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  1. Yeah, that and Benghazi are things that don't happen to Michael Jordan.
  2. The comparison talk is like arguing with your wife. Maybe worse lol. Jordan doesn't take the Cav's to the finals like James did. There's no doubt in my mind. But James doesn't take shots at the buzzer either. So it's a draw.
  3. I agree completely along with other issues (like blowing in a guys ear). The NBA should implement an unsportsmanlike penalty that would be comparable to a flagrant.
  4. That video alone, without anything further like Spoelstra and his lack of adjustments has me beyond annoyed. It's either they're trying to lose or couldn't care at all.
  5. I find the irony in your statement due to it being against a team who has one of the best passers in the history of the NBA. If the NBA is as it should be, and at times I honestly have doubts at times, then Spoelstra is the most at fault.
  6. Jordan had to wait for the Pistons to get old, Bird was of good fortunate of having drafted by a team who gave him talent via trades. I don't have an issue giving Jordan some credit, everyone does and more than enough IMO. But given the circumstances surrounding James and Jordan, if they were to have traded places James would have done more. Jordan would have done less.
  7. So pathetic. You want to ignore what he's done to make your ignorant belief true. Everything he's accomplished is only because there were useless points to be scored or its because of the other players they got their 2 titles? That's pretty much the most ignorant point of view an adult could have. I'm dumber now for reading that epic rant of duh.
  8. Anthony and Wade are showing their age, but James and Bosh are in their prime IMO. Maybe I'm wrong.
  9. Wade is the oldest at 32 I believe. James and Anthony are 29 and Bosh is 30. Unless I'm mistaken.
  10. I am of the Lebron fans, loved him in Cleveland and love him in Miami. I grew up loving to watch Bird and Magic and absolutely dispised Jordan and always found him to be of such an amazing fortune due to being drafted and supported through his career with not only hall of fame players, but arguably the best coach of all time. I find Lebron to be an excellent role model (which most of the NBA are seemingly decent guys) that hasn't had the affairs with his wife, drugs, fighting the crowd, gang ties, etc. BUT. For whatever reason, I may be of the minority of the crowd that does think
  11. It's not that people forget, they never even looked. They chose to hate a player without any rational reason as shown time and time again. It's futile to make certain types of people give reasonable or objective thought before an opinion is made. so lame.
  12. I love that side of the fence that people choose to take. Cleveland's owner thought his franchise was bigger than LeBron. He didn't get him any help, there is nothing more James could have done other than be another Barry Sanders and just retire. James was getting the criticism that Durant is getting the pass on BEFORE the move to Miami.
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