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  1. Whatever the name ends up being, they will always be the Redskins or Skins to me. I care about the team whatever the name may be. I know the name is a big deal to some people and I respect that. Hopefully, the passion around this issue will actually lead to some good progress on tough issues that Native Americans face in their lives. Probably not, because people are involved and people are fickle and only want to get involved in something easy like a name change instead of the more impactful issues. Still, I can hope. Just my two cents.
  2. IF the name changes, the team will always be the Redskins to me and I will likely cheer for the Redskins still. If anyone gets offended by it, I won't cheer in their face but I won't let them control what I say, when my intent is not to offends or disparage anyone.
  3. I hope the name does not change but I think the name eventually will hurt the team in the long run. Some Skins corporate sponsor will get the bright idea to back out because of the name. They might lose support amongst fans of the team but they will get much better PR by standing up to the team with the bad name. Then the landslide happens. I also think it is just sad that some people will get more passionate into changing the name then addressing real problems in America or for that matter real legit issues that Native Americans. I do applaud Snyder for starting up the Original Americans Foun
  4. Well said, Bang. I agree with the same line of thinking. If I understand correctly, since Snyder owns the team and it is a private enterprise, basically he can name the team whatever he wants. He could call the team the Snyderattos, the Six Flags or Johnny Rockettes if he wanted to. Update on ESPN, http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/9235381/poll-majority-approve-washington-redskins-name vast majority of Americans see no problem with the name Redskins. Down ten percent though since last poll in 1992...right before the Skins won Super Bowl XXVI. A lot of this is coming up because the Skins are
  5. Lets just get rid of the noble Native American image logo and keep the name and go back to the R logo. Then maybe the Political Correctness Avengers will have not be able to complain. Oh, wait they would find something to still complain about. Also, my great great grandfather was an actualy cowboy and and he would be offended by the cowboys team name. My other great great grandad was a gold rush miner in California and he arrived in 1850 and he would want San Francisco to change their name to the San Francisco 50's.
  6. I just went on ESPN message boards to try to throw out some knowledge about the intent and purpose of the name Redskins to honor Native Americans. Pointless. I have never been on their boards before, but just a waste of time. People are just throwing out whatever name combination in regards to politicians and just stupid stuff.
  7. Time for your monthly "lets change the Redskins name instead of actually focusing on important issues" update. Name proposal change by DC City Council from Redskins to Redtails, in honor of the Tuskegee Airmen. http://espn.go.com/nfl/conversations/_/id/9230556/dc-pol-suggests-redtails-name-change-washington-redskins
  8. I agree about the thread. The media and the political correctness avengers will just not let this go. I hope Snyder does not give in. Plus, shouldn't the fact that the Redskins are the name of a private organization, not public have something to do with Snyder being able to keep the name basically whatever he wants? Imho, if Redskins is a negative and racist word, then so is the name of the Chiefs. I have never heard Redskin used as a racist term, but I have heard Chief used as one. It all depends on usage and intent. You can throw " sugar time fun clouds" into a phrase and attempt a racist in
  9. Very nice to know the history of ES and the hard work put into it.
  10. I think Campbell and the team in general has been playing much better. I would like to see Campbell brought back next season if nothing else but for depth purposes. The next three games will spell Campbell's future with the Skins next season. Two games against division rivals battling for playoff position and another against a playoff bound Chargers team. If he plays at the level he has been playing recently or better he must be brought back. Portis should be brought back for one more year, let him get healthy, let the line get to rebuilding ( hopefully) and see what he has left.
  11. I love these quotes. Too bad not many of them are from players from this decade. Most of them probably grew up watching and cheering on the Cowboys as kids in the 90's.:doh: By the way ****Dallas. GO SKINS!!!!
  12. You should be......YOU SHOULD BE!!!! ... a la Yoda.
  13. Dah-Dee , that Napoleon Eli pic is the best one up here. HAHA!! Awesome!!
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