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  1. I'll go on record as saying I would have preferred we keep Kyle. He's done good work for us to the best of my knowledge and has a pedigree to boot. Oh well. Time will tell if this restructuring is a good move. Ron had better be right.
  2. The more I look at how QB situations are around the league, the more convinced I am that overpayment for the position is necessary. There are only a few options that I'd find are worth the overpayment: Watson, Stafford, and Prescott. If we can get either of them, then we have solved the QB problem for at least a couple of years. The issue is, you will have to trade away/pay a lot of money for them. But when you look at the "budget" options, you have to wince in pain a bit. Darnold? He was not the only problem in NY, but he wasn't good by any stretch. Lots of question ma
  3. I'm intrigued as well. He helped turn an 0-16 squad into a playoff team, which is fairly impressive. And his past few drafts with Lynch in SF show some good gets as well. It's at least nice to see the priority we're placing on FO structure and bringing in good football people. That alone is a nice change of pace.
  4. I get it. There's plenty of reason historically to be pessimistic with things we do. I'm keeping an open mind out of A.) Trust in Ron and what the players say about him this past year and B.) The nice feeling of hope that I have after this year considering the young talent we have. I can't blame you if you're jaded, though.
  5. Yep. The "he's been fired twice" argument doesn't work that well. Plenty of people have been fired in the NFL and found success elsewhere. Andy Reid anyone? I'm happy to hear the reports of another person coming in with Hurney. He seems alright - which is an upgrade for this team considering what we've dealt with the past 20 years. But I'm going to keep an open mind and see what happens before I pass judgment. Rivera's earned that much.
  6. Arrogance comes before the fall. He also said that he “allows” Tom Brady to coach while New England didn’t. Yes, maybe if Brady wasn’t in New England all those years, he’d have more than... *checks notes* 9 SB appearances and 6 SB Wins...
  7. 1000%. Trade the farm. Also, it’s one thing to want to be involved. It’s another to get a promise that you’ll be consulted, and then have that promise broken. That’s the real kicker. Owner could have easily told him no, but instead he said yes and then broke the promise. That and Easterby sounds like a complete loon.
  8. Considering his age (21) and early career success, I have no doubt he will. An offseason program with professional athletic trainers, OTAs, and time spent understanding the professional game more, and I'm willing to guarantee he hits double digit sacks next year.
  9. To me, he answered why he said that perfectly. It was excitement to take on the GOAT - someone he watched for literally his whole life. Anyone who says he should “let his play do the talking” clearly doesn’t get what it means to be a high level competitor with moxie and confidence. I will admit that a lot of my frustration on this came through media spin, though. It’s one thing if he says I’m gonna **** slap Brady... then the blowback would be warranted.
  10. Man, I swear some of you try really hard to appear unbiased or something by saying Chase sucked or hit the rookie wall or should let his play do the talking, etc. Such an over correction. I’m not going to say he did well yesterday. He definitely had issues and wasn’t the dominant force he’s been the past month. But I’m sure that was helped by... I dunno, scheming around him, or Brady’s pocket awareness, or any other number of factors. I look forward to our DROY’s jump next year to bring more consistently elite.
  11. Heinecke was the only reason we were competitive tonight. We need to sign him and keep him as a backup at minimum. He deserves a chance to compete for the starting spot next year.
  12. Look, way I see it, being here is house money. No one expects the 7-9 team to beat Tom Brady and the Bucs. Play loose, Heinecke. Just go out there and have fun.
  13. I’m fairly certain we had the #17 pick in 2017. Wasn’t the 2nd pick traded to Chicago for Trubisky that year?
  14. I’m sorry, maybe unpopular opinion here, but I’d trade the farm for Watson. Elite 25 year old QBs don’t come around for trade often. I’d be willing to go as far as three 1sts, 2 seconds, and a player like Ionnaidis or maybe Allen. Add in a prime FA WR, sprinkle in those 3rd rounders, and we have a threatening offense. This would be my ideal situation: QB: Watson RB: Gibson, McKissic WR: McLaurin, Godwin, Sims, 4th RP TE: Thomas, 3rd RP LT: Lucas/3rd RP LG: Schweitzer C - Roullier RG: Scherff RT: Moses An offense like
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