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Meggings??? WTF!!!


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Had to google it too. Spoiler: meggings = leggings for men.

These have existed for athletics for a while now, but as fashion statement they strike me as somehow taboo.

I find it more amusing than anything else. Most of us would probably laugh if we saw somebody wearing them, some of us might offer more ridicule. There might be some sort of cultural commentary to be had here about gender roles, fashions, and so on.

That being said, I highly doubt you'll ever see me in a pair.

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I knew about these a while back. If I'm not on the football field during the cold months or running in the cold, my legs will NOT touch these. This should be a direct violation of man laws, and punishable by revoking that person's man card if that person wears them in public. I know Kanye wore em before performing, but this is getting out of hand.

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Didn't Dwayne Wade wear these a few years ago until the NBA banned them?

This was this past year(I want to say December)

dwyane-wade-skinny-pants.jpg Lebron took a picture when they were on a team flight.

Can't forget about these pants he's worn back in the playoffs

dwyane-wade-pants.jpg :doh:

They are taking this crap too far.

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