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  1. Gibson should be featured but it isn’t bad to spell him and have him watch/learn at times too. As long as its McKissic at RB and not Barber...
  2. Something that can’t be overlooked are plays that Chase makes that aren’t on the stat sheet. In the very forgettable Rams game, one of our few positives is when Chase got into Whitworth and drove him into Goff. That turned into a hurried throw that then turned into an INT. Doesn’t happen w/o pressure from Young. Against the Giants - same thing. Chase pressures Jones and he heaved it into the end zone for Kendall Fuller to make an INT. This week, it was the Dallas 4th down conversion attempt. Chase put pressure on Dalton and never let him get set, resulting i
  3. Last I saw is concussion symptoms but no official word. Good time for the bye week.
  4. I think it’s important to note that he’s probably not 100% as groins can limit explosiveness, even if he can play through it. But this the second game in a row that a pressure he caused directly lead to an INT. He definitely has an impact on the game; he just needs more experience and some help. This team is really lacking in talent outside a few pieces.
  5. Put Kerrigan on the block for sure. I love Kerrigan, but he deserves so much more than this ****ty team. If a team like Baltimore, KC, Tampa, Seattle, etc. try and get a 3rd. They're banking on it being late since they're contending so try and argue it has 3/4 value. I'd look at trading Ryan Anderson too, but doubt we'll get anything higher than a 5th for him. Outside of that, I don't see much trade value on the team that aren't "build around" pieces. Sweat, Young, McLaurin, Gibson, and Allen/Payne are your building blocks. If we can trade Kerrigan for a 3rd
  6. You don’t pass on Lawrence. Especially if you have a new head coach.
  7. I also think Gibson is can become a good player for us. He needs an offseason to put on more muscle and some lineman that can make holes for him. More experience will help.
  8. If the team is picking #1, the pick is Lawrence and Danny won’t botch that. ... He can of botch everything else surrounding Lawrence and squander his talent, of course.
  9. He was interesting to watch today. We were in position to win because of his play... but also lost on his bonehead turnovers.
  10. I have no problem with the call. Just the execution
  11. The only solace in this post is if it’s Lawrence even Danny can’t **** that up
  12. I dunno about Freeman. I think the run defense has held up pretty well overall. Most our bad rush D days came from mobile QBs or because we were behind all the time.
  13. Oh no doubt could we lose. I just think the Giants have absolutely nothing special on offense and an O-line that matches up poorly against our D line.
  14. I think the smartest, safest pick is Trevor Lawrence. He could be your Day 1 starter at pick #1 and find success. If we're in position to draft Trevor, I'd do it. But that said, I'm not sure we're going to be in position to do that with the Giants and Jets at 0-5. Especially since we play the Giants twice and I think we're a smidge better than them. I have to look at Fields a bit more closely. I'm irrationally worried about going OSU again for QB considering Haskins. I love Trey Lance's upside, but agree he needs to sit a year to get acclimated to the pros. I wouldn't b
  15. We're at #4 right now. Giants, Jets, and Atlanta ahead of us. Jacksonville right behind.
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