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  1. It combines everything I hate about the scheduling into one schedule: a long ass gap between division opponents (Giants) and virtually back to backs against the others (Eagles, Cowboys)
  2. Week 14 bye? I’d take that with a grain of salt IMO
  3. How many corners does one team need though?
  4. I think the Giants are doing what needs to be done. If they stink this year with Jones after surrounding him in FA with talent and a defense, then they’re going to have an answer at QB. They’re basically leaving him with no excuses.
  5. This is my thought as well. No way JDR and Rivera feel good about our LB group right now. They’ll definitely use FA to sign one guy to a one year stop gap contract, and find another in the draft.
  6. FO is definitely earning points in my book. These are smart signings that also have good cash value. Keep up the good work. A WR2 or LB and I think we’d be sitting pretty heading into the draft.
  7. This or Mariota were my preferred vet QB options. Still need to find the guy long term, but will make for an exciting year, and keep building in the draft.
  8. I think this is a situation where I truly feel for both parties. For Alex, it’s of course hard to be told or seen as the person who can’t do make the comeback. But for the coaches, what other option did they have? If Week 1 rolled around and Rivera said “Alex Smith is our plan A” we would have asked what the hell was wrong with him.
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