out of it’s ass, maybe it will even trade Trent for a 2nd rounder and see what else we can get for Kerrigan, etc. Clean house, tear it down, and start all over. The only problem with all of this is that the Redskins didn’t intend to do any of this. They thought they were good enough to compete. That somehow a roster with Case Keenum at QB, down an elite LT, with ****ty defensive coaching, could be competitive. And to be fair, I didn’t see just how bad we are coming either. But because of that, I feel it makes it worse. It stokes more anger and hurt that our team is this bad. But even if unintentional, it’s for the best. We finally won’t say at the end of the year as we’re 7-9 “man, we really need a 2-14 type of season” cuz it is here. The medicine is bitter and sucks going down, but it’s the only thing that can fix this broken franchise.
  5. Rskins91

    Raiders suspending Antonio Brown

    He’ll go to New England, be a choir boy with Brady and Bill, put up 2,000 yards, win a SB. No justice.
  6. A disappointing loss, but as said before, stings less with a cup. Canes deserved it with the way they played in OT.
  7. Rskins91

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    I need to watch the game still, but I’m not scared of Dallas. We beat them before and we can beat them again. We get to 7-4 and we essentially end their season.
  8. I like what I saw from Cassanova McKinsey; that would be sack negated by penalty was a pass rush move out of Junior Galette’s playbook.
  9. Rskins91

    Gameday Thread

    True, but that’s why we played them the way we did I imagine. Defensive game plan will likely change a bit against Houston and Dallas.
  10. Rskins91

    Gameday Thread

    I’d take my chances. Not scared of Cooper.
  11. Rskins91

    Gameday Thread

    Idk how you can’t give the D credit for all the turnovers. Norman’s INT was overthrown but was incredibly athletic. Stroman jumped the route, Anderson’s punchout was great, and Kerrigan was resourceful knocking the ball out on Preston’s sack
  12. Rskins91

    Gameday Thread

    Classic bend but don’t break. We played a lot of soft zone coverage with big cushions to take away the big play. They moved the ball between the twenties with ease, but when they got in the red zone they either made mistakes or we forced them. 4 turnovers to 0 turnovers.
  13. Rskins91

    Gameday Thread

    Feeling more and more confident that for all the Skins warts and flaws, that we’ll win this division. Both the Cowboys and Eagles are really struggling in consistency.
  14. Rskins91

    At 5-3 We Are Now Officially Trapped

    I always enjoy your posts Kleese. Very level headed and well reasoned. I’m definitely in the same boat; nervous and concerned with the O line injuries, but we can still rally and make it a good season. Especially in this weak division. No more excuses and pity parties. Let’s keep going. We always bounce back from losses well, and a win next week makes everyone forget this game.
  15. Rskins91

    2018 Season Injury News

    Who’s fault is that, then? Coaching? Scouting? If your backups are that inferior to your starters, why did you keep them? Point is, this can’t continue to be a “wave the white flag mulligan” that some (myself included) used last year.